German ball man-host raises serious allegations: The thing stinks to high heaven!

The shock sits deep. After the events of last weekend, the restaurants at the Beer line for two months to remain closed. For many working people around the ba

German ball man-host raises serious allegations: The thing stinks to high heaven!

The shock sits deep. After the events of last weekend, the restaurants at the Beer line for two months to remain closed.

For many working people around the ball man this is a full disaster. So, too, for Michael Bohrmann. The düsseldorf had 10 to the. May have to wait until he was allowed to open his "Deutsches Eck" again. And now that it is again.

Party Explosion on the ball man: Videos in the network

a Decisive factor in a sudden Party-Explosion was on Friday evening. On numerous TV pictures and in many Videos circulating in the network, are celebrating people who keep to no rules.

So self-blame? The innkeeper holds. "An unknown Shop has opened, all of a sudden the beer road was bursting at all seams" is how he describes the events from late Friday night.

Bohrmann mad: "you could have at the airport to remember"

has been completely overrun, for two months, was in his Local everything is fine. "We are, after all, a Restaurant with Breakfast and lunch. We have also in the evening, but that's why we are not a pub.“

After a little more than two hours everything had been under control since then, nothing more happens. Bohrmann: "And Friday would have been a police officer in, even nothing happens. You had to notice already at the airport, many passengers to land, the want of man to the ball.“

German host sarcastically: "I'm the whole TV team is very grateful"

the images, which now have harsh consequences came. "Now I have to throw away the whole food, that has no two months. I get through the day somehow, but I have 23 employees that have worked again. Now they're all unemployed again.“ Bohrmann, a few days Ago was still Fortunas Co-coach Axel Bellinghausen guest at Michael Bohrmann in the "Deutsches Eck".

And perhaps also because the events were deliberately exaggerated. "I'm all the TV crews and all who made Videos, very grateful," says Bohrmann sarcastic and expresses a monstrous suspicion.

Bad suspicion: "As if aware of the errors have been looking for,"

"There are so many TV channels were there, the were almost all. Even a Team from Holland was spot on. Then, partial images are shown, which are five years old. As garlands hang with us in the Store, that must have been on carnival. I don't hang in the summer!“

That, in the absence of the Intervention of the police, and the sudden Intervention of the police to make him more than suspicious: "We have since 20. May done everything to ensure that everything runs normal and mannered. Now, it seems to us, as if deliberately to errors, looking for. Then there are these two, three hours – and all of a sudden a witch hunt going here.“

In the following days, would have all of the Local, as before, is exemplary.

Bohrmann: "The thing stinks to high heaven,"

Therefore, the XXL-punishment in front of the düsseldorf-based host in the truest sense of the word, in Spanish: "One would have to make everything the way it is now also being prescribed: no high tables, no stools, no straws, drinks from the bottle. The thinking likely to a well-kept wine than to beer.“

And what you could have done differently? Bohrmann: "The should have called in the Local areas, impose fines and that's it. So the whole thing stinks to high heaven.“

Therefore want to defend the affected hosts now. On Friday at noon you meet, you want to then go to court.

The Meeting takes place on neutral ground. Would the operator in one of the now closed Local meeting, according to the new regulation, namely a penalty of up to 600,000 euros (!) be imposed.

More News on the ball man and Mallorca

Mallorca can be upheld in the fight against binge alcoholism and Corona. In the middle of the summer, all restaurants are closed in the Party centres in the resort island of coercion. Anti-social tourists do not, wool is it.

a Few months high stage of self-was going on during the Corona-on-the-ball man in Mallorca nothing. But that changed quickly. On Mallorca, the parties start again. With extreme proportions. Actress Jenny Jürgens, who lives on Mallorca, stimulates violently.

No distance and no mask, that's what beer and Sangria galore: Not only on the ball man on Mallorca celebrate German just as if Corona was already over. In an interview with FOCUS Online, the psychologist, best-selling author and founder of the Cologne market research Institute rheingold, Stephan grünewald, why a lot of people with the Virus lose especially in the holidays, fear explains why our lives after Corona is a difficult birth - and if the Germans mentally would be able to a second Lockdown to participate.

"German shit said": Ü50-Malle-girls expect Ballermann-tourists from FOCUS Online/Wochit "German shit": Ü50-Malle-girls told to expect Ballermann-tourists from the New Tunnel on the Baltic sea holiday could make plans of many German broken FOCUS Online New Tunnel on the Baltic sea could make vacation plans of many German broken

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Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 01:26

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