Fight against abuse: Can save the brain protection in Germany children?

Already in the kindergarten, the age of the young in Sweden and Norway of teachers and educators will be encouraged to report if something is wrong at home; if

Fight against abuse: Can save the brain protection in Germany children?

Already in the kindergarten, the age of the young in Sweden and Norway of teachers and educators will be encouraged to report if something is wrong at home; if the mother or father drinking too much alcohol, or mischief. To prevent abuse, take Scandinavia for some years, especially those potential group of perpetrators to the visor that is often forgotten: the parents of the children.

Also in Münster miss his own family

The needed appears at first glance to be plausible. Statistics show that The most common scene of the crime for child abuse, the family is also in Germany. According to the Independent representative of the Federal government for issues of sexual child abuse, three out of four abuse find in this country, instead of cases in the family circle or in the social environment of the child, for example, by neighbours or people from institutions and Associations, the children and young people know well.

in the latest case of abuse of Münster, the mother of a ten-year-old son should have known that your life passed as a companion to him. Also the father of a five-year-old victim is under heavy suspicion.

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If your own parents need their children to miss, suffer Affected not only the probability that such cases may come to light, and the children helped, is also much lower than abuse by Strangers.

the proximity of The victims to the perpetrators, the patient will be fatal, you know, the Chairman of the Göttinger Verein "anti-abuse", Ingo Fock: "child abuse in the family is harder to detect, because the children have a loyalty relationship to your parents." Often the abuse as a kind of "family secret", about the not talking would. The suffering, it is for the children, unspeakable and often takes years.

parents are under suspicion: the children are asked about alcohol consumption by mom and dad

In Norway, the state Agency for child protection "Barnevernet tried" to prevent this suffering with a new approach. Since 2016, a pilot project is running in the administrative area of Oslo, a report by the online magazine telepolis that the name "children's brain protection"(Barnehjernevernet). The program builds on the knowledge of the concerned child psychologists that children who grow up under fear and Stress, renew fewer nerve cells than those who loved and fear free life.

in the kindergartens questionnaires are distributed, in which the Small minutely the behaviour of the parents surveyed, for example, whether you are angry, how much alcohol you drink and if you threaten their children. In collaboration with educators, teachers, Doctors and other professional groups that have contact with children, to find ways to understand children who can articulate their suffering, often non-verbally, but only by their behavior, the better.

On the Internet people to come and watch something, the possibility to apply anonymously to the Barnevernet. You are encouraged to report the slightest suspicion.

Norway's "brain protection"program: 15,000 children from families

brought to child protection activist Fock the Norwegian model is in principle a sensible approach. "Children, other people often try themselves in the day-care centre or school to communicate. However, many adults have lost the ability to listen to children and to believe them then, too.“

with the help of questionnaires and psychological Interviews in schools and kindergartens, one could think also in Germany, believes the jib. "Anonymous messages, I think, but not much, because here is a quick Form of the block warden mentality could arise."

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In fact, the number of SARS in Norway, with the introduction of the "children's brain protection"-has increased program. A total of almost 55,000 Times, the authority has intervened, according to official data, in the past year. In almost 15,000 cases, children and young people were taken temporarily or for the long term from the affected families – a high number for the 5-million-inhabitant country.

prevention or state-sponsored Kidnapping?

The Norwegian authority is now In the country and abroad in the criticism. Barnevernet involving deprivation of liberty right of parents much too quickly, and without valid reasons for the concern. Several of these cases were already treated to the European court of human rights in Strasbourg. The concerned parents speak of "state Kidnapping".

Also the respected Norwegian psychologist Einar Salvesen said in an Interview with "The Herland Report" last year that would not have developed in the Norwegian child protection totalitarian structures that serve the interests of the child, but with great suffering and the destruction of entire families, would have the effect of.

Sweden: Six Times as many children in Germany are from families

brought in neighbouring Sweden, which is considered to be child-friendly country in the world and has prohibited corporal punishment in the education of children in 1979 as the first state, engage the authorities very quickly if a suspicion of abuse exists. In comparison to Germany, six Times as many children under state care. Although the government interventions have also provided for international criticism, the statistics show that the number of children that come from domestic violence to death, drops.

custody deprivation: "With earlier Intervention we could save more victims"

Should intervene in Germany, too, earlier, and more children from families at risk get?

For the criminologists Martin save Berger is this question a Dilemma: "The more and the earlier you intervene, the more children will protect you, but the price is that you also have a growing number of cases in which you may have to early or unnecessary intervention."

Nevertheless, the Director of the centre for criminology believes that the Intervention threshold in Germany is relatively late. "Parents have a relatively long time, the opportunity, with your children in a way that I think, psychologically, extremely serious," says Berger Rescue in an interview with FOCUS Online. And: "With earlier intervention we could prevent, without a doubt, some of the victims."

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criminologist: "Nothing is so destructive as a cry for help, the question remains unanswered"

Despite all the allegations of the Scandinavian model shows, however, how important it is that children in schools and kindergartens psycho-logically trained contact person who can intervene in a suspected or actual case of abuse. "Nothing is so destructive as a cry for help, the question remains unanswered," says save Berger.

Germany had to do it now, to find a middle ground. Of prescribed questionnaires for pre-school children in Oslo, the criminologist does not hold much. "Not every Person with questionable consumption, is behavior, or abused his child," says save Berger.

"I would prefer it if instead, as many as possible Involved in the field of child and youth welfare as well as the (pre-)are school-based training, competent in dealing with the issues of abuse and ill-treatment, and affected children always have the feeling that there are helpers with an open ear."

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