In spite of protests and populism: Why the crisis 5 opportunities for democracy

look Like this exactly, and against whom they are addressed, is still uncertain. But one thing is for sure: the extremists and populist ideas and conspiracy the

In spite of protests and populism: Why the crisis 5 opportunities for democracy

look Like this exactly, and against whom they are addressed, is still uncertain. But one thing is for sure: the extremists and populist ideas and conspiracy theories are back out there. Even now, the ideas of Corona as a large manoeuvre of the elites, are circulating on the protests and on the net that distract from the conversion of democracy into a dictatorship, or even of the introduction of a "New World Order". Conspiracy theories are harmless as dangerous – shoot to the herb.

However, all of these dangers Despite: Corona also holds opportunities for the company.

1. Revitalization of political trust

The attention of what receive the Corona-protests, belies the enormous – albeit slightly falling – encouragement of the population to the course of the government. Of course, many in the Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt, the articulated Concerns range from fear, to rejection of the restrictions on basic rights – entitled, but the government, in the current situation, capable of action.

she takes on debt, the economic consequences of the pandemic cushion. Grants for small businesses, guarantees, bridging aid, simplified access to minimum social protection, KfW loans, and the flexible granting of short-time work counting money for the package of measures.

In practice, there may be here and there are significant hurdles, but a "night watchman state" is different. This is also why Germany does well in international comparison – in the case of the suppression of the Virus, such as the social and economic consequences. The feel many people – and likely to reward it with increased confidence. Whether they remain a short-term effect depends on the duration of the crisis: Forever, the policy is unable to spread its umbrella over the economy and society.

2. Rehabilitation of federalism

What he has been scolded: the German composite federalism – opaque, inert, ineffective he was. And, the different country rules in the Corona-crisis which for years has cultivated distrust of fire compared to the German "patchwork".

But the challenges, of the Corona of the society, vary from Region to Region: because of the population density, the Social or the economic structure. Thin populated country their citizens can strokes more degrees of freedom grant as urban. Tourism regions need to be measures other than industrial sites. The länder have adopted different approaches, is therefore a sign of the flexibility of federalism. About the author

Tom man joke political and communication scientists at the TU Chemnitz. His research interests are in the democracy, extremism and populism research. Man joke received for his research several prices. In 2019 he was one of four young scientists who won the "Call for Papers" of the Federal President of the "democracy of the future". Man joke is a member in the German Association for political science (DVPW), the German society for political science (DGfP), and since June of 2017, experts of the Enquete-Commission of the Thuringian state Parliament "causes and forms of racism and discrimination in Thuringia, as well as their impact on the social life and the freedom of democracy".

3. Differentiation instead of lump-sum

With the Corona-protests today will be handled differently than the Pegida demonstrations. This is not only the fact that the groups of Participants today are significantly more heterogeneous than at the time, although both were in the early stages, no political events.

Rather, the policy has to be understood: generalization and Moralizing does not help, carry the bunker mentality and polarisation. The cause for optimism: Perhaps the current protests not tear apart the society in the same dimensions as Pegida.

It has been a learning process for the – most – politicians. This advantage must not waste it, however, by simulating the listening only. The people have fine antennae for whether their Concerns will be taken seriously, or merely for the sake of peace to be heard.

4. The weakening of the (Right-)populism

The popularity of the populists, the "fever thermometer inserting" of democracy. Against this Background, Corona, paradoxically, blessing seems rich. As to influence, although all sorts of right-wing populists of the protest to happen – especially in the East – are looking for, will not benefit you in the polls, of which: Was the AfD on the 25. February, according to the "Insa-opinion-trend" for the "Bild-Zeitung" at 13 percent approval, it is currently (26. May) 9.5 Percent. This corresponds to a decline of 20 percentage points. And The Left lost in the same period – about 2 percentage points (from 10.5 to 8 percentage points).

Since, especially rights – wing populists draw second, but also to the institutions and against the Muslim migrants to the field, is the weakening of a positive Signal, they lack the public's attention.

5. Awareness of fundamental rights

The majority of Germans, it is likely to hold in the face of the pandemic protection for justifiable, friends, meet, the football game in the stadium to watch, or not to be able to cross the world travel. A considerable part of the protesters, however, goes on the road, because he cares about the respect of fundamental rights.

it plays a secondary role, which intentions he makes the policy. If some demonstrating for the return to the "normal state", then this is not only your good (not) right, and a sign of civic Self – consciousness, but also said resistant to the fact that not every end justifies any measure, especially when the basic rights to the game.

Germany has now the Chance from the Corona-crisis to emerge stronger and populists, as well as extremists, to take the opportunity to split the company. Especially the politicians are now asked to watch the mood in the country to be sensitive and to not leave any gap in case of a possible second or third wave. You think Germany's future

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