Gyro-plans in Penzberg again put to the test | Penzberg

Confusing and a traffic jam: The intersection of Charles street with the Bichler street at the height of the "Rewe"-market is a bottleneck in Penzberg. Consid

Gyro-plans in Penzberg again put to the test | Penzberg

Confusing and a traffic jam: The intersection of Charles street with the Bichler street at the height of the "Rewe"-market is a bottleneck in Penzberg. Considerations for the construction of a roundabout have been in place since 2011. Now, you could fall of the Corona-pandemic victims.

Penzberg – A feasibility study for the construction of a roundabout at the Bichler road is already available since September 2018. Even then there were objections. These aimed, among other things, to the fact that the "road of 28. April 1945,“ should not be reported to the gyro connected (we).

in the Meantime, a possible connection of this road by the officer, planning office, PBU has been tested out of Kempten. The result of Justus Klement explained in the recent meeting of the building Committee.

Like the city Builder said, would have to be the street in case your access to the rotor in a pivot in this course, in order to meet a perpendicular on the gyro and on the other, the only way all four from the centrifugal outgoing roads have approximately the same distance from each other. Both are structural requirements that must be met. However, the "road of the 28 would have to. April 1945,“ to be laid in areas on private land.

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With the owner of the area was already several times contact. To date, the city had received but no response, said Klement. Also with the users of the site, the "Rewe"market, have you made contact. From the side, no euphoria or interest had been expressed"," in a road-laying, so Klement – no wonder, would be the new road, however, parts of the current supermarket-Park area.

For the user to be assignments for the road laying the necessary land therefore, not conceivable, Klement. Also, for the urban land is a relocation of the road would be a disadvantage – because the public Parking spaces in the area according to the necessary reconstruction measures are no longer effective-could be available.

build a gyro and the "road of 28. April 1945" does not include do for his group "no sense," said Armin Jabs (BfP). André Anderl (FLP) suggested, on the construction of two roundabouts at this point to think about: one for the Charles street and Bichler street and one for the "road of 28. April,“ and Bichler road.

Hardi steering (SPD): centrifugal "disadvantageous" for cyclists

Hardi steering (SPD) stressed, for the construction of a roundabout at this point, not the city, but the state Department is because home responsible. "In Corona, it should consider the city twice," to bear the cost of that, said Lenk. Sebastian fügen-local brought as a passionate cyclist, the visibility of the cyclist to the game. For them, a roundabout is "a disadvantage". The Green-the city Council pledged to develop a total transport concept for Penzberg and in this context, in principle, thoughts about the Traffic management of the future; so whether you wanted to lead the traffic in the city centre.

mayor Stefan Korpan expressed fundamentally skeptical on the need for a roundabout at the Bichler road. In view of the uncertain economic situation, the gift of the Corona pandemic of the city, he sees "no urgency" for the project – especially since the intersection is not an accident blackspot. Only the traffic flow would be improved by a roundabout. Korpan pleaded for a postponement of the project.

back cover he got from the public order office head Peter Holzmann, stressed, at the confluence of the Bichler - in the Karl road would be for traffic turning left out of town to a massive backlog. Also, the city bus traffic without delays. With the voice of Hardi steering, the building Committee decided, Considerations for the direct connection of the "road of 28. To pursue April 1945,“ more. In the course of a total approach to mobility, further the gyro is to be tested-ways at the intersection Bichler street "open-ended".

Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 10:34

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