Have of faceless cities enough: How Star-architects, people in the country curls

Many of its buildings are of stunning beauty, almost simplistic, yet magical, especially those that act like built landscape in nature. On a high level, on a Fj

Have of faceless cities enough: How Star-architects, people in the country curls

Many of its buildings are of stunning beauty, almost simplistic, yet magical, especially those that act like built landscape in nature. On a high level, on a Fjord, in the sea. In the Arctic, the Alps, or the untouched regions of Norway. The 240 planner by Snøhetta to build in Shanghai, Hong Kong and other metropolises. So they were known. Of particular importance is the Oslo office attaches with six branches just now retreat locations in the country.

So Kristin Feireiss celebrates the 40. Anniversary of your Aedes architecture forum in Berlin with a Snøhetta exhibition on the theme "Arctic Nordic-Alpine - In dialogue with the landscape", the up to 20. August runs.

Snøhetta, it is not a question of Signature architecture, a determined style but an idea and an attitude.

in 1989, she was convinced of Snøhettas uniqueness. At that time, the architects had won her first competition. And in the case of Aedes, they showed their design for a library in Alexandria. With the founder Kjetil Thorsen, and the Oslo Director Jette Cathrin Hopp connects you to a long friendship. Snøhetta "Snøhetta, it is not a question of Signature architecture, a particular style, but an idea and an attitude". Jette Cathrin Hopp, architect

Hopp studied at the Frankfurt städel school and speaks excellent English. After the visit, the Halbdänin moves into the cottage with her family to Denmark. In Norway you would have to be in quarantine. FOCUS, she explained, such as Snøhetta deal with the new challenges to the architecture.

FOCUS: you can build in the Alps, in the Arctic, glaciers and fjords, and even in the sea. On what principles Snøhetta is oriented with its built in just so explosive in nature?

Jette Cathrin Hopp: , We understand architecture as the built landscape. It is not our intention to put something as Spectacular in the landscape. The idea and attitude are crucial in dealing with the context. Sometimes our intervention is very small. We work in interdisciplinary Teams, at the beginning of long discussions. Often we can convince our Client, a public use, e.g. as with the marine research Institute at the underwater restaurant "Under" in Lindesnes. Ivar Kvaal "Under": The first under water restaurant in Europe, opened in March 2019 in Lindesnes on Norway's South coast.

awareness for dealing with nature

FOCUS: You could do without at such vulnerable locations on the Build, is that an Option?

chop: In some places, this happens. But generally speaking, it would be doctrinaire, especially as there are often rabid tourism. Since the curves for people with Four-Wheel - Drives through the mountains. In this respect, our concepts also serve to guide the influx of visitors.

Take the Perspektivenweg in Innsbruck. Since there are minimal interventions, to make a Route of the mountains to life. We often create such a simple building without a lock and key. They contribute to the conservation of nature and allow at the same time an intense experience without the pressure to consume. For us: to raise the awareness of dealing with our environment, whose value we have learned to appreciate in the time of pandemic, maybe even better. ME and Snøhetta / Snøhetta and Plomp Shanghai Grand Opera House: Snøhetta was commissioned to design an Opera house for Shanghai. The buildings with accessible roofs will be three times as big as "their" national Opera house on the Oslo fjord. It is scheduled to open in 2024.

pressure on the supposedly empty landscapes

FOCUS: we Need to pay after fixation on the cities to the rural areas, more attention?

chop: The pressure on this supposedly empty landscapes is increasing because many people no longer can identify with the often faceless cities. Often the authenticity on the country. The interest in natural and protected areas is growing. In Norway we observe the Trend, to discover Naur recover, because it creates a sense of identity. Of course, the Corona - crisis and fear of contagion and promotes the local tourism, so a vacation on a smaller scale, in their own cottage or in the cottage. Snøhetta/Plompmozes in the Middle of the nature: Snøhetta the Hotel "Svart" (Black) designed for two brothers who want to pursue sustainable tourism. The circle-shaped abode is built of wood and into the water. The design is based on local building types, such as fish smoke houses. "Svart" is to be built in front of the Svartisen glacier, North of the Arctic circle and would be the first energy-positive building in the Northern climate. It is designed to consume 85 percent less energy than other Hotels and self-energy generate.

FOCUS: Spectacular projects such as the Hotel "Svart" or the under water restaurant "Under" sound more lifted. What do you look for there?

chop: "Svart" is not to be just elitist. Anyone can book a room there. Accessibility is a feature of our Scandinavian values, I see them as a extension of the Everyman's right. The public space belongs, in principle, to all. This is deeply rooted in the Norwegian culture. And when it is built, we must generate a social value. Many of our buildings give more than you take. This will also be the case of "Svart" of the case. The Hotel is not only built sustainable and energy-efficient. It will even generate more energy than it consumes.

walk on the roof of the Opera

FOCUS: How you react to the challenges in the cities, where land prices rise and the public space shrinks?

chop: It is possible to design these important spaces for the General public to be attractive. We managed with the national Opera in Oslo, we took advantage of the plot, so to speak, twice. For those who like to listen to Opera, you can at least walk on the roof. This non-commercial space is a gift to the Public.

we are sure with the Opera house in Shanghai. We use the floor twice, that is our reading of the tasks. So, too, the monumental buildings may have social functions. We are also proud of our transformation of Times Square. This noisy place we have structured with benches and pedestrians returned. The many libraries that we are planning, are urban places that are open to all. Ketil Jacobsen reindeer pavilion: The Tverrfjellhytta Dovre, Norway

FOCUS: What is the meaning of Corona for the Build in cities?

chop: Surprisingly, the pandemic for our current projects has, as yet, no consequences. However, I believe that the public space are gaining in importance. Squares, Parks, cultural buildings are more important than ever. In the case of a town-planning project in Milan, we intensively discussed, what constitutes neighborhood, how large the outdoor space must be. I would not build any more apartments without balcony. Snøhetta Times Square: 2017 was the of Snøhetta's redesigned Times Square in the heart of New York done. On the other hand, Corona is a health crisis, which will have little structural impact. There are shifts in emphasis, but all typologies, such as office complexes or high-rise buildings with mixed-use will not disappear. We Norwegians liked the concept of the Social Distancing Yes, because we are happy together, but please not so tight. Therefore, there is a joke for the 1.5-Meter-distance bid: We hope that it will soon be repealed - then we can keep our usual five-Meter distance.

FOCUS: And how will change the willingness of employers to allow more home office, the cities and the office market?

chop: not so much. The desire to meet is strong, the desire for community. The Home office can't replace all that. At Snøhetta we find solutions in the office, during meetings in Team discussions. This doesn't happen on time online. And we have long been flexible in our working time models. This has been practiced for decades. In Norway, women and men work on an equal footing. I don't think we need to discuss, the works for generations.

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