Formula E: Audi fires Daniel Abt - small-loud apology after cheating | Multi-Sport

virtual race of the formula E was Daniel Abt, apparently, no desire, and therefore had a eSport professional ran. Therefore, he loses his Cockpit at Audi, in th

Formula E: Audi fires Daniel Abt - small-loud apology after cheating | Multi-Sport

virtual race of the formula E was Daniel Abt, apparently, no desire, and therefore had a eSport professional ran. Therefore, he loses his Cockpit at Audi, in the electric series.

The formula E held during the Corona-forced break virtual race of the pilots. Daniel Abt was cheating when run from the 23. May and left an eSport professional behind the wheel. For this he was suspended from his Audi Team. Now the small sounds of apology follows.

Update from 26. May 22.23 at : formula E drivers Daniel Abt has explained to his suspension from the Audi ways of cheating in the " Race at Home Challenge " his intentions and his behavior, regrets. "We have gone too far. I've made a huge mistake , to am I, and all of the consequences of carrying,“ said the Abbot in a 15-minute Video on Youtube. The 27-Year-old had in the fifth round of the E-Sports-series a Simracer for the ride , Audi Sport had suspended the Kempten-based company on Tuesday then.

Daniel Abt formula-E-driver-cheats - now he is sorry

When Training with other Simracern it came to this "funny idea, that a Simracer drives for me, of the shows the other real drivers what he can do and create the Fans of a funny Story." The son of the Owners of the racing team Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler Hans-Jürgen Abt stresses that it is never an Intention to allow another driver to take the wheel, "so I have a better result and a better look".

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furthermore, said the Abbot, that the idea in the public Stream was created and around 1000 people were there that had heard. " It was never my will, something to hide ." However, the execution of a funny idea wandered in a direction that would have dreamed of the Audi driver never, after the rule violation wandered also through the media.

Daniel Abt cheating at "Race at Home Challenge"

The penalty of 10,000 euros, the two-time winner of a world Cup race in the electric series "is done directly. We went to the allgäu workshops, a device which ensures that disabled people are mobile.“

The end of the video, the Abbot thanked him for the six beautiful years in which he had matured. Although he felt as if he could not drop deeper, "but I'm going to get up again."

Due to cheating in a virtual race - Audi-Team German racing pilot

first message from the 26. May, at 15.20 : Munich, Germany - the virtual Cockpit, he had vacated voluntarily, now Daniel Abt also must do in his real formula-E racer . After his failed dizziness when the fifth virtual disk of the electro-series, the 27-Year-old has been suspended from the Audi Team .

"integrity, transparency, and the permanent compliance with the appropriate rules have for Audi's highest priority," said the manufacturer on Tuesday. Abbot who has brought in since the Start of the formula E 2014 each race in the series and, so far, denied two victories, will start in all likelihood, never again Audi.

formula E: Audi Abt suspended - Sim-Racer drove instead of Audi-Pilot

Abbot had not disputed the races in the "Race-at-Home Challenge" last Saturday even, but let his cars from Sim-Racer Lorenz Hörzing (Austria) about the virtual course in Berlin-Tempelhof pilot. The Kempten-based company was subsequently converted to the formula E, and subsequently disqualified , he loses all previously gained points for the championship of the Challenge and need to donate 10,000 euros to a nonprofit organization.

Abbot had aroused suspicion because of his video camera during an interview was off, later, the face of the pilot of the subject was obscured.

formula E: Audi Abt suspended - Pilot excuse for the series and Fans

“I want to apologize to the formula E, all the Fans, my Team and fellow drivers for that that I have taken during the race on Saturday, outside help ,“ said Abbot on Sunday: “I have not taken it as seriously as I should have done it. I am aware that has made my Offense a bitter taste , but it was never meant maliciously.“

Abbot or Hörzing finished the race on rank three, the "inherited" after the disqualification of the former formula 1-Pilot Pascal Wehrlein (Worndorf).

the proceeds of The "Race-at-Home Challenge" the children's charity Unicef aid.

four-time formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel is soon without the Cockpit becoming more and more of the options has been shattered. In view of the imminent departure of Vettel* the German hopes rest mainly on Mick Schumacher, who could once land like his father at Ferrari.

Meanwhile, Vettel's current team-mate Charles Leclerc recalls a Meeting with Michael Schumacher. The formula 1* are anxious still to the early start to the season.

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Date Of Update: 27 May 2020, 00:36