Germany TV judge is 70: What Barbara Salesch actually makes?

In more than 2,100 broadcasts led Barbara Salesch from 1999 to 2012, to vigorously through 2356 negotiations. This made the woman with the red hair what the law

Germany TV judge is 70: What Barbara Salesch actually makes?

In more than 2,100 broadcasts led Barbara Salesch from 1999 to 2012, to vigorously through 2356 negotiations. This made the woman with the red hair what the lawyer loved her Job as a judge so you always had the last word.

Also to your transmitter satellite.1, because in 2012, she stopped at his own request, and withdrew as far as possible. Barbara Salesch is now 70 years old. According to the TV you retired as an artist in their new home Peter Hagen to East Westphalia.

after two years, with most of it by

Salesch lives in the countryside in North Rhine-Westphalia at the border to lower Saxony. Hannover is not far away. Bielefeld also not. Most recently, she had lived during the production of her TV Court show in Cologne on the Land in the Eifel. "After 10 clicks on the Internet I had discovered the house in Petershagen. The fit is my best friend also lives, is a good one, because in Bielefeld,“ says Salesch of the German press Agency.

"I thought, a bit of Swipe, and to Set up, because I'm done in about three weeks. It's two years were up I was with the Worst of it.“ Now the former Prosecutor and judge, lives at the country court of Hamburg on a plot with 7,500 square metres with Studio and several workshops and anywhere and is art. Friso Gentsch/dpa Barbara Salesch stands in front of self-made works of art in your home.

"was The aunt to the television,"

Particularly proud of Salesch is the relationship to your neighbours. "People were very excited about how this is so with a celebrity on a village with 800 inhabitants. You have quickly noticed that I'm quite normal. And you found super. And I enjoy the VIP bonus that you will find me well, just because I'm not normal. We have a sensational neighborhood.“

Salesch has focused in the last years of her art on prints with wood-cuts. "My artistic Work is characterised by colour, shape, force and movement. When I think something is finished, it is for a month in my apartment. If I am in time nothing interferes, then it fits. Otherwise, it's back to the Studio. I think this is so for 30 years.“

protect the firm and Volunteer firefighter, you can do it all. "I enjoy it. To do this, I have been teaching for years, the children in the area in art. For 10 cents from the pocket money.“ In the case of the rural women she reads from her book. "Of course, they come because they say, the aunt was at the television". Salesch is single and has no children. "At home, I don't want any regularities. So, no children or husbands in the room that must be supplied 365 days of the year. I could not and it would restrict me too much. To visit - of course!“

"I was known for my long negotiations,"

Salesch studied in Freiburg, Jura and sports. "Sport but only because I wanted to use the sports facilities and they were definitely the better men." That was after her Job at the Prosecutor's office in Hamburg, judge at the regional court, it had never looked back. "This is the most independent profession, I know. It has word, as a judge, mostly the last. This is something I appreciate very much, unfortunately, just professionally." dpa/Jörg Carstensen Barbara Salesch on the Set of their TV show (file photo)

"to Me, it was always important to be in the court room understood. That's why I use in the presence of non-lawyers never our technical language. It just takes longer. I was known for my long negotiations.“ And so you have to adjust as a TV judge never. "I couldn't have done at all. Viewers have a keen sense of what makes an Original.“

the breakthrough in the afternoon

allegations of lawyers, the work of the judiciary with the presentation in the TV-whether court has been downplayed, not to disturb Salesch. "I was used, according to the needs. Time there were accusations, if it was in a real courtroom too high: We are here with Barbara Salesch. Then it was, when witnesses, especially young people, should be reassured: You Know what it is by Barbara Salesch.“

its beginnings on television were not easy. "We started with real cases from the civil law. But that was not a great success. That is why we have been after a year on the afternoon pushed.“ Salesch: "we have switched to written cases from the criminal law. This was the breakthrough that has then shaped the next eleven years, the TV in the afternoon.“ In Berlin-Kreuzberg is the complete Corona-ignorance visible on PCP In Berlin-Kreuzberg is the complete Corona-ignorance is visible


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