Göttingen: murder of two women – watch funny films, investigator at work | world

murder of two women in Göttingen: In the trial of Frank N. a, forensic technician, described the scene to work after the attack. Göttingen held a murder of

Göttingen: murder of two women – watch funny films, investigator at work | world

murder of two women in Göttingen: In the trial of Frank N. a, forensic technician, described the scene to work after the attack.

Göttingen held a murder of two women. The defendant Frank N. is said to have killed in September 2019, the two women on the open road. He has now confessed in court the fact.

Update, Monday, 25.05.2020, 19.49 at: In the process of a suspected double murder at the end of September last year, in the Grone, a District of Göttingen , was heard on Monday (25.05.2020), a crime technician as a witness.

The official said before the court of assizes chamber of the regional court of Göttingen of its investigative work in accordance with the double murder . The technician stressed that in its work, numerous mobile phones of onlookers on him and his colleagues were addressed.

for an earlier Day of the trial, a civil servant had reported, that many passers-by used their phones for Videos and photos. A first inquest on the spot was possible in the first place, as the fire brigade with Planning and establishing a privacy protection, so the witness on Monday.

Göttingen: double-murder of two women accused struck with a fire extinguisher on girlfriend

The forensic technician and his colleagues have secured more than two dozen tracks and objects from around the expansive crime scene in the area of customs stock in Göttingen . During the investigations the police found, among other things, a drinking bottle, a flammable liquid was. The defendant Frank N. should have sprayed the 44-year-old victim and fired.

in addition, the technicians are made sure a fire extinguisher, rushed to the witness of the incident, the 44-Year-old help, and cleared. The defendant managed to get the fire extinguisher in his violence. The defendant should then have this on his former girlfriend smashed in.

According to the statements of the technician of the damaged and has a fire extinguisher broke up a roughly fist-sized indentation. It was also ensured on the part of the heavily burned clothing.

Göttingen: murder of two women investigators ready-made special recordings with a 3D-camera

to be able to be a better way to document, were special recordings made with a 3D camera. The device at the time of the fact in Nienburg and was managed by the highway police of Hildesheim and Göttingen as quickly as possible to the South of lower Saxony.

These images can only be used with a special Software, evaluated. In addition, a police made in the course of the Afternoon a helicopter overview shots from the air of the scene of the crime. It was difficult work for the tracker, and also by the rain that began in the course of the Afternoon.

The items of evidence were: by the police in Göttingen and also at the Landeskriminalamt in Göttingen, Germany

Göttingen: murder of two female witnesses to incriminate the accused hard

Update from Saturday, 09.05.2020, 11.46 PM In the process of the double murder of Grone, the 53-year-old Frank N. is accused of happened on the Friday before the göttingen regional court. There, two witnesses said.

Göttingen: murder of two women

The defendants are accused of two counts of murder and two times body injury. The act had on the 26. September, 2019 on the street in göttingen's Grone district occurred.

Frank N. had attacked his former, then a 44-year-old Ex-girlfriend with gasoline, showered, fired, and with a knife they stabbed. A colleague, who wanted to help the woman, was also injured from the 53-Year-old hard. She died of the consequences of the injuries in the hospital.

Göttingen: murder of two women - a witness had Frank N. tried to distract

A witness, the that 26. September was at the scene, told the court. It occurs also as a secondary applicant. She was also slightly injured. She had tried, Frank N. distract, than stabbed again, lying on the ground Ex-partner, a judicial spokesman said.

As a further witness said on Friday, a pizzeria operator, of the that 26. September is also one of screams, and a burning woman had seen. On the basis of his observations, he had the impression that the act worked as planned.

Göttingen: murder of two women - the perpetrator wants to be able to remember anything

The defendant had known recently to the fact. He can't believe and process that the 44-Year-old of him, had separated. He could not remember Details of the fact.

Göttingen: murder of two women - a Surprising turn in the process

first message from Wednesday, 15.04.2020, 12: 44 PM: In the process the murder of two women in Göttingen-Grone the defendant Frank N. on Wednesday (15.04.2020) has filed before the regional court of Göttingen a confession. In one of his defender Holger Nitz-picked appearance, he said that he wanted to take "responsibility for the caused unimaginable disaster".

To the actual crime scene, he could not remember. The 53-year-old Frank N. is charged with, at the end of September last year, his former girlfriend with a flammable liquid sprayed and to have set fire to it. Then he got injured by a knife so severely that she died on the scene.

Göttingen: murder of two women in Frank N. wanted to rush himself wanted to kill

As a fellow member of the 44-Year-old for help, he attacked them. The 57-Year-old later died in hospital in Göttingen . The defendant stated that he wanted to kill himself out of despair over the end of the relationship actually have.

that's Why he bought gasoline to pour over it and ignite. He had been since April of 2017, the 44-Year-old together and have "never" that the relationship could fail.

Göttingen: murder of two women - accused Frank N. confesses before court

"I have no explanation for why I have not implemented my original idea, to kill myself," - said in his plea to the murder of the two women in Göttingen.

The Prosecutor's office assumes that the 53-Year-old wanted to kill his Ex-partner. He didn't want to accept that the 44-Year-old for some time previously, had separated, and possibly a new relationship with another man received wanted.

By Thomas Kopietz

The fact of Frank N. in Göttingen in the autumn of 2019 made in Germany for excitement. He should have been in Göttingen's Grone district, two women on the open road murdered . At the trial in Göttingen, against Frank N. increased security provisions-

were due to Corona

Date Of Update: 25 May 2020, 16:34