Gerhard Schröder: If Merkel call me... - He knew one thing better in Corona-crisis | politics

former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, he logs on via Podcast to word. For Angela Merkel and Markus Söder, he was prompt and ready advice. former Chancellor Gerh

Gerhard Schröder: If Merkel call me... - He knew one thing better in Corona-crisis | politics

former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, he logs on via Podcast to word. For Angela Merkel and Markus Söder, he was prompt and ready advice.

former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is new ways of communication . He starts his own Podcast "Agenda" . A politicians gets in the first result especially.

Update 27. May 2020: A sentence in the Podcast of Gerhard Schröder, in view of the latest political development between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Minister President* particularly noteworthy. You could accuse Schröder, if you want to interpret it negatively, here to be a know-it-alls. But perhaps it is actually as wealthy "Elder Statesman"-the Council of the former Chancellor of wool meant to his successor, the, has, in the meantime, however, far more years than he himself has achieved.

Although Schröder praised initially, in its first Podcast episode, the work of the Chancellor and the entire Federal government in the Corona-crisis. the Merkel had done a "good Job, you can't ride but the best" . But Schroeder would not be Schroeder, if there wasn't at least a limitation. That, Merkel noted that, in the Corona-crisis attempts against the Prime Minister occasionally a "Basta"policy could not work. the "If you would have called me, I would have said: Stay careful. The were called of cabbage earlier wrens, but they can occasionally bite, too.“

former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder praises Söder - in the Chancellor's question, he has some advice for him

first message, 26. May 2020: Hannover - reported Where German politicians previously in social media usually via Twitter or video messages word, the courage of a now taking the next step: former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) is now in his own Podcast "The Agenda" of hear. On Tuesday (26. May) launched the first episode, among other things, to Spotify and Apple Podcasts . A further seven episodes will follow every Tuesday.

Gerhard Schröder in the first Podcast episode of: Between the Private and the policy

the Setting of The Podcasts: schröder a former government spokesman Béla Andra is the former Chancellor in his law firm in Hannover in water or tea. The focus of the first episode is - how can it be otherwise - of the current Corona-crisis . The two always between Private and schröder's view switches to the current political work of his successor.

With a soft entry of the Podcast Duo the first Episode start. As Gerhard Schroeder, wants the eight - week Lockdown* - similar to a Situation that it has experienced have not occurred since the Second world war, Andra know. Schröder, as a private person have perceived this time as a "less dramatic". A little more movement wouldn't hurt, and he regrets that his favorite sports, Golf and Tennis were possible, would be the minimum qua natura but to respect. In this case you can differentiate more"," the 76-Year-old. All in all, he didn't miss much. Even otherwise, he had to behave along with his wife, the ausplauderte recently, a spicy marriage-Detail", like all the others", without any privileges in the claim.

former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in the first Podcast episode: "That was a mistake"

differentiation does not seem to him to be related to his sports will be an important keyword. Positive he sees it now in a political context. Contrary to his early statement, "may be the federalism to the end should come," admits Schroeder and the Public: "it was a error ."

right now, you will see that this principle of organization pays off when it comes to the procedure in the Corona-crisis. "There is in one or the other country according to the Infections differentiations," observed the Chancellor, and noted in relation to länder , such as, for example, the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which are less affected by infection than, for example, Bavaria: "Why can't you then say that we may be more likely to take a risk".

+ former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder launches its first Podcast.©dpa / ---

Schröder praises in the Podcast, the Federal government and talking about "idiots" at the Corona-Demos

Before the conversation comes to the big question, as it is in Germany with Corona will go on, Schröder has yet to spend a couple of words of praise for the Status quo. "I'm actually not responsible for the praise of the Federal government", yet: "All in all, Germany has the good. Also, the Federal government“, his previous conclusion, when compared on a European scale. Although Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) was fixed temporarily to the arg on the black Zero, the "has been exported from the Union to the rank of a sacred number". But as it was necessary to have solved the party colleague, said Schröder. Also dealing with the short-time work* it to suspend for him in terms of Federal Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) nothing.

But not only the politicians acted according to Schröder good. His impression was disciplined: "The Germans were very" concerning the compliance with the Corona-measures* . However, he also knows that " idiot in this world, there was always" and mean conspiracy theorists , the sprout is currently propagated from the ground to gather and demonstrations. Behind it is the "auxiliary plug in for him, clearly lots of coping with of fear and partially idiotic calculus, in order to make policy," says Schröder. Special danger he in social media , of which you see now that you "are anything other than social". Because "if you can fuck around completely out of control," says the Chancellor, "then this is a threat for the democratic substance ."

Gerhard Schröder get in the Podcast against Trump: "That seems to have not got it"

Andra and Schröder look finally, also outside of Germany and also of Europe. In their focus on the USA , but the approach of the American President Donald Trump* back . As a "catastrophic what he's doing", see Schröder, in particular, its attack against the world health organization (WHO) . To weaken "the WHO, is to leave Africa in the lurch," says Schröder and eventually brings harsh against Trump: "That seems to have not got it. The yeah, anyway, little, from the Business apart,“ says schröder's evaluation.

Corona-crisis: former Chancellor Schröder speaks on Söder in the Podcast

in contrast, he sees as the work of the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) . "The power of the very professional" and had almost what you call a "political animal". Doubt he logs on, however, in the case of Andras question, "Can he be Chancellor?". " Berlin is a hell of a hard place," the former Chancellor, "and each of the succeeding in countries, is still long no king in Berlin." This formulation is then ushered in after half an hour of the end of the first Podcast episode. And Entertain Schröder can talk, that is after the Premiere.

The virologist Hendrik Streeck does not expect any second wave of Infection, wins but also no reason to sound the all-clear.

Markus Söder will be asked after the end of the mask of duty, his answer is extremely.

The Corona-Hotspot Ischgl has a large influence on the rate of infection in Germany - this is the conclusion of a study.

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