Four potatoes for four people: Now begins for Tönnies-workers very Drama

About 3,000 Romanian and Bulgarian contract workers and contract workers of the company Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. A further 3000 in the area. An estimate of

Four potatoes for four people: Now begins for Tönnies-workers very Drama

About 3,000 Romanian and Bulgarian contract workers and contract workers of the company Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. A further 3000 in the area. An estimate of the number, because the official information there is not. One of these people is changed Dacian (Name of the editorial). He comes from Romania and has been working for about 5 years for the company Tönnies. Dacian is employed by a subcontractor.

Together with his wife and two other people he lives in an apartment in a collective near Rheda accommodation-Wiedenbrück. The German-Romanian cultural Association in Gütersloh, Germany, FOCUS Online came in contact with him. Marian Ionita, head of the Association, translated his answers, because Dacian speaks no English. Dacian feels clueless and insecure in Lockdown, because "I have to get up to now no news".

Three Corona-Tests: "But the results were not shown to me"

Dacian the results of his Corona-Tests of means. Three-piece he had to in the days since the scandal make. "But the results were not shown to me." Now he seats on the ignorant, and unable to act in its collective accommodation close to Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Because you are not allowed to leave the house, you would have received from the company Tönnies food sent. "Four onions and four potatoes for four people! As if we were animals“ - outraged the workers.

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From the subcontractor, in which he is employed, even more disappointed than of Tönnies. "My employer cares about me and helps me with nothing." Dacian is angry, also because of the working conditions. "I work from Monday to Saturday, ten hours a day and earn per hour just 9,15 Euro."

third in a mini-room, 320 euros per bed

If the Romanian contract workers will continue to work at the meat processor Tönnies, he does not know yet. "If I can be in the case of Tönnies employed, I'd work there. But not if I continue to stay with the subcontractors hired.“ Dacian is pleasure in his miserable Situation into something Good. The Romanian is hopeful, because he believes that can change as a result of the many public attention at last. "In the future, everything will be fine," he confident.

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sale, such as Dacians chic, there are many in the district of Gütersloh. The Konstantin Pramatarski, health scientist at the Caritas in Gütersloh-and-white. To life third the workers, therefore, often in a mini room, 320 euros will be withheld for the bed and 100 euros for the trips to work from the monthly wage. This is the reality of life for many people, he told the German press Agency. "The System of work contracts brings misery over the people," is Volker Bruges, jürgen, Caritas Board of Directors, in the district of Gütersloh.

Szabolcs Sepsi in Romania and will be responsible for the Tönnies-workers for the German trade Union Federation (DGB). In the "today journal", he reported Wednesday night, giving him the people of your current Situation in the Lockdown tell. "These apartments are not designed to ensure that you are staying there the whole time," said Sepsi. "They are designed to go to Sleep." Thus, it would appear that nine people will be staying in an apartment, at 30 degrees "as we will". It was "very problematic", so Sepsi.

Some of the Tönnies-employees in Germany

to leave Because the living conditions in the Collective centres is so miserable, many of the Tönnies leave-factory workers in Germany already. In Bulgaria, three from Germany have in the meantime been provided to our returning employees under quarantine. The mayor of the southwestern Bulgarian Belitsa, Radoslaw Rewanski said, on Tuesday evening, the TV channel bTV. The three Tönnies staff had been tested in Germany on the Coronavirus, but they are, as the Tests are failed, it said. "We're fine," said one of the men. "We have returned because we were afraid."

In the case of Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in the Kreis of Gütersloh had registered with the authorities in the past week, a massive Corona of the outbreak. There are more than 1550 of approximately 7000 employees were tested positive for the Coronavirus. In the districts of Gütersloh and Warendorf, among other things, severe contact restrictions apply now. The employees of Tönnies may not be out of the house - you are all under quarantine. Tönnies-workers revealed in the ZDF: "men have become sick and fallen down" FOCUS Online/Wochit Tönnies-workers revealed in the ZDF: "men have become ill and fell down"

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Updated Date: 25 June 2020, 13:26

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