Football: TSV Farchant rises volunteer from the national League in the district League | TSV Farchant

TSV Farchant betting not more power with the upgrade in the hockey national League, and voluntarily goes back into the district League. The new class promises t

Football: TSV Farchant rises volunteer from the national League in the district League | TSV Farchant

TSV Farchant betting not more power with the upgrade in the hockey national League, and voluntarily goes back into the district League. The new class promises to be a more attractive opponent, more viewers. The coach of the club has also found – in one of the future rivals.

Farchant – We call once no Figures, because that would make the whole System of hockey at the bottom of the ambitious hobby area – just even more crazy look. Tell It to flow crazy amounts of money. In the national League, fifth from the top, second from the bottom, is broken out in previous years, a Armor fight that can be comparable to the great gold rush. Reasonably cheap import players promise quick success, so the climbs. The TSV Farchant – a country League has recently thought about whether he should participate after years of resistance, however. Then Andreas Maier, the team Manager, sums dished up. More than double the Budget of the club for four eligible additions needed. "Who should pay, especially in the present time?", asks Maier. The budget is maxed out, says John Pimiskern, the head of the Department. "So it's not", says Maier.

TSV Farchant back in the district League

Therefore, equips and increases the TSV Farchant. You heard that right. The TSV Farchant – the template for village clubs without (Semi-)professionals – back in the County League. On a voluntary basis. There is a season costs less than half. Expensive ice ages and time-consuming journeys to away fall away. In the past season, 36 Times, neighboring the middle of the forest played Farchant in the district League 16 Times.

The demotion has Pimiskern to the Association (BEV) sent. An answer to the question is. The saves-in-chief says: "This is the only way. We have the goal that hockey survived in Farchant longer.“ Whether or not the decision without Corona would have been different? Maybe, if it's not safe. With the pandemic hardly a variant of the B. A remained unsure of the future, and to calculate expenses hardly. The managers, the players asked. The all said, what to think athletes and feel: "We want to play in the highest League." But even more you want to keep your identity. A club with foreign professionals would not be in the sense of the TSV, which sprang from 2015 the merger, home hobby players. "This is a project for everyone," says Pimiskern, a member and founder of the revived team.

Four Pillars of the Teams TSV Farchant

Farchant has reached its natural Limit. Although coach Markus Jocher had they tackled three times per week, sometimes four times, hard, did not make it easy in the most round. There, the club met with the Pay-hack learning. "If you want to ahead of the game, you have to have paid players. Otherwise, reached the end of the flag pole,“ says Maier.

the history of the retreat, the loss of four Support heard. Maximilian Reindl and Florian Imminger – he goes to Peißenberg – accepted offers from the higher-class Teams. Sebastian Kastner, the captain and best player of the past season, to hear. With 36, you may find Maier. Still, a person he very much regrets: William Picotin-Mazet goes. The same very way. Because his parents are leaving the profession due to Germany, it pulls you back in to the home to Montreal, the son goes with. He was not canadian, he would have made the leap into the top League, of which Maier is convinced. "A great loss, athletic as a human." Maiers summary for all four outlets.

Christian Mayr new coach - Jocher coaches in the future U17 SCR

+ Christian Mayr, the new coach of the TSV Farchant in the district League.©Christian Fellner

The Rest of the new League. Self-Lorenz Mittermaier, former SCR-defender, remains. With him, other clubs had negotiated. Coach Jocher cared for in the future, the U17 of the SC Riessersee. "Wants to go his way," says Maier. The Ex-Pro has Farchant trained, as he was still a professional. "Markus was almost too much professional for this League," confirms Pimiskern. It is to be understood as praise. Jocher taught the Farchantern a tactic that is suitable for any opponent. The "Dead snake" was more: a theorem of the Jocher-hockey.

The Good news is that His successor, thinks in a similar way. Christian Mayr relies on discipline, appreciates the Defensive, even though he stormed in his best years at the loved one and for the SC Riessersee 24 goals in a top League season shot. Team Manager Maier had heard rumors from Austria. A club was interested in for the coach of the EV in mid-forest. Maier asked for. They agreed. Thus, the new leading Duo Pimiskern-Mayr is perfect. You make the decisions in consultation with the Executive Board, Maier says his opinion, if he is asked. From the Manager to the consultant. Has expected, he is not with this catch. "An absolute classic," he says. "A Farchanter for a Farchanter team."

coach Christian "Butzi" Mayr play in the Derby against Ex-Club

Excellent conditions for spectators Empire Derby with the middle of the forest, now the Ex-club from the "Butzi". No one expected 2000 spectators like in January 2016, but "significantly more" than last in the national League. This is one of the shadow sides of the fifth League. Many unknown enemies for too many home games, 18 in the last season. The Fan was sated. Starting in October, the TSV to the middle of the woods and Bad Bayersoien. "The sporty its appeal," says Pimiskern, can introduce appropriate Derby-actions. Maier proposes a new time. Back to Saturday night, 19 o'clock. How then, in the glorious district League year, which has made all others possible in the first place.

Updated Date: 09 June 2020, 15:34

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