George-Floyd-scandal with us? Criminologist compares the police system of the United States, Germany | politics

Are the events in the USA with the death of George Floyd in Germany? Criminologist Christian Pfeiffer called the causes, impacts and approaches for Improvement.

George-Floyd-scandal with us? Criminologist compares the police system of the United States, Germany | politics

Are the events in the USA with the death of George Floyd in Germany? Criminologist Christian Pfeiffer called the causes, impacts and approaches for Improvement.

According to the death of George Floyd the police system of the United States for heated discussions provides. Criminologist Christian Pfeiffer called backgrounds, why the States are in this respect extremely. Such circumstances in Germany are possible? The expert strongly opposes.

Washington/Berlin - Christian Pfeiffer is followed by his professional heart to Hannover ("My dream job"), but the former Minister of justice of lower Saxony and a famous criminologist uses every opportunity to get in his beloved Bavaria. Born in Frankfurt/Oder, he came as a nine-year-old Flüchtlingsbub on a farm in Altötting and experienced a "wonderful Childhood". As an adult, he lived over 20 years in the Schwabing Kurfürstenstraße.

Because Pfeiffer 2015 has been researched in the framework of a guest professorship in New York, also to the work of the American police, the 76-Year-old is the ideal partner for our topic: Is the American police system with the German comparable? A George-Floyd-scandal is threatening us ?

police violence in the United States: a threat potential in operations is much higher

Mr. Pfeiffer, if I COP to see, I think automatically to the deadly police operation in the United States. Such a thing is conceivable?

Christian Pfeiffer : Not in General, only as an extreme exception. There are fundamental differences between the police in the United States and with us. But I would like to take the U.S. for all the justified criticism in protection. Because when it is armed to the teeth people, the threat potential in operations is much higher than in the us. (Editor's note. d. Red.: According to The Officer Down Memorial Page, were killed between 1990 and 2012, a total of 21.254 police officers in use .) In April, three times as many weapons were sold than the year before. Corona the power of fear, and if the Americans are afraid, then many reflex want like a weapon. Firearms you can buy there any. This shows what a sick society this is, to that extent.

+ criminologist Christian Pfeiffer.©dpa / Ole Spata

What is more, unlike in the case of our police?

Pfeiffer : In the USA, it is common that former front-line soldiers will be retrained in courses to police officers. The veterans are shaped by the war mentality, and an enemy need image. The aggressive potential is significantly higher. And: In the USA, the proportion of women is much lower than in Germany. This increases the aggressiveness in its operations.

women are more peaceful than men?

Pfeiffer : No question. We have made an analysis: How, when two police officers of a desert brawl and call for Help in the, shall we say: kurfürstenstraße called? We have found out: The risk that one of the officers injured in the use of solid and service is incapable of, is in the case of two police officers by a quarter higher than if a COP is. In the case of highly dangerous missions women calmingly . You use the stick only half as often, and the mouth twice as often. The Federal Chairman of the police Union, Oliver Malchow, has not formulated in a lecture time: The main weapon of a police officer is the gun and not the baton, but >.

police violence in the United States: statistics showing "most important point"

the American Cops feel the same way?

Pfeiffer : If I kept over presentations in front of police officers and this Thesis have been represented, there were Whispers and debates. I was then told: "you in Europe... In us it is different, we must always be with the Finger on the trigger." The communication training for U.S. police officers* significantly less pronounced than in the us. The will to practice. And it is even better, because here in the near future, up to 40 percent in the case of the police be female. But the main point is: In the US, keep it three out of four Parents is right for your kids fighting , we have less than a quarter . If a child is beat, back beat it. Our police is less violent than in the United States.

Where crunches’s because in the German police system?

Pfeiffer : A weak point is in my eyes the problem determination procedure in the case of complaints against the police. In such cases, colleagues investigating colleagues next door. This is a very delicate task, and leads of necessity to a conflict . I would appreciate it if the Minister of the interior, the conference would appoint a working group of professionals to develop a better identification of the concept. In England, the colleagues are not in favour of this View is responsible. The investigators are in a special unit outside of the police area, and it is not the Minister of the interior. Say: You do not meet in the canteen at lunch, and is completely independent of what would be welcomed by the police hierarchy for a result.

racism in the police? Pfeiffer angry at esque - "hurts in the soul"

How is the cooperation between research and police?

Pfeiffer : This cooperation may not be tight enough. So, the AfD likes to point out, citing police data, the extreme frequency of homicide by asylum seekers . Since the police would have to explain yourself more, how your data contribute to misperceptions. It does too little. Of 100 asylum seekers who have been identified 2018 as a suspect of a homicide, have killed only six of the victims. 94 were registered for attempted killing. At 100 Germans were for the same offence but 23 dead bodies. Why? Again, the sticking point is the communication. Example: A man has beaten his opponents with a mass Krug solid on the head. For attempted manslaughter, he is questioned by the police. He is a German, he is everything, the police officers word rich realising that he's going to kill the victim, but only knocked out wanted to beat. His chances are quite good that he will only be registered in respect of dangerous bodily harm and the accused. An asylum seeker is silence in the police rather anxious. But then the risk is high that suspicion and indictment for a manslaughter offence to be maintained. And the AfD can dramatize citing police data more vigorously.

+ restrictions because of the Coronavirus police officers during a Demonstration in Munich.©dpa / Felix Hörhager

change the Subject: Are police officers more frequently to the right and racist than, for example, a tax consultant?

Pfeiffer : I disagree! Even if I am sure that in the Eastern länder more extremely the right of choosing officers as in the Western. Clearly, because the police is also a part of their population. And there is newly-elected right-wing than, for instance, in Bavaria. However, it is not right that my party comrade Saskia esque the impression that there is in our police very much racism. It hurts me in the soul, to listen to that nonsense. There is no reason to provide the police with such suspicion.

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