Hosts in need of money: In NRW, pubs threatened with Takeovers by Arab Clans,

It sounds again and again, irritating, and yet it is a sad fact: Germany is valid for the organized crime as a Paradise. The legal and institutional instruments

Hosts in need of money: In NRW, pubs threatened with Takeovers by Arab Clans,

It sounds again and again, irritating, and yet it is a sad fact: Germany is valid for the organized crime as a Paradise. The legal and institutional instruments to combat corruption and economic crime in Germany is still far behind other EU Nations. In addition, there is hardly a European country that is still unobserved is possible to handle large amounts of Cash. The suspected Dark figures in the economic, organised crime and corruption, which account for two-thirds of the total crime amounted to more than 90 percent, said Sebastian Fiedler, chief of the Federal of German detective, in an Interview with FOCUS Online.

BKA warns for years

for years, the Federal criminal police office and several country offices of criminal investigation, that is the phenomenon of money laundering in Germany, a larger and larger importance in the field of organised crime. Recent concern: the Arabic origin of the Clans from use of the Corona-crisis specifically to financial problems troubled companies to buy up and wash as illegally earned money.

Particularly in the view of experts Westphalia, at present, the density of the bar scene in North Rhine-Westphalia. By means of the corona bdingten, almost two months of closures, are many a host of people in serious economic distress. Also the last, at least partially, to be held in re-openings mean for a lot of dining establishments only a small relief of the financial problems, also because of the expected rush to the pub scene is absent so far.

According to the assessment of the land office of criminal investigation NRW, the probability is high that the Arabic-born Clans take advantage of these emergency situations, now, specifically. "Organised Criminals are always looking to identify emerging crime markets quickly and to achieve flexibly a criminal Profit from emerging economic or social conditions," said the LKA FOCUS Online.

"it was Against this Background and is also continue to expect that Criminals are developing in the context of the so-called Corona-crisis criminal law-related activities." Specific findings with respect to a "Takeover" of catering establishments in the mentioned context by criminal members of the family clans are not available, however, so far.

Clan-expert: "Excellent opportunity for money-laundering transactions"

Also the political scientist and Clan-expert Ralf Ghadban has warned that the large clan families in the Ruhr area and elsewhere, the corona would take advantage of the crisis to wash in this way, illegal money. "The phenomenon is not new. The Clans have been trying for several years, specifically their influence to extend and take advantage of every opportunity that offers itself to you,“ says Ghadban in an interview with FOCUS Online.

He knew business owners who had him reported that they had been informed of Clan-families under pressure. "The often begins with" protection money " for press and ends with the Acquisition of a company, if the owners do not succeed, the threats to oppose it," said Ghadban. "Now many of the cash drivers are in acute Distress. This is a excellent opportunity that the probability of success of money laundering, increased transactions for the Clans.“

a case of Remmo-Clan in Berlin, shows how difficult investigations are

The policy, according to the expert, I suppose the Problem is not sufficiently true. And if the investigator would then have the luck to get information on black money transactions, then dozens of transactions were targeted. So about two years ago, when in Berlin, 77 of the Remmo Clan that is allocated to the real estate were seized. The suspicion: the purchases had been funded with criminal Proceeds.

so far, however, only two properties were arranged a month ago by the district court to collect, gives an idea of how difficult it is for the investigators have their suspicions with facts to substantiate. In this case, it was the investigators that the then 19-year-old buyer the real estate not have a significant regular income and had a strong disproportion to the purchase price of the real estate portfolio.

Also, notaries are the subject of criticism

In the processing of real estate transactions came to light to the days, such as lax on real estate transactions Involved with eye-catching Details, deal with, and these just don't report - for example, if the high cash flow amounts. So also, a municipal was under the acquired real estate in Berlin. The business could not be completed because a participating employee of the municipal housing company reported that two of the objects in question were paid in the district of Neukölln, with 200,000 euros in cash. And also the notaries get more and more into the criticism of the investigators.

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Date Of Update: 22 May 2020, 11:28

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