Fear of the second wave: Covid-19-failure of Israel now relies on the Corona-Zar

the number of Covid-19 rises-Infected seemingly unstoppable and reached values last week, a new record. More than 2000 Neuinfizierte have seen the Israeli healt

Fear of the second wave: Covid-19-failure of Israel now relies on the Corona-Zar

the number of Covid-19 rises-Infected seemingly unstoppable and reached values last week, a new record. More than 2000 Neuinfizierte have seen the Israeli health authorities alone last Thursday. In Germany, which has about nine Times as many inhabitants as Israel, this figure was around 340. More than 470 people have died in Israel Covid-19.

"We have lost control of the pandemic", had to admit, the scientific chief Advisor of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Eli Waxman,. Israel is currently experiencing the worst civil crisis in its history, because its economy was hit by the crisis as hard as in hardly any other country. The unemployment rate is currently due to Corona at 22 percent. Thousands of companies had to file for bankruptcy. A further complete Lockdown would not cope with Israel, warned Waxmann more.

Israel fought a second wave with "the Lockdown light"

In the Dilemma between the Virus and the economic disaster the government on a "Lockdown light". Shops, shopping centres, open-air markets, hairdressers, libraries and museums need to remain closed – but only on the weekend. Meetings in closed rooms are limited to a maximum of ten people, in Free to 20 persons. A General output, as in April there is no lock, however.

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Nevertheless, the anger of many Israelis is great. It is directed against the Corona yaw rate of the Prime Minister. Actually, Israel was able to keep because of the early lock downs, and its rigorous policy of containment of the Virus actually a long time in chess. In February and March, Netanyahu warned with urgent words of caution, likening the Coronavirus even with the plague.

at the beginning of may then the Kehrwende: Because the case numbers are low, remained, were allowed to Restaurants, Bars, schools, and beaches open again. The Prime Minister said that the crisis is officially over, and encouraged his country people, there is even a "return to normalcy, drink coffee, have a beer, have fun." The receipt for the Opening in a rush, followed by the prompt: since may, the number of the Corona is increasing-Infected in Israel, steadily, at last so strong, that nothing more is left of the Image of the crises-Primus.

"Israel has understood the crisis incorrectly - as a Sprint and not a Marathon"

"Israel, the crisis has wrong - as a Sprint and not a Marathon, it is actually. The country is very started quickly and with full force in the virus battle, and then he ran out of air,“ says Gil Murciano in an interview with FOCUS Online.

The Israeli political scientist, has seen the Lockdown in his home for four months and believes that the inconclusive crisis policy of the government of Israel Corona-Chaos to blame. "Netanyahu's staff has no strategic Plan, his work is messy." As stated last week, for example, Restaurants would have to close because of the rising case. However, after the announcement of many restaurateurs to keep in mind, whether Netanyahu caved and took the arrangement of short-hand and back again, reported Murciano.

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Add to this that there are in Israel, unlike in Germany, no shoulder-to-shoulder between politicians and health experts, says Murciano. "The greatest trust in the crisis management enjoy in Israel historically, the military and the army to a limited extent. Doctors, epidemiologists, and health experts don't often find a hearing. The climate is tense.“

economic chaos: The people go on the streets - now it is Corona, the "Czar" to inform

The consequences of this Virus mismanagement, the citizens of Israel feel. Since weeks there are in the country protests against the head of government Benjamin Netanyahu and his Corona-policy. Thousands called at the weekend for his resignation and withdrew from his private Villa.

recover in the crisis, playful confidence back, puts Netanyahu on a "Corona-coordinator". After weeks of wrangling, has been appointed by his government to officially the head of the Tel Aviv Big hospital, Ronni Gamzu, as a Corona-representative of the country. Gamzu, who has become in the Wake of the crisis in the Israeli media for "Corona-Zar" will help "us defeat the Coronavirus," promised the head of government on Thursday.

The gynecologist, and former head of the Israeli Ministry of health will take overall responsibility for the Corona-testing, epidemiological investigations, as well as the quarantine policy. "According to the policy of Gamzu, we will make decisions about the lock downs and restrictions," said Netanyahu. And: "We will strive to prevent a complete Lockdown, but if it should be necessary, we'll do it."

warning sign for Germany: "In pandemic times, it needs a Integrator"

Whether the Corona is Zar, the Corona can stop disaster in Israel, however, uncertain. "It will depend on whether the agent gets a real political mandate and the necessary competences it will have," says Murciano. A former Director-General of the Ministry of health, which was supposed to be the Post of the Corona co-ordinator, in any event, had abgehlehnt shortly before Gamzus appointment for exactly these reasons.

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but The most worrying development of the Corona pandemic in Israel is not only the consequences of early loosening rate. The Virus-Chaos in the country is also an alarm signal for all those States, where the social and political shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight against Covid-to 19-loss threatens. "In pandemic times, it takes in any country in the long term, an Integrator that coordinates the interests and needs of the different groups, weigh and then make decisions," says political scientist Murciano. "And whether it is the Czar as in Israel, or an Institution such as the RKI in Germany, is in the end not decisive."

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