If the Schäuble with the Spahn: push the grey CDU-Eminence to the Younger

The game function according to the sensitive mechanism of a wooden hammer. Yesterday, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), Chancellor Angela Merkel (CD

If the Schäuble with the Spahn: push the grey CDU-Eminence to the Younger

The game function according to the sensitive mechanism of a wooden hammer. Yesterday, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) invited to the splendidly-feudal Herrenchiemsee. Today, posing the Bundestag President, Wolfgang Schäuble, and the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (both CDU) for a double-Interview in "time". Look-a-here, look, pull the two together. Somehow, anyway.

Schäuble, Federal Minister of Finance, once the head of the Younger, who was his Parliamentary under-Secretary of state, has long been an avowed Spahn Fan. So far, So unspectacular. At times, however, where the question of who leads in the future, the CDU, is open, clean playing here is much more. Some in the party think it is conceivable that Spahn announced at the target just before the party Congress in December, perhaps his willingness to candidacy. At the end of February Spahn had not declared that he is throwing his hat in the Ring and the candidacy of North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister, Armin Laschet supports.

Spahn plays in the Schäuble-League

In this Phase is the mixed press-double of the generations considered to be a Signal: Spahn plays in the Schäuble-League. And that was and is the highest.

Therefore, the "time"of the journalists' questions in the conversation directly: "Would be Jens Spahn, the Right to lead the CDU into the new decade, Mr Schäuble?" Schäuble: "I don't want to speak to the candidates debate." This is considered to be a very strong message. Because the 77-Year-old answers not: "I ask you, the man is 40!" He also says: "Mr Spahn to occur but, as we know, but supported the candidacy of Armin Laschet." Schäuble takes the question as an ordinary and that means He can think of Spahn as the no. 1 of the CDU well. He is to certify him because, "the will to Power".

In schäuble's media interventions have, to some extent, Tradition.

schäuble's media interventions

two years Ago, when Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, and Friedrich Merz delivered a two-fight to the CDU top, gave Schäuble shortly before the final, an unusual direct choice recommendation: "It would be Best for the country, when Friedrich Merz, will receive a majority at the party Congress," he said at the time. And: Already in 2014, as it went to a place in the CDU Presidium, gave Schäuble with Spahn for a double-Interview. At the time, a fight for the top places in the CDU raged. Spahn and Herrmann were seen Gröhe as a direct competitor. Schäuble was on his way, whom he felt connected. After the first round of the election Gröhe drew back then at the party his candidacy. Spahn rose to take the chair.

In the CDU has not made the current President of the Bundestag on the Tour, just friends. His offensive statements of opinion, not like long all.

dpa/Bernd Von Jutrczenka 2018, Wolfgang Schaeuble (R) was set to Friedrich Merz as the new CDU-Chairman.

taunts against Merkel

So it is today for some in his party also is not very good, that Schäuble locates in the Interview, although Konrad Adenauer (CDU) and Willy Brandt (SPD) in the highest Chancellor-class. To the Chancellor, and their ability to establish trust, but something verschwurbelt stated: "And Angela Merkel has made it, of course, in its own way is phenomenal, maybe not every time, but at least in the crisis."

One of the Schäuble knows a long time, said only: "He can't leave it."

Spahn wants "a new understanding of the state,"

are failed, the political signals from the current double-Interviews Schäuble-Spahn, apparently, was so glaring, that the blinded readers runs smoothly is a risk of overlooking the content.

Jens Spahn, for example, the growing importance stresses the views of the Corona-pandemic social issues – even those that have not do with his Department, the health, to. "The closure of schools and kindergartens has particularly hit low-income families and Single parents," says the 40-Year-old. "Your chances of that we need to increase." Spahn announces the twenties of this century, a "new understanding of the state".

hide The everyday experience of citizens, not, help warns Spahn. The have already shown the refugee crisis. At the end of everything on the table had to ", even if it is unpleasant," said the Minister. PostScript: "not to solve But always in a tone that is a Christian democratic party to the center is appropriate, and always in the intention of problems with the one that you inflate."

Spahn not more conservative Outpost

Spahn wants to be so no longer, as in former times, as a conservative Outpost to be perceived, but as a middle-man. Various Figures show that the Union win in General elections. And that's how you win in General elections in the CDU.

Spahn sees himself as a moderate politician – the characters are in many months, obvious. Not exclude the possibility that he engages in a couple of months after the crown of Power in the CDU. His comrades-in-arms, Armin Laschet, as a candidate of the CDU-top push someone away by force but Spahn can't afford definitely. Spahn is ticking more social than even a few years ago. Politically and personally. Everything smells even from a distance, after the coup, would make this impression nothing.

Schäuble helps decision-makers

And Schäuble has achieved with his Interview two. He has served his party in a debate, you can not use a currently very good: Is Spahn at the end of more than Laschet? He has, however, also makes it easier in a controversial question of his party and other decision makers in the business. With views of the Corona-crisis, Schäuble has said, namely: "the differences between The Successful and the average, Successful in the incredibly good economic development of recent years, getting bigger and bigger." And then, the 77-Year-old added: "Even Ludwig Erhard would say today: the size of this difference must not be."

the Corona raging crisis, much to the wild, as the political decision-makers could be trusted, the question of who should pay the billions in aid and how social stability is to be maintained. Schäuble, but here, apparently, is already clear ideas. He suggests – by the way, already for the second Time – a breach for a new redistribution. So can invoke other later on him. For a man with the CDU-party book, the characters, the Parliament's President is, quite brave.

He makes the easy.

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