If the pitcher is broken

So goes the pitcher to the fountain that at the end is broken, says the popular proverb in Spanish. Perhaps the negotiators of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya

If the pitcher is broken

So goes the pitcher to the fountain that at the end is broken, says the popular proverb in Spanish. Perhaps the negotiators of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) to better know its Catalan version: Cantiret that the font you are going, a day or altre et trencaràs.

Both versions remind us that, prior to the water current, the daily use of this instrument is great —for economic, optimizer, though made of brittle, ceramic—, put at risk its integrity. And prevent the future abuse, the intransigence, or hasten too much the boundaries and stretch the arm to the sleeve.

The leader in freedom of Esquerra, Pere Aragonès, published a month ago throughout its four conditions to negotiate his abstention to the endowment at a table of dialogue on the canalization of the Catalan question (The four legs of the table of negotiation, LV, 24-11).

This table should suppose, according to your argumentario: (a) A dialog “of Government-to-Government”; (b) “Without limitation” or topics excluded in advance, that is, “each of which expose their legitimate aspirations and proposals”, although this, obviously, did not constitute the agreement of the other party with any of those propositions; (c) With a “clear timetable”, that is to say, “as soon as possible, and preferably prior to the investiture, and (d), “assurances of compliance”.

we Know from the public statements of various leaders of the PSOE, that these four conditions —quite reasonable, although some extremely uncomfortable because it was supposed to give prominence to a complete irresponsible as Quim Torra— have been accepted. Need to know about concretions, especially in terms of the calendar —which will start when you have Government— and the way of ensuring progress.

And republicans, however, maintain a pulse-verbal, of apparent hardness negotiator, without modulation whatsoever. Without considering the interests of the clientele of the other contracting party, which also has. And that has already paid costs in the form of resistors of taifa's own; the legitimate concern of the electorate; the demonization of the president in office by the right wing and the attack seditious on the part of the parafascismo. Each course advancement posed an alleged new status as rhetoric. At times, smoke impossible.

That was understandable at the beginning, but not now, when their bases more radicals have taken up the challenge, the surveys valued the dialogue, maintaining the primacy of republican over the posconvergentes and in addition descrestan the wishes of secession. And when, in consequence, CKD has affirmed the social perception of its centrality in Catalan politics and the presumption of its ability to reach relevant agreements, with their different, and rivals.

To which the agreements are transcendent must be sustainable, and therefore, capable of arousing social consensus. What that means complying with those requirements that a large portion of the citizens do not indepes considered necessary: the incardination semantics of the table in the legal framework of democratic existing; translating them into (or setting clear) an institution of constitutional validly established; the commitment of a higher stability to the own endowment, notably through the adoption of, at least, a budget.

failure To reach a result as well, and in addition to “the before” —to paraphrase Aragonès—, the breeze of the dialog you can become a storm. In that case, the pitcher would break out, inflicting serious damage to all. Don't play guess who it would hurt more.

Updated Date: 29 December 2019, 01:00



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