In one of the most authoritarian countries in the world people rid of dark cars

In Turkmenistan, the people who do not own a white car to sell your vehicle or have it re-painted in a hurry. The Chronicles of Turkmenistan", the website of t

In one of the most authoritarian countries in the world people rid of dark cars

In Turkmenistan, the people who do not own a white car to sell your vehicle or have it re-painted in a hurry. The Chronicles of Turkmenistan", the website of the human rights organization "Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights" (TIHR) reported, "in Vienna. Although the reports that, as of the new year, only white cars are allowed to be based, so far only rumors, but the people would believe them, says TIHR head Farid Tuchbatullin.

The Regime of Turkmenistan is one of the most authoritarian in the world. Already often were in the Central Asian country information about regulations, is not confirmed officially, but in practice be strictly applied. This is due to the special style of leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow.

often would only replace orally expressed wishes of the head of state official documents and orders, says the chief of the opposition "Republican party" in exile, Nurmuhammet Hanamow: "In Turkmenistan is not a special law must be adopted. It is enough if the President issued orally, a command or a decree writes, no one will see." So it had been already under the first President Saparmurat Niyazov.

cars are a topic that the incumbent President Berdimuhamedow interested in longer, apparently, burning. So, he has imposed an import ban on vehicles older than two years. "Then women have been detained, unofficially, to make a driving licence," explains human rights activist Tuchbatullin the situation in Turkmenistan. So, the unofficial ban of the car in dark colors - cars need to know now, or beige, yellow or metallic silver be.

According to Tuchbatullins information, there are currently more or less controls. "But if, then, the traffic police urges the drivers to get their car repainted." Repeatedly he tried to find an appropriate arrangement on paper, but in vain. Most of the "color controls" to give it in the capital city of Ashgabat, so Tuchbatullin, less in the countryside.

paint is not a cheap under -

catch base: ", Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, like bright colors," says the TIHR-in-chief. Therefore, the traditional Turkmen carpets were produced in dark Red, but in bright colors. "And the police exploited this quirk to be more money to collect the fines," reports Farid Tuchbatullin. The people, checked by bitter experience, would hurry up now to sell their cars in small towns, or to find a workshop for Repainting.

"If a suitable arrangement enters into force, will double the rates and triple", so Tuchbatullin. The human rights activists, especially in the workshops, which mostly belong to the persons from the environment of the heads of state are benefiting from the sudden boom in Orders. An expensive pleasure.

"A car is not a new painting to be cheap," says opposition politician Hanamow. The workshops have increased in view of the great demand even now, the prices. "For many who have no fixed workplace, your car is the only source of income as Taxi or Transporter. Such a ban meets the Budget of many families hard," said Hanamow. Therefore, this "quirk" of the President was anything other than harmless.

The most famous follies in Turkmenistan

The people in Turkmenistan have had to endure some of the idiosyncrasies of their rulers. For example, ordered the first President, Saparmurat Niyazov, to change the names of months and days of the week. So, January was named after him, the March behavior after his mother and September after he has written the book "Ruhnama" - a blending of history, rules, and praises that served the cult of Niyazov.

Before the students had said Niyazov once, Turkmen should not leave any gold crowns to the Teeth, which was in this country, quite popular. Dogs would have to gnaw bones, healthy teeth and no gold crowns can be used, as the first President. Then there was the case of dentists for the Turkmen no gold crowns more, and employees in the public service began, to let you quickly remove.

"There were other orders that were not able to understand normal people outside of Turkmenistan," recalls Nurmuhammet Hanamow. Including the closure of the circus, the Academy of Sciences, the abolition of the pensions on the grounds that older people should traditionally be from their children cared for. Or the rule according to which a Turkmenin was only a foreigner to marry, if this opened in the country, an account and a $ 50,000 Deposit.

A question of climate?

took over As Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, 2007, he allowed some of the follies of his predecessor, Niyazov again to get rid of. So Berdimuhamedow gave back the months and days of the week your old name, and the citizens of their pensions. "But he also has enough of its own quirks - such as the colors of cars", underlines Nurmuhammet Hanamow.

The opposition said, supporters of the President would argue, the desire for light cars was due to the hot climate of the country. It's healthier to be around, with a burning sun in a white car.

"This Argument was justified, as there were no air conditioners in cars. I think that certain people with the desire of the President to want everything around in bright colors, make money," said Farid Tuchbatullin. According to him, the President has several cars, including a bright. But he would also make use of a black SUV.

author: Vitaly Volkov (mo)

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