Grades for FCK: Three men fell completely apart

FC Copenhagen got a singing slap on the jutland heath, where all the hospitality was put to the side, as FC Midtjylland won 4-1. There was a big difference be

Grades for FCK: Three men fell completely apart

FC Copenhagen got a singing slap on the jutland heath, where all the hospitality was put to the side, as FC Midtjylland won 4-1.

There was a big difference between the two teams, and especially on the dødboldene FC Copenhagen exhibited at the three mid-scores. In general, there were not many bright spots for manager Stale Solbakken, who had to see several of his profiles to be far from the usual level.

the Norwegian goes on landsholdspause with enough to think about and now seven points up to FC Midtjylland in the first place, while arch-rivals from Brøndby coming closer and closer.

Here is the B. T. s characters to FCK.

Not the most secure performance by the swede, as in the rush to act as sweeper-keeper came to servers a great chance for Marcondes. Got a single ball in the face, but was otherwise difficult to do much about the many FCM-goal, where the ambience was deficient. the Character: 4

Whew. Very tough first half of the kroaten, who had the cheapest booth at the mid-kræmmermarked. That stroking silkeborg through with him and came to the post, and he escaped also Evander at the 2-0-goal. Swapped to the left side after the break. the Character: 2

Sunday sigxcpu appears to be like to break with Kaba and friends. Was tough in its intervention and also came across a few times where it could have gone even more wrong for FCK. But then he got off the Kaba by 3-0 goal. the Character: 4

It was the defenders who had to be busy with the lions. And here also there was a lot of bite. Nelssons clearinger had not the weight, as you have seen earlier, and his general presence was undermined by midtjydernes power. the Character: 3


Fejlafleveringer and very much in the reverse. It gave among other things, lots of Mabil-time to slam the post for the 2-0 goal right into the forehead of Evander. Unfamiliar place, and it seemed to please him tremendously. the Character: 3

It was from here, FC Copenhagen should have its opportunities. Created Sunday only notable chances in the first half for the first Santos and then N'Doye. Daramy did not help much defensively, but gave some offensive hope for FCK. the Rating: 5

It looked like a Stage-fight with lots of fight and tough duels, but midtbanemanden made more free kicks than he has balls. And neither did hospitals enough in a fight with so little space. the Character: 2

the Captain of the something pierced the vessel. And Zeca is on deck, the ship is no longer to save. One of the few FCK's with pace to be with this type of struggle right now. the Rating: 6

A very anonymous efforts of Fischer, who was most conspicuous, when he shouted at teammates or responded to hjemmefansenes heckling. Let a possible enormous opportunity to run out in the sand in the second half. the Character: 2

He is strong, but with two attacks by bouncers on the shoulders, it was even for N'Doye too hard to keep in the ball. Probably should have the game across to Santos after 25 minutes when he got free in the box. And even though he got beaten, the decrease in the objective, paled he is on the defensive set pieces, where he is a key for FCK. the Rating: 5

Got a good opportunity early in the match, but kicked right in Hansen's hands. It was never Santos' battle for hidsigheden is not worth much when he is constantly a lot afterwards. the Character: 3


Came in, as it then completely black out for the copenhageners. And he couldn't do much about that FCK had to suffer a significant defeat in Herning. the Rating: 5

Came in with less than 20 minutes left. the Character: UB

with 13 minutes left in the fight. the Character: UB

There was not one parameter, where FC Copenhagen was just at the level of central jutland in the day. Physically inferior, slower in boldomgangen, less strong-willed and not at least significantly poorer at set pieces. Solbakken was a lack of response. the Character: 3

Date Of Update: 22 November 2019, 23:02