General policy speech of Jean Castex : what you should remember - The Point

the Fight against unemployment, stimulus, ecology, industry, separatism... the day after the televised speech of Emmanuel Macron, Jean Castex, new Prime ministe

General policy speech of Jean Castex : what you should remember - The Point

the Fight against unemployment, stimulus, ecology, industry, separatism... the day after the televised speech of Emmanuel Macron, Jean Castex, new Prime minister, gave on Wednesday his general policy speech to bring before the Assembly some details on the wishes of the executive. After having recalled the need to extend the port of the mask to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus leaves, Jean Castex has immediately addressed one of the issues on which it was very expected, that of the territories.

" Our first ambition, immense, will be to reconcile these France if different, the solder or resolder them ", he said. "France is the Republic. And it also is now shaken to its foundations by the coalition of his enemies : terrorists, extremists, complotistes, separatist, clannish, " added the head of government. A bill against separatism will be presented to the academic year, the "fight against islamism" still a " major concern ".

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The fight against unemployment, "top priority" of the government for the next 18 months

But, at the edge of an economic crisis of magnitude, the "absolute priority" of the government for the next 18 months will be the question of unemployment. He said that the "first emergency" will young, "the first to be affected by the crisis," and that a plan for youth " will be discussed Friday with the social partners ". The State put in place " an exceptional scheme of reduction of the cost of the work, up to 4 000 euros per year, for young people under 25 years of age, up to 1.6 times the minimum wage, in all companies, and for a period of at least one year ". In the public service, " all the job creation, which will be permitted by the draft finance law for 2021 will be affected, unless a justified exception, in the departmental services of the State, and none in the central government. This is a revolution ", said the head of government.

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To come to the aid of families and young, Jean Castex, has announced that starting next school year, meals university restaurants will cost 1 euro for scholarship students. "The allocation of back-to-school will be re-evaluated in an exceptional way from the beginning of September ", he adds, and " the plan poverty launched by the previous government will be continued and amplified in function of the evolution of the economic situation ", emphasized the head of government. "The national solidarity must continue to be used to the full, in order to avoid a major social crisis and the human dramas, the individual, disastrous. "The prime minister then stated to the Agency France-Presse that the appreciation would be 100 euros.

A plan of recovery-oriented industry and the environment

On the recovery plan discussed the previous day by the head of State, Jean Castex, drawing the outlines. This plan, however, should devote "more than 20 billion euros" to the thermal renovation of buildings, the reduction of emissions and support of " green technologies ". "The stimulus plan will propose to mobilize more than 20 billion euro for the thermal renovation of buildings, to reduce emissions from transport and our industries, to produce food more local and sustainable, to support the green technologies of tomorrow such as batteries, to better recycle and waste less ", a detailed Jean Castex, before the deputies. "It will provide for a significant amount, and unmatched for a bicycle plan to be very ambitious and formalized with the local authorities ", he added.

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in Addition to the struggle for the protection of the environment, the recovery plan will include € 40 billion allocated to the industry. The Prime minister, who said, "believe in green growth," but not "decreasing" (green, explained : "Our industry is weakened. [...] Today we are too dependent on our external partners, and not sufficiently present on some strategic sectors. We will dedicate, in the framework of the recovery plan, € 40 billion for this to change. "Six billion euros will also be allocated to the health system.

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The pension reform was "necessary" for Jean Castex

The pension reform, another topic highly anticipated – has been the object of an allusion from the head of the government. Jean Castex was deemed "necessary" to implement the pension reform universal points desired by Emmanuel Macron, but the distinguishing "very clear of any financial measure, sometimes referred to as" parametric ". "On pensions, the crisis invites us more than ever to pursue our goals towards a more just and equitable [...] This clearly implies the long-term disappearance of the special diet," said the head of government.

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Jean Castex, also announced on Wednesday that it will create from 2021 " of the judges of proximity in the territories ". Their mission will be to repress " the incivilities of everyday life." "In a lot of jurisdictions, petty crime, small incivilities, the tag, the insult, the little traffic [...] are developed to the point of ruining the daily life of the people. They are developed because, in the absence of judicial response, a form of impunity is installed ", explained the Prime minister.

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