Hepatitis E is uncommon, but not dangerous

Lack of Hygiene is one of the main reasons why still many people, especially in Africa and Asia, infected with Hepatitis E. Estimates of the Robert Koch Institu

Hepatitis E is uncommon, but not dangerous

Lack of Hygiene is one of the main reasons why still many people, especially in Africa and Asia, infected with Hepatitis E. Estimates of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) according to the annually up to 20 million.

Great Floods in the rainy season, an additional potential danger mean. Then can spread the Virus quickly and lead to an epidemic. It is usually contaminated food and drinking contaminated water leading to infection with the pathogens.

another way that the smear is. The Hepatitis a and Hepatitis E are transmitted viruses via feces. Are contaminated with viruses and get into the mouth, is an infection as well as safe. Better Hygiene is also announced here. This includes especially thorough hand-washing, so that the chair will not be distributed further. Access to water and soap, but is not guaranteed, especially in the poorer areas in Africa and in Asia.

Hepatitis E in Europe and USA

Although it is for the people in Europe is much easier to comply with hygiene rules, there are always cases of Hepatitis E, and more. Since 2001 a mandatory reporting requirement for Hepatitis E. there is, therefore, in Germany The Figures, which the authorities determine, show a sharp increase in infections. In Germany, for example, the Numbers between 2013 and 2016, have quadrupled, from a little less than 500 Infected to around 2000.

These Numbers came from, because there are now better methods of testing. Many Doctors are now aware of the disease and diagnose you appropriately more frequently than before the introduction of the reporting obligation.

The pig is the pig as a Reservoir

The most important animal Reservoir for Hepatitis E in Germany and other industrial Nations of the House. But also wild boar play in the Transmission of a lower roll.

the Virus is Transmitted mainly through pork meat or wild game meat that is not cooked enough. Other foods that are produced from such meat, can also lead to Hepatitis E. Also, the consumption of shellfish and other seafood can be a source of a possible infection.

experts on call to cook, especially meat products from pork and offal to be sufficient. Temperatures of about 70 degrees and about kill the Hepatitis E virus.

Initial symptoms

The incubation period varies greatly from Person to Person. Between 15 and 64 days it takes from infection to the first symptoms. People infected with the Hepatitis E Virus, you may feel down and tired. You have pain in the limbs, and diarrhea. These symptoms are not very specific, can indicate different diseases, and the doctor, so the diagnosis more difficult.

But there is a yellow suchtist clear that there is a Hepatitis infection. In this case, the White of the eye and the color of the skin change. Both yellowish.

A harmless Virus

people, in which the liver is due to drugs or alcohol pre-damaged, or Pregnant women are especially at risk. You may develop severe inflammation, which extend in the worst case, quickly and violently, and even can be life-threatening. Also people who take due to HIV disease, immunosuppressive drugs, have a higher risk because your immune system is suppressed. In severe cases, Hepatitis may cause E even to acute, and possibly fatal liver failure.

vaccination against infectious disease, there is not, but in any case, the ability to keep to the well-known formula: "Cook it, peel it, boil it or leave it!" - Fry it, peel it, cook it or forget it!

author: Gudrun Heise

*The contribution of "Hepatitis E is published unusual, but not dangerous" is from Deutsche Welle. Contact with the executives here.

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Date Of Update: 27 July 2020, 22:26

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