Germany threatens Pegida Moment: not Allowed to make Corona the same error

In an interview with FOCUS Online, the political scientist and extremism researcher Tom man joke from the Technical University of Chemnitz, why it is important

Germany threatens Pegida Moment: not Allowed to make Corona the same error

In an interview with FOCUS Online, the political scientist and extremism researcher Tom man joke from the Technical University of Chemnitz, why it is important to take the current Protest against the Corona-policy seriously, why "a little bit of listening" is not enough and what is the "Pegida declared are not allowed to repeat error", we.

FOCUS Online : Mr man joke, as is the policy with the current Corona demonstrations from your point of view?

Tom man joke: in my opinion, speaks to the policies in Parts quite patronizing-patronizing about the movement without having to take them seriously - according to the Motto "a Legitimate concern: Yes. Into account: no." The falls so easily, because it is the critics of the Corona-measures, and without the conspiracy theorists and extremists, a small minority.

The majority of Germans is in favour of the government rate - and shows no sympathy for the protesters. A paternalistic handling of the policy with the Corona-protest learning can go quickly to the back, because people have a sense of, if you serve only as a decoration for pluralism and their opinion is not really taken seriously.

"Pegida has shown a bit of listening is not enough"

FOCUS Online : The Saxon Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer has mixed up last weekend without a Mouth guard, and a minimum distance under the Corona of the protesters and the conversation sought. A rather popular as a paternalistic act. The Corona did not get demonstrators to a lot of attention?

man joke : If the demonstrations are too much or too little attention - to the fact there is no answer. This is a matter of social negotiation. But care is in any case important in order to prevent a further polarization.

The Prime Minister of Saxony, stands out as among the politicians at the moment that he rises in the cave of the lion, inspires respect. Him to fly Yes, to put it mildly, on the Demos not just the hand kisses. Other politicians could learn this lens: people want to be taken seriously. And you should also, as it relates to fundamental rights and economic livelihoods. The policy has learned from some mistakes in dealing with Pegida, but not the most important.

FOCUS Online : ... and?

man joke That it's not enough, just a bit of "listen", but that one has to take into account the concerns of the government leadership. That doesn't mean the majority of a small minority to subjugate, but to the interests of all the schedule.

The parties were content for a long time, the Pegida abzukanzeln movement morally or ignore - for example, from under-estimation or because it was mainly the extreme Right would demonstrate what is true, at least for the beginning of time and in Dresden. Elsewhere, such as in the case of Legida, Bärgida and Thügida, saw it differently. And also the later Demos in Dresden were entirely different than the early. Similar to rigorously left - wing political groups-for example, the Antifa were -, but also trade unions with Pegida. And the society as a Whole was divided, in my opinion, in the sympathizers, or those that showed understanding, and Pegida-opponent. Chemnitz University of technology Tom is a man of wit (Born 1987) is a political and communication scientists. He conducts research on political extremism, democracy and populism at the TU Chemnitz.

people develop "Now-only-right"-attitude

FOCUS Online : What were the consequences of this Anti-attitude?

man joke : The Argument of the Pegida-opponent was often: fascism is not an opinion but a crime; Nazis, no foot! And sure: Every opinion that will be fed into the democratic debate, receives attention ("a stage") and legitimacy. But insults, moral delegitimization and generalizations often lead to the opposite of the desired effect: people, who sympathized in the beginning, perhaps, at best, loose with Pegida, showed solidarity and identified himself suddenly with the movement. A "handle Now-only-right"-attitude around. You close in on itself, a certain bunker mentality has, since then, the company is in the handle, visible in the polarization of many debates in the last few years. The world is better than your bad news - FOCUS Online provides you every Friday with the best stories from the field perspectives. Subscribe here for free Newsletter:

FOCUS Online politics and society have gone so hard into the court with Pegida? How could the division in society because to stop them?

man joke : the moralisation and stigmatisation are sharp, two-edged swords in the political handling: When the circle of those who are to be excluded, is small - for example, in the case of solid extremists, achieved such a dealing, usually the desired effect, namely the maintenance of a Cordon sanitaire (a spell of a mile between two political fronts, Anm. d. Red.) . But Pegida is out of control. Since then, the fronts have hardened and the conflict arises on a regular basis: for example, in the climate debate, and between "asylum critics" as well as "do-gooders" in the so-called "refugee crisis".

More Dialog, or clear stance?

FOCUS Online : What can we learn from our experiences in dealing with Pegida the current protests? How should we respond to it with dialogue or a clear attitude? the

man joke : the two belong together: right-wing extremists, but also left-wing extremists earn the much-touted "clear edge". And conspiracy theorists can hardly argue, because the common base is missing. Here you can try to replace the trials and tribulations with the correct information. But this is a very big Board... But it's not and you only have on the road, but also - and especially - people, the concern for the safeguarding of fundamental human rights, as well as fear for their professional existence. The earn not just dialogue for dialogue's sake, but a consideration in the planning of measures.

"freedom restrictions are no cardboard handle"

FOCUS Online : The "concerned citizens", of whom you talk to, shy away but not before, to go Hand-in-Hand with Radical and right-wing extremists on the streets – an unmistakable Parallel to the beginnings of the Pegida movement. How can we prevent that Germany gets a "Corona-Pegida"?

man joke the majority of The people demonstrating for their and our fundamental rights, even if these are currently limited to a disease, to bring something to the Opposition to a Standstill. To this Protest there is nothing Exceptionable. It is the good right of the protesters, the human rights limitations should be noted. And the policy should keep in mind that you, even if you are pursuing higher goals, so that serious reductions in the freedoms of the people makes. This is not chickenfeed. The Federal constitutional court recalled in its judgment to the ban on demonstrations is impressive in it.

And as for the majority of the protesters, so do you, just because you are in the protests so many, well, extremists and conspiracy theorists to marginalize. The not you, of course, quite easily, because the Radicals are usually also Noisy and, therefore, the impression of great strength. But the images are quite clear: extremists make up only a small part of the protesters. The should let the Reasonable among the protesters, the Radicals feel that's not the tail wagging the dog, but the dog with the tail.

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Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 14:26

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