In Gütersloh there seething: Actually, you should have the Tönnies Yes display

Gütersloh, shortly after 12 o'clock on Wednesday. Theodoros Kogios stands patiently in a long queue in the schoolyard of the Miele-berufskolleg. For a good fou

In Gütersloh there seething: Actually, you should have the Tönnies Yes display

Gütersloh, shortly after 12 o'clock on Wednesday. Theodoros Kogios stands patiently in a long queue in the schoolyard of the Miele-berufskolleg. For a good four hours, the 41-year-old Greek, is waiting for he comes in the newly introduced diagnostic centre of the range, and the Corona Virus test. Kogios endures the heat with calmness and patience. "You can do anything anyway." The father of three children, wants to leave his wife to do a swab, because his wife "works as a geriatric nurse in the health sector. This is, of course, in Corona, times a highly sensitive area,“ teaches to the test aspirant. FOL Theodoros Kogios in the queue in front of the virus test center in the Miele-Kollegg in Gütersloh.

Because he works in a neighboring County that is not affected by the new Lockdown in the Westphalia Region of Gütersloh and Warendorf, has him sent to his employer temporarily home. Until the situation has been resolved.

The NRW state government has been following the mass infection outbreak are liable for Romanian and Bulgarian workers in the Meat factory owner Clemens Tönnies first of all, by the end of June, the Corona-Block regional exacerbated. Well 1550 infections are registered in its dismantled and operated in nearby Rheda-Wiedenbrück, several Thousand people live in quarantine. Theodoros Kogios not believes, "is that already the end of the month is back everything is normal." And now Tönnies alone the debt? Kogios shrugs: "I don't know." The 41-year-old gütersloh has other problems. "For some time we are not in short-time work, without the second salary, my wife and family would come over."

fear of the second Corona-shaft and re-Lockdown grows

Heinsberg, Traunstein, Göttingen, and now Gütersloh. The names of towns and cities for Corona-Hotspots, for the constant fear that the pandemic could again stifle any kind of public life. From the beginning of the second wave of the speech is, the next Federal threatened-wide Lockdown, it said.

And the culprits seem to be identified: the NRW Minister Armin Laschet (CDU), because he has left two days, and then in the Westphalian outbreak area of 670,000 people, again, whose freedom of movement. At the same time, because the contender is at the CDU party chairmanship at the tip of the corona relaxed and now back to rowing.

villain number two: meat producer toennies, of the workers from the Balkans through sub-Contracting entrepreneurs to cheap wages in its slaughterhouses apparently exploits and the families in lousy accommodation hausen leaves. This Melange of confined living and work provided conditions for the Virus to spread, it was said in the past.

read all the news to Tönnies scandal in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Bonn infections Lodge, Professor Martin Exner came up at a press conference in gütersloh town hall with new and surprising findings. As a crisis Manager asked, had examined the expert on the causes of the infection wave in the case of Tönnies. From his point of view exists in all the battle is a big "risk factor that was not previously known stations". The workers killed at temperatures of between six and ten degrees. In order to prevent the infestation of Salmonella and Listeria, circulating in the rooms, cooling systems, and the same air, said Exner.

This convection could keep, therefore, an "Aerosol in motion", the carries the Virus quasi more. The Problem exists stations, according to the researcher, probably in all of the battle. In this respect, one should think about new high-performance filters and UV light treatments. His conclusion is, however, clear: "The science was not yet known." Consequently, it can also be a lack of appropriate hygiene rules.

"Actually, you should have the Tönnies Yes, due to deprivation of freedom display"

Norbert brown, such discussions are the same. The 77-year-old pensioner sitting in front of a Cafe on the town square in Gütersloh in the shade, rolled a cigarette butt between the fingers, and jokes: "Actually, you should view the Tönnies Yes, due to deprivation of freedom." Smiling and waving, but then. "No, no," says the Senior, and looks to his wife Gisela over, "but sadly dat is, especially for the younger people." But then his expression serious. Meanwhile, you feel as gütersloh as an outlaw, says the Senior. FOL Gisela and Norbert Braun

Every afternoon, brown departs with his wife. For a ride to Relax or Shop. Yesterday he was still in Detmold, rolled with his GT-indicator (Gütersloh) to a disabled Parking space in front of a supermarket. "We are then in dat cafe and then You heard this blasphemy on the people from Gütersloh." Brown nothing, said to heard just. "In the end I got up with my wife and went to my car with the GT mark, which looked just bashful."

Overall, the City of new Corona-capital relaxed. Nothing indicates an exception condition. The people sit together, drink or eat something. Shops and bars have opened. The district administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer (CDU) has spoken of a "Lockdown-Light". Only the increased police presence by officers to use companies of a hundred men in points on a tense situation.

Myriam Novikovak, 33, is not angry, especially that "in the heat now to the swimming pool." The Tönnies a heavy topic – it was too difficult for you.

"The work is really under bad conditions, but because it did nothing"

Jürgen Stracke and his wife Petra enjoy the time on a bench.

The 73-year-old retired angry, in particular, that suddenly all the residents are from Gütersloh as Pariahs to be treated. In addition to Bavaria, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the districts of Osnabrück for visitors from the neighboring district of Gütersloh has established special requirements. Anyone in breach of these, is risking fines of up to 25,000 euros.

From the point of view of the Strackes of Tönnies for all the damage should be liable to"". FOL Petra and Jürgen Stracke

The Problem with the poor accommodation for the Romanian temporary workers has long been known. "The work is really under terrible conditions, but there was nothing," says Jürgen Stracke. "And now you're locked up in their Quarters."

Well 13 kilometres to the fences block many residential blocks. Men, women, and children run along the fence. The mood is very depressed. Hundreds of mostly Romanian inhabitants, employed in the case of Tönnies and some of which have infected, live here in quarantine. A police bully is parked discreetly in the shadow of a tree at the entrance to the residential area.

A woman, about mid 30's, tattoos on the Arm, looking disdainfully through the fence as if they wanted to say: "What are you doing with us ?". At the entrance gate, many of the residents gather around a shopping cart filled with pita bread, rice, tomatoes and vegetables. Abed Elyas and his brother, the betreiebn with your family a small supermarket only 100 meters away from the settlement, have donated the Goods. "These people deserve compassion", expressed Abed. "Because it's not good for you." "All of the alarm sensors, turn on": Drosten, All alarm sensors, warns of second wave of FOCUS Online/Wochit "turn on": Drosten warns of a second wave

Updated Date: 24 June 2020, 14:26

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