For 39 Euro in the holidays: Why the cheap flight madness is, in spite of Corona more

we Now know that Corona is a Chance. The crisis is the opportunity to bring important measures in terms of environmental and climate protection on the way. This

For 39 Euro in the holidays: Why the cheap flight madness is, in spite of Corona more

we Now know that Corona is a Chance. The crisis is the opportunity to bring important measures in terms of environmental and climate protection on the way. This is especially true for the aviation industry. After all, the last months have shown us that the business meeting succeeds at the other end of the Republic or abroad with video conference very well. In addition, many have experienced the benefits of the holiday in their own country and don't want to jet off for a weekend across Europe. A real change in the air travel industry seems within reach. Enough with the cheap flights, so? Of due!

just yesterday, my colleague from his vacation came back. After a week on the Greek holiday island of Zakynthos, he flew back to Munich - one way with hand Luggage for a mere 39 euros. At the beginning of may Alexandre de Juniac, the Chairman of the international air transport Association, feared, hygiene measures, such as the Omission of a seat would be the ticket prices, it could become much more expensive. The reality of traveling with a Corona looks like, however, is quite different.

The trips are cheap, often even cheaper than before the crisis. While flights to popular holiday countries such as Spain are in the main holiday period of August, usually at least 200 Euro or more, you pay around 15. August for a Eurowings flight from Munich to Palma are only around 70 Euro. The German holiday airline Condor is advertised on the weekend with special savings offered with the name "mayflies". 55 euros to Ibiza, 39 euros for the flight to Corfu; and the part in the main travel time.

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Three reasons why flights are now rather cheaper than more expensive

But why is that? According to aviation expert Cord Schellenberg, there are three reasons for this.

1. Airlines can no longer data

"airlines can no longer schedule," explained Schellenberg to continue. "You can't rely on the data that you have collected in the past years". Holidays, events – the usual guarantors of a lot of passengers on certain routes - fall away in the future. This has a massive impact on the pricing policy of the Airlines.

Accordingly, the airlines were forced, for the time being, with a low test prices, how many passengers consider a flight. Because of the Numbers, which had previously determined flights and fares, they couldn't Orient themselves.

2. Air travel as an "introductory offer"

"And in order to fill the planes, you need to make the Airlines for cheap deals," says the aviation expert. "The people want to go and test again, to travel as it feels. So you are a kind of introductory offer. According to the Motto 'Try a little trip out'. And this offer must be attractively priced.“

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3. "Ultra-Lowcoster": cheap airlines makes the crisis less hard

"In the air travel landscape, the successful Lowcoster have at the present time, particularly money," explains Schellenberg to continue. "Airlines such as Ryanair and Wizz Air, especially in the Short and medium-haul flights on offer.!

While major airlines have a huge income through long-haul flights or business-distance travel in the Business Class accounted for, could return to the Lowcoster faster back to their usual business model: cheap flights within Europe.

prognosis: Even after the Corona people don't want to fly spontaneously and short

"I think, therefore, that Low-cost flights will disappear. This is a nice wish – but that is not the reality,“ says Schellenberg. The people were, in principle, to be spontaneous and flexible, also consider smaller trips. "That means that you want to fly for a visit with Relatives across Germany. You want to weekend to make trips. And it all comes back, people will again want to fly," says the expert. At least then, if a vaccine can give the people security. Not when you could rely on, after your trip is only two weeks in quarantine. The world is better than your bad news - FOCUS Online provides you every Friday with the best stories from the field perspectives. Subscribe here for free Newsletter:

It change is because of and in spite of Corona

We will also in the future for less than 100 euros to Mallorca can fly. This is not to say, however, that doing nothing in the aviation industry. There is change – not only because of but also in spite of the Corona.

The Lufthansa, for example, has already begun before the crisis in order, their fleet share. Old machines should be gradually phased out and instead, new, more efficient, fuel-saving and thus environmentally-friendly models are eingeflottet. Because old planes are no longer just operate in the Corona times economically, has intensified this fleet rejuvenation in the past few months.

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With the crisis, with lock downs and travel bans, the entire industry experienced huge financial slump. The airlines will not perish, should the rules of state aid in the framework of the EU rescue package. Thus, for instance, Lufthansa has already received a billion euros in funds, but only under the premise that ordered already, eco-detach-friendly machines to renew its fleet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The crisis brings the group to its fleet faster exchange, as he would have done it anyway – especially since in the next months and years, for the time being, less flights and therefore less aircraft are needed to get the air traffic to be maintained. "Prospects" in FOCUS Online

FOCUS Online, we see not only problems but also solutions. We do not hide what is bad – but we also show what is done, and how each Individual can make a contribution. We give people and ideas that contribute to addressing the individual and societal challenges. To tell these particular stories, we have formed the K-Team. K is a Constructive one. All the items of the K-team can be found under the heading "perspectives".

environmentalists do not demand less short – haul flights

This is an important step-is sufficient to environmentalists, however. Philip Bedall, Advisor for energy policy at the environmental Institute of Munich, declared: "The Lufthansa must be committed to a binding climate protection plan, which binds them to the 1.5 degree target of the Paris climate agreement."

The absolute emissions of the airline would have to radically decline. This includes both a ban on domestic and short-haul flights, as well as a reduction in the size of the fleets would be necessary.

the FEDERAL government recently put forward a Seven-point Plan for a "climate - and resource-saving air-traffic" in front. This calls on the Federal government to, among other things, to bring a new air traffic concept on the way – the last from the year 2017, did not contain any proposals for the protection of the environment.

in Addition, airlines should cooperate better with each other, in order to reduce the number of flight movements. Also dumping prices and ultra-short haul flights no longer should there be in the future, instead, these would have to be "on the Rail" shifted to the FEDERAL government.

Who offers cheap flights, you must also favorable

fly, Deutsche Bahn and Lufthansa announced to create in the future, more train-to-flight-deals – will not stop the Corona, the age of the short - range and cheap flights for the time being, however.

After all, the crisis provides but to ensure that companies like the Lufthansa deal increasingly with the issue of the protection of the environment - also because they have to. On the one hand, to be eligible for aid. And white on the other hand, for their own benefit, aviation expert Schellenberger

"What many often forget: If something is good for the environment, then this is usually also good for the airline." Many of the environmentalists demanded measures such as lower emissions would also. equally for the benefit for the aviation industry"Because the cost is usually less. Who wants to offer cheap flights, the need to finally fly cheap.“

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Date Of Update: 28 July 2020, 13:27

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