Ibiza-U-Committee: corruption dance, on the Balearic island | politics

At the start of the Ibiza-U-Committee, the Video is in focus. The Journalist Florian Klenk speaks of a "corruption dance" was in it. The most important questi

Ibiza-U-Committee: corruption dance, on the Balearic island | politics

At the start of the Ibiza-U-Committee, the Video is in focus. The Journalist Florian Klenk speaks of a "corruption dance" was in it. The most important question of the coming weeks, but the government Was Short-I in Austria for sale?

Vienna (dpa) - Ex-FPÖ-leader Heinz-Christian Strache has rejected in its survey on the first day of the Ibiza-investigation Committee in Austria, the accusation of party political post close schachers.

The 50-Year-old explained that he had proposed during the reign of the ÖVP and the FPÖ, only suitable candidates for seats in Supervisory boards.

Strache stressed with a view to the so-called Ibiza Video that a group of criminals want to destroy him for years have. The 50-Year-old continues to be of the view that the in may 2019 published compilation of the Evening was manipulative and the scenes had been taken out of context. His statement that they could support parties to the court of auditors over financial, he defended but. He had merely pointed out the possibilities, said Strache, whose political career was ended with the Ibiza-Video, at least for a short time.

The most important scenes of the together average have burned many of the Austrians to the memory: Strache donations in the skin-tight T-Shirt, with a putative oligarchs-niece of the party and the purchase of the "Kronen Zeitung" chatting. His former party colleague Johann Gudenus, who want to abandon themselves in the Position of Protecting the female decoy, which products of one of the alleged donor is to become rich. All that longed, probably filmed by a group of not more than Straches early career, bringing about the end.

The Video of 2017, was born in the summer in Ibiza. The chief editor of the Austrian weekly newspaper "Falter", Florian Klenk, spoke on Thursday in the U-Committee of a "corruption dance", the conversation would have listed partner. The "Süddeutsche Zeitung" and the "mirror" published in may 2019 with a more minute compilation of the recordings, and would have triggered a political earthquake in the Alpine Republic. Only a short time later, the government was broken coalition of the ÖVP and the FPÖ and the övp his Offices as Vice-Chancellor and FPÖ-Chef.

Journalist Klenk had helped the "SZ" and the "mirror" a year ago, in the research and according to their own statements, the hours and hours of video material seen. Klenk emphasized that Strache had offered the fateful night on Ibiza itself again and again, the supposed oligarchs-niece temptations. Strache stressed, according to Klenk, over and over again, that everything should be legal at the same time he had admitted to fixing. Strache said that he had "never accepted cash payments from anyone".

Meanwhile, the Ibiza affair goes far beyond the evening, on the Balearic island and the Video. Since may 2019 in Austria extensively about party donations and any post will be discussed close haggling, in addition, Strache played the main role in an expenses scandal. The rights of freedom party has lost all of the much more important, the possibilities for party donations were restricted by law.

Now, the U will bring the Committee more clarity in the affair, especially possible Deals at the post-awards during the reign of conservative ÖVP and right-wing FPÖ (December 2017 to may 2019) are in the focus. In addition, the national Council members will be interested in what are the of Strache in Ibiza-mentioned alleged donations from Austrian businessmen to political parties and to the court of auditors over actually flowed.

In particular, a party may have played close to clubs a crucial role. Journalist Klenk reported to the Committee that he had encountered in his research on associations, which could provide proof of Association's activities, but money received. Shortly after the publication of the Ibiza-video, several media had reported such associations, behind which the ÖVP Chancellor Sebastian Short to plug in.

It should therefore also be interesting to see whether new insights from the U-Committee could burden the young Chancellor. It is more important, the 33-Year-old and his party to keep any damage in this affair of the remote and the receipt received, ultimately, especially Strache and the FPÖ. In the case of the elections in the fall of 2019 in Short, more votes could unite than at the ballot box in 2017.

All is not forgotten, however, that such an ÖVP-staff left in the middle of the Ibiza-crisis under a fake name drives from the Chancellery shredding. In addition, the question of whether, of all things, the head of the government of any post close Schacher can't have known that. "It was ordered, it was delivered, and it was donated," was Kai Jan Krainer of the SPÖ already before the start of the negotiations in the Committee for sure.

The rights of the FPÖ accused the ÖVP, influence on the authorities to exercise. It was irritating that in the files of the U-Committee no SMS or short message of the Short show up, although investigators had seized Straches phone. Strache confirmed on Thursday that he had written Briefly earlier SMS. Also, he did not know why the communication there in the files.

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Date Of Update: 05 June 2020, 07:35