Giants-Showdown: USA and China provoke - Europe is stuck between the fronts

It is a serious affront to the Communist leadership. On the closure of China's Consulate in the Texas city of Houston through the United States, a diplomatic b

Giants-Showdown: USA and China provoke - Europe is stuck between the fronts

It is a serious affront to the Communist leadership. On the closure of China's Consulate in the Texas city of Houston through the United States, a diplomatic battle is likely to follow, at the end, have to pack also a lot of American diplomats in China, their bags. Outraged, both sides threw themselves on Wednesday each other of violations of the law and "interference in internal Affairs".

Beijing complained of "political provocation". Washington complains that China was involved "for years, in massive spying". Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo made during a visit in Copenhagen, the people's Republic for intellectual property theft and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs - not only in the United States, also in Europe. "We will not allow that to happen," he said. If China does not change course, would the US take further steps to protect themselves.

"The U.S. have lost your mind"

stood before, all the characters on escalation: Two U.S. aircraft carrier patrolling in the South China sea. China's Navy makes shooting exercises, moved fighter jets to the Islands to the own claim on the sea area to the walls. On the commercial front, the United States and bustle of punitive tariffs worth hundreds of billions of dollars, lead a campaign against companies such as Huawei, run economies, a decoupling of the two largest economies.

Washington punished the harsh action of Beijing in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, with sanctions and attempts to isolate China internationally. Increasingly, the confrontation is through the Trouble in the United States through the China-born Corona pandemic. Many speak of a "new Cold war". The USA "have lost their minds, their morality and credibility," scolds China's foreign Minister Wang Yi. With your "America First" drove the United States, "selfishness, unilateralism, and bullying to the top". Misleading press conference: Trump punishes within 20 minutes 3 Times itself the lie, FOCUS Online/Wochit misleading press conference: Trump punishes within 20 minutes 3 Times even the lie

China pushes forward in the power vacuum left by the U.S.

Corona the rivalry between the rising Power of China and the ailing super power, the US, still reinforced. A new world order. With the withdrawal of the US from international institutions and alliances, China is moving into the power vacuum and expand his influence. Also in the competition of systems, it wins an important round: The autocratic Communist Regime has the Coronavirus in the handle, while the democratic System in the US is under President Donald Trump as dysfunctional, to fight the first wave.

The Europeans are caught between the fronts, have to limit the damage and your new role yet to be found. At first glance, they look helpless. China's heavy intervention in Hong Kong's autonomy and its condemning human rights violations, while loudly - the courage to respond with sanctions, but is missing. For years, Brussels, tried in vain to persuade China, Fairness in competition and trade policy. Again and again, China makes Promises, keeps you but. Despite intensive negotiations for an investment agreement to improve market access in China is not in sight.

Behind the European reluctance to mainly economic interests. There is a split, because EU countries such as Greece, Hungary and Italy expect billion of investment from China. For many large companies in China, with its 1.3 billion inhabitants is a very important market. In 2019, the value of EU exports to China of 198 billion euros. For the EU China is the world's second most important trading partner after the USA.

EU? China to the "system rivals" explains,

China has become a superpower that can dictate the rules of the EU game Maybe. Needs to fear no consequences of their actions? No. The EU considers that China is now officially called the "system rivals", has made a u-turn in its trade policy and impact sets stronger instruments for the defense of Dumping products, and unfair competition practices. The Corona-crisis is likely to accelerate this development.

"The pandemic is changing the world as we know it. Our trade policy must be adapted to the European interests more effectively track," said EU trade Commissioner Phil Hogan in June. There is a need for a "more determined approach" to protect the EU from "hostile or abusive actions". Much is likely to be China rather unpleasant, because the EU was the last of the world's most important market for Chinese companies. Also that Huawei is now excluded from the Expansion of the fast 5G mobile network in the UK, has a signal effect.

"Europe supports itself, if it supports China"

"The noise of the De-globalization is louder," said Cui Hongjian, Europe expert at the Institute for International studies in Beijing. There is no Alternative. In spite of all the differences he sees Europe and China, more on a line. As the current EU President, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Europe - as promised - should make this an "anchor of stability". "In a sense, Europe itself, if it supports China."

each of the two rivals tried to make the Europeans on his side. The USA want to have the Communist leadership is clear in the barriers - economically, politically, and militarily. For the Anti-China Block like-minded democracies to be won. As a response, China focuses more on its own forces, and to boost the Innovation and the domestic market, in order to be independent - a kind of "Chinese decoupling".

Trump makes China the enemy - for his election campaign

trump's true motives are called into question. In addition to strategic US interests plays an important role, that of the US President - the applying in November to a second term, China can use in the election campaign, well as the enemy image. In the case of Trump that sounds like this: China had lived for years at the expense of the United States, America, to hundreds of billions of duped, Jobs are stolen, and the USA spied on. No one to go "so hard" with China as he is, while his Challenger, Joe is a friend of Biden is in China - although the Democrats are pressurising the government in terms of sanctions, rather in front of him. Reuters flags of the USA and China,

China is the Trump also a scapegoat: He makes the leadership in Beijing for the Corona pandemic, responsible, speaks of the "China-Virus". He to distract from its own failings. Almost four million Americans have been infected, more than 140,000 have died from the effects. But Trump thinks his re-election, but the crisis of his main argument, for it deprived him of a booming economy. After three years of recovery, the crash followed. The Coronavirus could screw up the election victory - what hardened its Position against China. "This nasty, horrible disease would never have allowed China to escape," says Trump.

"China will accept the challenge,"

It is not in harsh tones and the expulsion of diplomats as it is now in Houston. Also, geopolitically, and militarily the brawlers taxes on confrontation course, especially in the South China sea. Washington referred to China's claims to the raw material water range now also formally as "completely illegal" and prepares the arguments if it comes to the escalation in the Region. A judgment of the court of arbitration in The Hague, by 2016, the China's territorial claims rejected, will be ignored by Beijing.

The presence of U.S. aircraft carrier groups with more than 12,000 soldiers in the immediate vicinity of the Chinese Navy increases the risk of an incident. "There will be a war between China and the USA?", the Propaganda sheet "Global Times asked". It is peacefulness summons, threatens that China will not hesitate in the case of a "serious provocation" that "China will accept the challenge, and the United States on our doorstep, sure of defeat." To will to fight it could take Washington DC with Beijing.

Trumps environment shoots again against Fauci - reacts with calm contempt, FOCUS Online/Wochit "He is in all respects wrong": Trumps environment shoots again against Fauci - reacts with calm disdain.

Updated Date: 22 July 2020, 19:27

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