Hostage drama: The Gangster roaring: We want to get out – but the escape ends in death

The 20-hour escape of the two hostage-takers from psychiatry in Bedburg - Hau ended on Iduna-Haus in Aachen. In the Joseph-von-Görres-Straße, near the European

Hostage drama: The Gangster roaring: We want to get out – but the escape ends in death

The 20-hour escape of the two hostage-takers from psychiatry in Bedburg - Hau ended on Iduna-Haus in Aachen. In the Joseph-von-Görres-Straße, near the European square, the police spotted the white Ford Mondeo, Stefan K., 43, and Peter B., 37, for their escape had used. The car with the smart indicator had hijacked the Gangster of a nurse in the Department of drug addicts, offenders of the lower Rhine clinic late on Monday night, and the nearly 150 kilometers were driven to Aachen. Initially, the police had lost their scent. But the investigators had done their homework, from knocked the old reference points of the fugitive Criminal in Charles town, and came to a former residential address of the accused. A use of hundreds of enthused.

Volatile grabs the mother and holds her knife on the neck

As the two Sought occurred on Tuesday evening out of the house, they were put in a Park. Peter B. Packed according to the Prosecutor's office from the rear, the mother of a child and held a knife to her neck. Three officers drew their pistols, told him of the woman's drain and the weapon down. As the 37-year-old offender refused, shot two police officers and saved the life of the hostage. Peter B. died of his severe injuries. A post-mortem examination was arranged, informed the law enforcers. "Against the police officers, no initial suspicion of a criminal Offence exists." dpa At the time of arrest of the two escaped criminals from the forensic psychiatric clinic in Bedburg-Hau is one of the men by a bullet was allegedly taken from a police weapon lethal.

Many open questions remain

The case, however, raises other questions: How secure is closed psychiatric forensic hospital (forensic unit) are? How could the success of two Criminals with a long criminal record, the escape from the high-security prison in Bedburg-Hau?

The competent public Prosecutor's office Kleve has held in an interim report from the events surrounding the outbreak. Authorities spokesman Günter Neifer told FOCUS Online that both offenders were sentenced in Aachen, Germany, to two and a half years or three years and eight months. It was a robbery, theft, and noise offences poison. The court had instructed the convicted criminals, however, first, because of her severe drug addiction therapy in a closed institution. Usually, the offenders have to serve your remaining sentence in jail.

hostage-takers knew each other from the past

In October and December 2019, the two offenders arrived in Bedburg-Hau. The two men from Eschweiler, and Düren, knew each other from the old days. On behavioural problems in the prison nothing was known yesterday. As a proof of the confidence that one of them needs even received according to the state attorney, Neifer a kitchen knife for the temporary self. dpa Fatal shots after the escape from the psychiatry.

last Monday, then, should he give the knife back. Peter, B., Stefan K. had according to the investigation of other plans. They brought a nurse in their violence. "We want to get out", shouted the thugs as they held the maintainer of the knife to the neck. A second nurse intimidated with their threats so that he was in the so-called crisis intervention room include.

A violent Coup with the consequences of

and Then the hostage had to call the clinic gate: He'll come out with two patients, to dispose of the garbage, it said. The hostage-taker on Packed rubbish bags, and pushed their prisoners to the exit. Previously, she had taken him his car keys. As the doors opened, slipped through, leaving their victim and ran to the getaway car that they were able to initially escape. A violent Coup that ended with the death of one of the two perpetrators. dpa/picture-alliance/dpabild A fence with barbed wire in front of the forensic departments of the LVR-Klinik Bedburg-Hau.

According to the NRW Ministry of health, 14 special facilities keep 3192 places for psychologically disturbed criminals. Since 2012, the country has invested in the construction of five new clinics with 750 new places for forensic. The demand had increased at that time by Two-thirds. Since 2010, an inmate managed it, from the new ultra-modern secure prisons to break out. Only in the Old clinics, the Ministry has recorded in the past five years, four cases, including two in Bedburg-Hau the Current included.

Lafontaine-assassin sat in Bedburg-Hau

In the forensic unit Criminal mentally or addiction. Alone in Bedburg-Hau Karin knoebel spies, spokesperson for the competent landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR) estimates, the number of offenders mentally ill inmates to 416. Such as Adelheid Streidel, assassin a sat on the former SPD Chancellor candidate Oskar Lafontaine, the long years in the forensic Department in Bedburg-Hau. dpa/Arnulf Stoffel /Reuters A building of the psychiatric hospital in Bedburg-Hau.

193 of the criminal justice clinic inmates graduate looking for a therapy for your drug. "On average, this takes two years," explains knoebel spies. Despite the current outbreak, the expert looks for the forensic unit is not a security problem for forensic clinics. Just because the newer facilities are secured with high fences, camera surveillance and lock systems.

126 escaped inmates across the country

The speaker distinguishes between escape and leak. Of the latter, the experts, if patients return in a timely manner from the output. In 90 percent of cases, they would come back within 24 hours or would be picked up, reported knöbel spies. Across the country, the Ministry was aware of in the past year, 126 of the escaped inmates.

How to free the offenders can move, depends, according to information provided by the LVR-spokesperson of the development. As a result, to a supervised output on the site later for more easing. The Persin continue to improve in the separated output come from outside of the area in question. "In General, the sick perpetrators remain mentally no longer in a forensics in a correctional facility," says Karin knoebel spies. The rate of recidivism for this clientele from the event is extremely low. Stelter against Stegner: Top Economist decomposed SPD man at Lanz FOCUS Online/Wochit Stelter against Stegner: Top Economist decomposed SPD man at Lanz

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