Green wave France to the climate-Primus – however, in the shareholder dispute threatens to

There are usually wealthy clients in Paris, Mercedes branch in the vicinity of the Eiffel tower after a new car look. On two floors with lots of glass are prese

Green wave France to the climate-Primus – however, in the shareholder dispute threatens to

There are usually wealthy clients in Paris, Mercedes branch in the vicinity of the Eiffel tower after a new car look. On two floors with lots of glass are presented here, in the Rue de Longchamp, the noblest models of the Stuttgart car manufacturer.

Who wants to drive a car in France, you must grab since the beginning of the year is significantly lower in the bag. 1. January 2020, the government has increased the CO2 tax for cars strong. The top model of the S-class, for example, 20,000 euros are due - in addition to the high purchase price.

more Stringent climate protection laws

The CO2 tax on cars, which is flanked by the strict environmental badge system Crit'Air in the big cities, is an example of the stricter environmental legislation in the country and for the desire for climate protection, which is widely used in population and politics now.

nine months Ago, the President of Emmanuel Macron 150 asked for randomly selected French and French, suggestions for more climate protection. A few days ago, the panel delivered its ideas to the President: among the 150 claims a ban on domestic flights, the introduction of the bottle Deposit, a climate tax for the Wealthy and a General speed limit of 110 (rather than 130) miles per hour. The speed limit, however, the President may, after the presentation of the list, was one of the three points that will not take his government in the political debate.

Green rule the major cities

How big is the green wave, which France has recognized, to show the results of the municipal elections a week ago. The traditionally weak Greens emerged as the big winner from the vote, while the President's party, La République En Marche, experienced a debacle.

In Bordeaux, Lyon and Strasbourg have conquered the candidates of the Green, the town halls. The most prestigious citizens has mostly defended innenamt of Paris, with Anne Hidalgo, the socialist incumbent, but with an election campaign that has been almost entirely on green issues.

the charm of The citizen movement

For the France-experts from Henrik development assistance and humanitarian action, however, have not only contributed to the green agenda to this success, but also the fact that the old party system in France since the election victory Macrons 2017 in ruins.

"The green choice of the winner are actually groups that come to the original movement of the Macron from the year 2016/17 to be very close. Often these are not political professionals, not experienced politicians, who have 20 years of mandate behind. The people coming from the civil society, the environmental movement, of initiatives."

Well, the scientists from the German-French Institute in Ludwigsburg, that the political Left under the leadership of the Green new could regroup. So far, however, charismatic leadership figures in Paris, which could convert this local approval in an impact on the national policy in the absence of the green success in the area.

How green is the government?

Also, the President will not see the green success on from the sidelines. The protection of the climate and he had been beige to the beginning of his term of office is of great importance. So Macron has made the population of the popular television presenter and environmentalist Nicolas Hulot to the Minister of the environment. But Hulot threw after only a year in the towel: The environment and climate change, so the outgoing Minister at the time, had for the Macron is not a priority.

Since Friday, a new Prime Minister in office Jean Castex. Whom he will choose, in consultation with the President in the coming days as the Minister for the environment, could be an indication of how it will go with the environmental and climate protection in France.

yellow West reloaded?

Should consider the new government to further painful cuts in favor of climate protection, the threat of further division in the country. The yellow West movement was created as a response to an environmental tax-increase on motor fuels. Especially low-income earners in the country and commuters complained at the time about the extra financial burden. The government in Paris, they threw to ignore their Fears and hardships.

this basic problem has changed until today. A real participation of the citizens can not recognize France-researchers, development assistance and humanitarian action, anyway: "here We have a President who has lost the grip and the accused to an autocratic style." This lack of feedback between politics in Paris and the citizens has for decades been one of the major problems of French politics. Unlike in federalist Germany, there is a lack of policy between levels where competing political camps in the decisions that will be included.

penalty tax for the middle class

In France, the President decides - and, accordingly, the anger of the citizens focuses on the incumbent in the Elysée Palace. A dedicated climate protection is likely to promote this issue again to-day: "in Germany, the parties have understood that you can't put one sided, either on the Ecology or the Social. The policy must seek to link this. If you are not in France, but still."

In the case of Mercedes in the Rue de Longchamp, this is well worth a visit. The Rich for their luxury limousines will have to pay € 20,000 penalty to the state, are likely to find many of the stroller just press your nose against the large window panes. But the middle class is not protected from the grip of the state into the wallet of the citizens. For a small Lada all-terrain vehicles from Russia to 20,000 Euro penalty are also payable - which is more than the purchase price.

author: Andreas Noll

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