In Paris, the mission kamikaze dAgnès Buzyn - The Point

Silent and indecisive during the containment, Agnès Buzyn has finally announced on Tuesday its troops that it would be well for the candidate LREM to the city H

In Paris, the mission kamikaze dAgnès Buzyn - The Point

Silent and indecisive during the containment, Agnès Buzyn has finally announced on Tuesday its troops that it would be well for the candidate LREM to the city Hall of Paris. It was during a video conference, organised at the last minute with sixty colistiers, that the ex-minister of Health put an end to the suspense. "I am fully committed, determined, combative, determined to hear the voices of the presidential majority ", has she said in the same tone resolved than it had been in February, when she was replaced at short notice Benjamin Griveaux, who had to abandon the capital after the publication of an intimate video.

Since that announcement, some breathe in the team of Agnès Buzyn. "She has served as scapegoats, but she is going to have the opportunity now to defend himself," says Pierre-Yves Bournazel, the head of the list in the 18th and became a spokesperson for the candidate. Not being elected to the Council of Paris, she could not so far be expressed. His detractors have taken the opportunity while she was doing her duty of a doctor ". This will be the line of defense.

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This does not prevent some gritting teeth, convinced to live with the second phase of the campaign a real way of the cross. First, because the determination clamée loud and the candidate is far from having convinced all the world... Many fear that it will crack again, as it did at the end of the first round. Dépitée and destabilized by its third position (17.3% of the votes), far behind the current mayor of Paris (to 29.3 %) in the first round, Agnès Buzyn had then collapsed. After the confinement she had declared to a journalist from the World that she had left the ministry of Health " knowing that the elections would not take place ". Especially, in this same interview, she wondered what she was going to make his life...

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we steal our election.

As many confidences that have not finished the continue : the ex-minister of Health must explain his departure from the ministry at the beginning of the crisis to citizens, but also of the commission of inquiry of the Senate and the national Assembly. Here in the second round, it will also have to convince its partners of the sincerity of his determination and dispel the doubts about his ability to roll with the punches. Shots that are sure to rain...

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" It's not going to be a campaign easily, confirms in a mild understatement Gaspard Gantzer, a former adviser to president François Hollande, the head of the list in the 6th. The candidate will be highly exposed. "All recognize that : in this election is almost already folded, there are a lot of shots to take. "Even if it is not fair, Agnès Buzyn crystallizes the government's mistakes. Result : the vote in paris is transformed into a national election, for or against Emmanuel Macron. We steal our election ", if that annoys a the top of the list.

Towards negotiations to the card ?

anyway, the leaders of the boroughs intend to carry on their boat as they wish, and build agreements based on the results obtained in their borough. It is true that, from this point of view, Agnès Buzyn had been flexible, at the video conferencing sealing the reunion of his troops. According to one participant, she had no objection to this that every head of the list conducts its own negotiations to build a majority where this is possible.

The risk ? Beyond the lack of consistency, it is to suggest that candidates seek only to save their heads by becoming advisors of Paris. "Our challenge is to preserve a moderated group at the council of Paris," notes Eric Azière, the head of the list in the 14th, who refuses to conduct negotiations with anyone. It is not the only one : arrival in the third position far behind the candidate supported by Anne Hidalgo, Frédérique Calandra, the mayor of the 20th, has already decided with his colistiers to re-submit the same list. "It is out of the question to make the specific policy. Our list, which brings together people from the left, right, and ecologists, is a list of conviction, " she said.

For others, time is of the essence. "We need to drop the lists on Monday," recalls Gaspard Gantzer who is now in charge of the communication of the candidate. He has even started negotiations with the list supported by the candidate dissident Cédric Villani. In the 18th, Pierre-Yves Bournazel, also discussing with Lucas Elalouf, the head of the list for the mathematician. They are some dream of a global agreement with Villani that would facilitate life and would put them into a dynamic.

The journey will be long

on his side, Florence Berthout entered into negotiation with the candidate LR, Anne Biraben. "The mayor of the 5th, which got 28.5% of the vote, has no choice if she wants to be re-elected," says a connoisseur of the electoral map of paris. His only reservations of votes are to the right. Anne Biraben totalled 17.2% of the vote, while Marie-Christine Lemarley, the head of the list of Bets in common (worn by Anne Hidalgo, editor's NOTE), garnering 25.4% and that EELV is 11.4 %. "Florence Berthout will leave the ship LREM to return to the fold ? The former president of the group RL to the Council of the Paris guard, for the moment, the silence. "There is no question of merging, but to welcome people from the list LR," says another head of the list. Hold this line of defense, which has all of the ridge line, will not be easy for the supporters of Agnès Buzyn. And the road is still long until the 28th of June.

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