Huawei spokesman Senz: exclusion of which would reduce network security

Deutsche Welle: The Problem of the West with Huawei as a potential supplier of its 5G networks has been suppressed due to the proximity of the company to the le

Huawei spokesman Senz: exclusion of which would reduce network security

Deutsche Welle: The Problem of the West with Huawei as a potential supplier of its 5G networks has been suppressed due to the proximity of the company to the leadership of China, so a one-party state, critics and minorities, to name just a few problematic points. Would you agree with this analysis?

Carsten Senz: no. Because there was a similar reaction in another Asian country that has a similar rise, such as China, and its form of government similar to those in the United States and Europe. In the seventies and eighties, Japanese companies such as Toshiba were with the same resistors, confronted as it is now Huawei. They had specialized in semiconductor and were addressed by the Americans are extremely aggressive. The same game is being repeated now. As a new country with a culture you don't know well, which appears to be a very foreign, and the Whole contributes to the way that such Fears build comes.

The difference is clear, that in China, a different form of government prevails. But I think, this is not decisive. More important is that China is much bigger than Japan at the time, and that it will be in the future even more important and even more powerful. I think this is the real Background for the current debate. And the attacks from the United States certainly will not stop, even if we would wish, of course.

"Highly emotional debate in the United Kingdom,"

How do you rate the recent decision of the British government, Huawei fully from the Expansion of its 5G network to exclude, after London, had initially advocated a limited participation of the Chinese group? What happened from the point of view of Huawei as wrong?

I have no insight into the processes in the UK. But from our point of view, the entire debate is politicized and also, as could also be seen in the debate in the Parliament, very emotional expired.

We don't know yet, what will be the impact of the next months and years. Basically, it is very important to us, that this whole debate is conducted in what country, objectively and, above all, with expertise, in terms of the technology and our industry. We will continue to educate about our technology, plant and work with the individuals and institutions that want to work together with us, the dialogue to continue.

"We have nothing to say to do with politics"

an observer that, among other things, China's behavior in the Corona of a pandemic and the security law for Hong Kong, the government of Boris Johnson to rethink

had to be forced... these are all purely political speculation. I don't know, what do all of these issues with us as a private company. We deliver the best technology in 170 countries around the world. And our customers are since many years very satisfied with us, they trust us. We want to keep out of these political discussions.

however, Let me emphasize: The exclusion of a single company, such as Huawei will make the network a bit safer. On The Contrary! If individual companies are excluded in this already relatively small market, then this reduces the overall safety. Also the cost can not be reduce by a few providers, of course.

these are the topics about which we entertain ourselves. And everything that has to do with politics, can talk about like the policy. We remain with our business.

"the German approach is exemplary,"

In Germany, the Federal network Agency once again against a blanket exclusion of Huawei in Expansion of the mobile network in Germany. Germany's Huawei is the last hope for the salvation of his business in the EU?

of Course Germany is, in principle, for us a very important market. Not only because it is the largest country in Europe, but also because many important and powerful industrial companies in Germany.

Not only is the Federal network Agency, but also other authorities in Germany as the German Federal office for information security (BSI) are familiar with this industry and professionally in order to go up. We therefore welcome the approach taken by the Federal government since the beginning of 2019 has announced that it excludes, in principle, no other provider due to its origin from the outset that each vendor is treated equally and fairly and have the same security criteria must meet. This is the only approach that brings us further, to make the networks secure. And ultimately, it is a very good example for other countries.

I would like to emphasize here again that we work together for over 20 years, with network operators in 170 countries around the world and an excellent safety record have. There was no serious misconduct in all the years. So we are talking of a company that is technologically at the forefront, with the customers around the world trust to cooperate fully, through no fault of their leave and most transparent with the competent authorities in Germany works.

such As Huawei, the world wants to make it credible that it is just a normal Chinese company, if it is defended at one and the massif of China's state-run media and political representatives?

I think it is totally normal that if a company is approached aggressively, the government concerned expresses. That would be in any other country as well. Alone last year, appeared in Germany about 50,000 items to Huawei. We are practically in our industry, the global theme. Because I believe that it is quite normal, if a government fails to reply to.

I don't know what is supposed to be a "normal Chinese company" and how to define is it? We are unusual in that we are a private company whose shares are held by more than 100,000 employees.This model derives from the fact that we have arrived as a private company in the neuziger years in loans from Chinese state banks and, therefore, the employees involved, in order to generate Cash. Today, we work mainly with Western banks.

has Finally revealed another important point: Edward Snowden, that the NSA has spied on for years, and not a single reference to any special relationship between Huawei and the Chinese government could find. This is why I want to create an image on the basis of verifiable facts.

Carsten Senz is the Head of Corporate Communications, Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH. He studied in Trier, Wuhan and Tokyo, and speaks fluent Chinese.

The Interview was conducted by Jun Yan.

author: Jun Yan

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