Gütersloherin moves to Usedom, then holiday to a Horror-Trip

relaxation and experience were in Marion Heath fields (74) and her sister-in-law in the Baltic sea-holiday on the Plan. "What is experienced" on any case – ju

Gütersloherin moves to Usedom, then holiday to a Horror-Trip

relaxation and experience were in Marion Heath fields (74) and her sister-in-law in the Baltic sea-holiday on the Plan. "What is experienced" on any case – just not what they had imagined. You and your sister-in-law, both from Peterborough, were forced to return. Due to the Corona outbreak in East Westphalia vacationers, such as the 74-Year-old in a foreign country and also in Germany will be eyed critically.

In several of the länder, there is a right of entry or accommodation ban of people from the district of Gütersloh, including Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria.

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What happened to read?

This was Heath fields prior to their planned 14-day trip also aware, as she says in an interview with FOCUS Online: "We are not driven on the off-chance there." You asked the day before departure, twice in the case of the state police of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, to be sure that you and your sister-in-law can take a vacation. "Of course, I emphasized that I'm from Gütersloh, and there is a huge Coronavirus-raging outbreak." In the morning, a woman on the phone was. The 74-Year-old even the name has noted. In the evening, then a Lord. The Answer? "No Problem."

On Sunday, Heath fields and their sister-in-law arrived after a seven hour car journey finally in Heringsdorf on Usedom. "We have moved into our room, bikes on loan and the first day enjoyed," she explains. With your accommodation, but they were not at all satisfied. "It stank abominably," says the Gütersloherin. The next day they wanted to search for a new place to Stay.

In the neighboring Ahlbeck they were on Monday morning, found, submitted their passports and reserved a room. Now you had to get your Luggage from the first accommodation and the holiday could continue. "As we rang back to the rental Agency, no one opened. Suddenly, two men came up to us, a police officer and a staff from the clerk's office. They said to us: 'you know that you can't be here.' We should Vorpommern, Mecklenburg-leave immediately". Heath fields and their sister-in-law were completely surprised. That you were told before your trip twice by the police for something else, not interested in the two men.

Twice on a tourist permission for entry repeated a

Desperately, the two women tried to persuade the officials: "We are the Youngest of seven hours driving a car." In vain. The men could not convince. Moreover, they placed the two women to report to after returning immediately to the health office in Gütersloh personally. "They wouldn't let us in. Which can occur only by telephone contact," says Heath.

In retrospect, you have some understanding of the approach of the officials, says Heather fields now. "You, probably, worked even only on the instructions. But I don't understand, how to me twice previously, the Ok to Enter was given," she says. "I feel discriminated against and like a leper."

"We have a country of regulation,"

"We are very sorry that we cannot welcome guests as a holiday country for us," explains Lars Schwarz, President of the Hotel and restaurant Association of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern after the incident to "RTL". "But we now have a country of regulation, which regulates this quite clear and in this regulation it says: From high-risk areas, no travel may be carried out."

in Contrast, Spa Director, Thomas Heilmann explained later, to "RTL", that Entry test was also from Gütersloh with a negative, and current Corona possible: "And even if you can't submit to the Test, it is possible to make this later in the local hospital and stay until the test result (approximately 24 hours) in Hotel quarantine." Exactly the had also proposed Heaths officials, however, did not react to it.

As soon not want to travel the 74-Year-old to Usedom, she says. 600 euros for Accommodation, bikes, food and Fuel you had to pay for your short trip. The Chance of a refund are slim, she says. The Gütersloherin is now even more cautious. For your planned Majorca-holidays in September, you want to speak with the travel office. But it is not only a possible rejection, but also to dealing with the Coronavirus: "With the mask and the drum around it makes you no fun." You have felt in the island of Usedom, very safe in regards to the Coronavirus: "on The plane but this is not so. The sit there all shoulder-to-shoulder." Cem Özdemir: "people like the Uniform belongs to stripped – and-now" FOCUS Online/Wochit Cem Özdemir: "people like the Uniform belongs undressed and instantly"

Date Of Update: 26 June 2020, 15:26

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