Germany-weather: rain-Chaos in NRW Dortmund West will stall

Germany-weather: the severe weather Alarm of the highest level! Where DWD is warning now, before severe thunderstorms 19.53 PM: The German weather service ha

Germany-weather: rain-Chaos in NRW Dortmund West will stall
Germany-weather: the severe weather Alarm of the highest level! Where DWD is warning now, before severe thunderstorms

19.53 PM: The German weather service has taken the highest severe weather warning. But it sensed more! The DWD warns to continue, severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and hail. In two provinces on Red alert now:

lower Saxony

  • circle Empty
  • circle Friesland - land
  • circle Ammerland
  • district of Cloppenburg
  • district and city of Oldenburg


  • circle Bröde
  • city of Magdeburg

What is the meaning of Red alert/severe weather alert? A lightning strike can endanger life! Flooding of roads and cellars are possible. It can also cause damage to trees and roofs, is warning of the DWD. Stays Outdoors should be moved.

in Addition, alert level Orange is in some circles of the following provinces:

  • Baden-Württemberg
  • Bavaria
  • Hesse
  • lower Saxony
  • Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Sachsen
rain-Chaos in NRW: Highways flooded, the Western part of Dortmund drinks from

17.43 at: flooded basements, flooded streets, high-flushed Manhole covers, overturned trees, almost drowned sheep, and a sewage treatment plant out of operation: A storm with heavy rain in Parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, numerous fire-triggered operations.

In the münsterland Dülmen (district of Coesfeld) have controlled around 70 forces early Saturday afternoon within two hours, 40, said a spokesman for the fire Department. In some places, you should have water pumping out, to many others it is expired of itself, as the rain eased.

A motorist had to be freed in Dülmen according to firefighters with his car from a flooded underpass. Particularly in the urban area, many residential buildings and business houses were filled with water and closed roads, said the spokesperson.

in the district of Steinfurt, the rain broke on Saturday in the numerous cellars and flooded roadways. A total of 55 missions have given it to bis 15.00 clock, said a spokesman for the fire Department. Especially Lengerich and Tecklenburg had been affected. In the meantime, had calmed down the situation again.

On Saturday afternoon I met the rain, especially the münster, said a meteorologist of the German weather service (DWD) in the afternoon. Now he may go more to the South of the Ruhr area, as well as the district of Paderborn, the greater area of Siegen and the district of Olpe. However, the storm could interactive objects "everywhere", not really sure, no Region in NRW is. "I'm sure something is coming," says the DWD expert.

Also, for parts of the Rhine country severe weather warnings. Flooded roadways made according to the WDR-jam radar on the highways for traffic jams and floor traffic - so, for example, in the Ruhr area on the A1 in the direction Cologne between Volmarstein und Gevelsberg.

According to the DWD forecast of heavy rain, with amounts of from 40 to 70 litres per square metre is forecast on Saturday, more locally violent in a short time. These stormy gusts and hail would come. The situation remained in the next few days are similar and it is more expected storms.

Also in the Ruhr area, the storm had already pulled his circles. In Dortmund, the fire from Friday night to Saturday was one morning 70 inserts, so a spokesman for. Trees were knocked over and Branches abgevrochen, in the Western district of Huckarde three streets were flooded, and 15 basement has been inspected. In part, the residents themselves would have siphoned off the invading masses of water.

In Bochum, Germany were 150 forces at more than 50 locations in the application, such as the fire and rescue services in the night on Saturday. Mainly large quantities of water had to be pumped out of cellars and threaded processes exposed in order to allow a water drain.

The worst had raged the storm on Friday evening in the Northern Ruhr area and the Münsterland, said DWD meteorologist in Essen, Germany. The fiercest torrential rain had been measured with 86.5 liters per square meter in Wadersloh (district of Warendorf).

severe weather warnings cancelled

Saturday, 15. August, 10.20 PM: All the severe weather warnings of severe thunderstorms and heavy heavy rain in Germany, have been lifted in the night to Saturday. The German weather service (DWD) had a call on Friday by an official severe weather warning, the highest alert level for parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia-out. Nevertheless, it could continue to come to each of strong thunderstorms in different Parts of Germany, it said.

heavy rain and Thunderstorms: warns Where the DWD prior to the storms, dpa, A flash of lightning strikes on Friday morning at Wacker home (Rheinland-Pfalz), a

22.40 PM: Furthermore, it seethes over Germany. It can still come to severe thunderstorms - with heavy rain and gusts of wind - it is the highest alert level (Purple) is valid.

The Thunderstorm warning is applicable in the following circles:


  • the circle and the city of Kassel
  • Kreis Waldeck-Frankenberg

North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Hochsauerlandkreis
  • Höxter
  • district of Paderborn
flooded basements, flooded streets: A thunderstorm in Parts of North Rhine-Westphalia

Friday, 14. August, 08.17 PM: part of severe weather in the night of Friday, and on Thursday afternoon over parts of North Rhine-Westphalia. In Detmold, the fire Department reported, in the night, about 50 inserts because of flooded roads, flooded basements and fallen trees. A tree fell on an overhead line and a rail route between Detmold and location in the district of Lippe, and have demolished the upper management, informed the fire brigade. The blocking of the route is continuing on the Friday morning, said a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn.

In the district of Steinfurt was there on Thursday evening and in the night because of strong storms over 160 missions, such as the fire and rescue services. In Grevenbroich, the heavy rain had led to operations on Thursday evening, also many Firefighters, a spokesman said on Friday. The German weather service (DWD) expected on Friday as part of severe weather in Parts of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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