In Heimhol flights disobeyed German experience in the far East dramatic fate

"houses and apartments are sold, Jobs quit, the resident is logged off. Now we rent properties and wait for the departure to Germany. The prices for air ticket

In Heimhol flights disobeyed German experience in the far East dramatic fate

"houses and apartments are sold, Jobs quit, the resident is logged off. Now we rent properties and wait for the departure to Germany. The prices for air tickets are exorbitantly increased. Many have no more money."

This is in a letter to the DW, signed by around 300 people. Due to the current border closures are not able to travel to the resettlers to Germany. You are now asking the Public and the policy for help.

the letter was Sent by Evgeny Everything from the southern Russian Stavropol territory. He is the coordinator of the action, and has set up a WhatsApp group. The appeal, so All had been to the Foreign office and the Federal Ministry of the interior sent in his responsibility, the admission of ethnic German repatriates is.

"We fight daily for Survival"

"to get a permanent residence permit in Germany, you have no obligations to private persons and public authorities", says it All of the DW in a telephone interview. Prior to departure, everything had to be done, what had he and his wife did: they sold their apartment and Packed up the suitcase. Private Evgenie Everything with his family

Along with her small son, she took all the necessary documents to the German Consulate to Moscow. There, they applied for on 10. March a visa.

In the Russian capital, they were in a temporarily rented apartment. At this time, there are still no restrictions due to the expanding Corona of a pandemic.

"Even at 16. March, when the quarantine was imposed, told us the Consulate on the phone, we should wait for the decision. Only at the 20. In March, we were informed that the granting of visas is suspended because of the quarantine. Our passports are still at the Consulate," says Yevgeny Everything.

On the advice of the Consulate, the family went back to Stavropol. There she rents a apartment and even save on food. For a Ticket to Germany, you will need to borrow money.

", We are left to our fate"

In a similar situation to the Tscherwinskijs from Karaganda are. On 6. February received Yekaterina Tscherwinskij, her husband Denis and three-year-old twin sons Andrei and Roman, a notification of acceptance. Then they ranged on the 5. March at the German Consulate in the Kazakh capital of Kazakhstan, Nursultan all the necessary documents.

"Normally you get a visa within three to five days," said Yekaterina Tscherwinskij. But it was only on 19. In March, it was informed that the visa is issued, but passports could not get them because of the quarantine yet. The family was forced to go back to Karaganda. There you sit now with almost no money on Packed suitcases.

In the case of the evacuation flights, a German citizen of Kazakhstan or of persons with permanent residence in Germany, the German immigrants had not been taken into account; regrets, Yekaterina Tscherwinskij.

"We now hang in the balance: Germany has had to leave, closed the borders, and the Kazakh officials say that we are no citizens of Kazakhstan are more and since there is no residence in the country. Only where and how?", she asks, and adds in tears: "We have terminated our Job, our apartment sold cheap, and now we have to starve almost. We have the feeling that we both Kazakhstan as well as Germany are simply left to our fate."

"We are practically homeless,"

the family Gaufler from the Kazakh Taras, there is practically nothing more - everything was sold or given away. 15. March drove the family to Almaty, from where you are to Frankfurt, fly. "On the 17. In March, we were not allowed to the airport enter.

Only persons with a residence permit were able to fly to Germany, and we only have a national D-visa," says Tatjana Gaufler on the phone. At the time they were also imposed on Kazakhstan Corona-restrictions. "We have become, with three suitcases on the road, practically homeless," she says and cries. Private Tatiana Gaufler with her son and husband

Only with great difficulty, she managed to organize tickets back to Taras. The family first came to live with Relatives: eight people in a small apartment. Now the family rents an Unfurnished Studio apartment.

Since the Gauflers in Kazakhstan are not registered resident, you can also find a Job. Add to that, that your child has a disability.

"in the past, we got money from the government. I have asked the authority to grant, at least, for the child has a food help. But I was told that we are no longer reported. Neither in Kazakhstan nor in Germany anyone is interested," said Tatjana Gaufler disappointed.

Among the 300 signatories of the appeal to the German authorities, seriously ill people are. For example, Vladimir Pankratz from the Russian Orenburg. He was treated for thyroid cancer in the hospital and only discharged, to fly to Germany with his family. But she's stuck currently in Russia.

evacuees envoy assures help to

In the Federal foreign office and the Federal Ministry of the interior have given to the beginning of the pandemic in the interpretation of the travel restrictions by the European Commission for the EU, a difference of opinion, said the Federal government Commissioner for repatriation issues and national minorities, Bernd Fabritius, on a DW request.

"The Foreign office is assumed, that these restrictions do not apply to all citizens of the States belonging to the EU. To be included are not the end of resettlers, which are not registered in Germany, still German nationals and are therefore subject to according to the previous interpretation of the Federal foreign office, the entry restrictions of the European Commission for the EU. For this reason it was suspended at the beginning of the pandemic, the issuance of the Visa for Germany to ethnic German repatriates in the German consulates, probably temporarily," said Fabritius.

After consultation with the Federal Ministry of the interior and responsible for border guard of the Federal police had come to the following conclusion: "of Course, Aussiedler enjoy late, in accordance with article 116 of the basic law, a special position and, therefore, the right to enter Germany as soon as they have received a notification of acceptance and the required D-visa. In this case, you are not subject to - just like German nationals - the travel restrictions by the European Commission in the case of entry into Germany. This opinion has joined the Foreign office in the meantime."

Fabritius according to which no cases are known in which ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe during the pandemic, on presentation of a valid D visa, the entry at the German border by the Federal police denied would have been: "Russia are Germans from post-Soviet countries during the pandemic in the pick-up point for ethnic German repatriates in Friedland arrived."

Also stressed Fabritius: "In cases of particular hardship (e.g. medical reasons), were not able to withdraw during the pandemic, despite last D visa, and are therefore in distress, I will engage to find a case of hardship-solution for a at least a prorated refund of costs incurred."

author: Victor Weitz (mo) Corona in the US election PCP Corona in the U.S. election campaign

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