In Hildmanns fantasies of Killing Green crucial question of Berlin's police

He travels through the net, and he pulls through Berlin. He praises Adolf Hitler, supported the worst kind of anti-Semitic resentment, spread over the German Ch

In Hildmanns fantasies of Killing Green crucial question of Berlin's police

He travels through the net, and he pulls through Berlin. He praises Adolf Hitler, supported the worst kind of anti-Semitic resentment, spread over the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) theses such as "Hitler was a blessing in comparison to the Communist Merkel." The man who has made it once as a cookbook author, a name, Attila Hildmann, is noticeable for many weeks with of aggressive agitation.

During a rally in the Berlin Lustgarten again Hildmann repeated now in front of about 150 supporters, almost literally (in oblique English), what he had distributed previously via the "Telegram": "If I were Chancellor I would introduce the death penalty for Volker Beck once again, if you crush his balls in a public square." And many in the audience signaled cheer consent, as he asked, "Who want to be pedaling would?"

This kill the imagination against the previous Bundestag, the Greens, has even called for the most determined supporters of freedom of expression and freedom of demonstration on the Plan. A provocation here, a taboo there, a barely disguised threat of death is there: more and more people are asking themselves: Should Hildmann actually say anything, and spread, without halt?

"Why no requirements for the Demo?"

Volker Beck is a self-surprising, at any rate. With him, people would have reported "of all political Camps, but the police don't," he says in an interview with FOCUS Online. He had multiple charges. Beck has a "head-bulk at the end of request to the police": Hildmann had announced prior to the most recent presentation in Berlin that he wanted to make his statements of "Telegram" is also the subject of the Demo. "Why did you made him then no requirements for the Demo?" It is here, finally, in order to avert danger.

Beck's party colleague Konstantin von Notz is alarmed maximum. "It is remarkable that the excessive fantasies of Violence, and completely undisguised threats do not seem to be the law enforcement interest to authorities in the past, the bean," complained the right of politicians to the RND. In view of the extreme right-wing killings of the recent calls from Notz to take the characters as the alarm signals seriously: "From Halle, Kassel and Hanau, Germany, has obviously learned nothing – until something happens," he warns.

CDU politician about Hildmann: "dangerous"

After a week he had last night, Volker Beck, is reported to only receive a receipt notice of his criminal charges. "Solicitation of a Crime" or "offence" would come as the offences in question. "If it is so made to the object is denied human dignity." The fact that Hildmann, so I asked the gig in Berlin, even the audience, who wanted to do that, he has exceeded in each case "the red line", says Beck.

The CDU politician Thorsten Frei looks at Hildmann "an unimaginable process of Radicalisation in front of the eyes of the Public". First of all, Hildmann was noticed this spring, for only by crude conspiracy theories. The Deputy Chairman of the Union group, but when looking at the further development: "What seemed at the beginning, perhaps even bizarre, is now out of control, dangerous, and criminal in the highest degree relevant." The CDU politician emphasized: "The criminal legal instruments are here." Finally, there is now the possibility of "even more decisively against right-wing extremism and other hate crime".

2018 nauseous

Free noticed remembered that the now 39-year-old man is not a blank slate. It was already 2018 criminal charges because of resistance against enforcement officials.

The police of Berlin was not able to today, asked FOCUS Online request Hildmanns appearance on Saturday to answer before Wednesday. According to information from the "Taz" were added after the recent appearance Hildmann multiple Ads against the Koch. The will now be explored.


determined As Hildmann lives in Brandenburg, is to be the home state for the excesses of the Internet is responsible. The Prosecutor's office in Cottbus, leaves no doubt that she has the thing on the screen. The competent state attorney, declared on request by FOCUS Online: "We are in the midst of the investigation." There are numerous note and also some Ads. It is the accusation of sedition.

Currently would be considered the accusations – "under the aspect of freedom of expression," as the investigators emphasized. Of course, will be questioned in the context of the investigation Hildmann himself.

Concrete death threats

Some pendants Hildmanns send, apparently, threats, very specific death. In view of this overall revelry Volker Beck believes it is useful to create the possibility of "pseudonymous addresses", and not just for A-listers, but also for people who may be at risk for other reasons. As the figureheads of anti-racist initiatives or alliances against anti-Semitism. In the right-hand traffic is for a residential address.

For the next week, has announced Hilde man again in his Berlin motorcades office rally. The Bundestag Deputy, Sepp Müller (CDU) is now looking at Attila Hildmanns Drive recognizable to the patient. In the case of Twitter, posted Müller: "Hitler was such a blessing to [...]' – anyone who says something like that, on the one hand, in front of a German court and until the judgment in a closed institution." "Self-blame": German tourists expect debt with the ball on the man-hosts from FOCUS Online "Self": German tourists expect the ball to man-of hosts from

Updated Date: 20 July 2020, 10:26

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