F*cke escapes the System - charges against Clan-Boss Rammo and the deportation

The traffic control of delivery is out of control. A Patrol Point to an illegal street went after the race in Essen. From the stopped car out of the front passe

F*cke escapes the System - charges against Clan-Boss Rammo and the deportation

The traffic control of delivery is out of control. A Patrol Point to an illegal street went after the race in Essen. From the stopped car out of the front passenger yelled at through the lowered window of the police officers. Jamal Rammo, influential Lebanese Clan size in the Ruhr metropolis, raged, as an official told him that the car will be confiscated. Angry, he rose, turned threat in front of the guards. Rammo screamed, only he will decide alone what to do with the car. He also made it clear that he knew the police officers personally. You should ensure the vehicle will pay for this "favour".

Can-Boss is said to have threatened court witnesses.

The incident in November 2018, according to FOCUS-Online-information part two of the current charges against the 45-year-old Lebanese. In doing so, serious robbery, dangerous bodily injury, insult of police officers. "My client will fight decisively against unjustified allegations," stresses Benecken his lawyer Burkhard. "I think that Mr. Rammo's innocent."

The Prosecutor's office sees it differently. In two cases, the man is said to have threatened a court witness in order to bring him to Silence. In the summer of two years ago, the head of the family will main have studied one of his sons from a process due to injury before the local court of Oberhausen. In the court hallway Jamal Rammo discovered, therefore, the leniency of the prosecution. In Rage, he should be shown according to prosecutors, the man with the flat of the Hand on the chest and beaten: "I'll get You." As the so-Threatened in the court room was established, he could remembered nothing more.

the Rhine and Ruhr rail are considered to be Clan-Hotspots

The case shows once again how criminal branches of the Kurdish-Arab families, the state, duping makes. The Rammo Clan made mainly in Berlin headlines. Since the spectacular theft of the 100-kg Maple Leaf gold coin from the Bode-Museum. Raids on cash vans burglaries in savings banks, followed, in Wild-West manner. Deadly baseball attack on a rival or money-laundering in a big way through the purchase of real estate, Corona-emergency aid-dizziness - always the criminal determine tracker against members of the Rammos.

Long ago, but the NRW branch of the clan turns the police according to the findings in their own thing. Above all, Jamal Rammo and his people. The Drohpotenzial plays a role. The large family has in the Ruhr area over a far smaller staff resources in comparison to the Clans of the Omeirats, Saado, or the El-Zein. Conflicts occur, you have to call to the aid of troops from the Federal capital. This is what happened at the beginning of July 2019 in the case of a Clan-feud, which should ultimately simple is a kind of justice of the peace. The appointment in a Shisha-flanked Bar, about 30 envoys of the Rammos from the river Spree.

For years, the Rhine and the Ruhr ranks as one of the nationwide clan hotspots. So criminal family members have committed according to the situation of the land criminal police office of NRW from the year 2018, approximately 14.225 offences between the Rhine and the Weser. A total of 6449 suspected persons were identified. Two-thirds of them come from Lebanon or from Turkey, a third has a German passport.

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Jamal Rammo: His criminal record is one of the 28 entries

In the Clan-Orbit only the family, an ultraconservative, Islamic macho world of honor, blood feuds and archaic rules, in addition to Verdicts by the so-called "peace judges" the fortunes of determine. The judiciary, police, state rules and laws hardly play a role.

Jamal Rammo has for years, the justice. 28 entries on his criminal record. The family should be involved in the drug trade. Robbery, extortion, theft and violent crime are also on your account. Currently, a number of investigative procedures continue. So the Boss is suspected social assistance fraud in five-digit height.

in fact, Jamal Rammo is, according to the Prosecutor's office as the owner of the hookah Bar "Chocolate", which officially runs through one of his sons. During a search of the family apartment, investigators discovered a file folder with sensitive business documents over the possession of the estates of the "Chocolate". Also found in tin cans more than 12,500 Euro. A lot of money for a family that has lived since the years of Hartz IV.

Rammo with his brother to revenge his

broken up By many media of the RAID went on Rammos son in June 2019. Feuding clan of gangsters to have lured the 18-Year-old in an ambush. There, they beat up their victim and made a Video of the Assault and into the net.

The reaction was not long in coming. According to the indictment, Jamal Rammo supposed to be broken up together with his also times convicted brother and his sons for revenge. Accordingly, the family Gang went on 1. July 2019 to clan members of the Omeirats los. A belt whistled down, one of Jamal's sons pulled a telescopic rod and beat an adversary. A mass brawl took place which was held by a large police detachment to an end.

On the 29. July is supposed to have begun hunting members of the Saado family. The Persecuted are said to have been involved in the Playground-RAID on the Rammo-son. The retaliatory action began with an attack on Essen, the goose-market. With a black blade and a son, Jamal Rammos should have followed his fleeing target. He should have shouted: "I'll kill You." So it is in the investigation files.

Rammo is said to have called police officers "bastard son" and "freeloaders"

the next day, a roll command of the Rammos should have attacked your opponent with knives, iron rods, and square timber. Here, too, the police prevented worse. Shortly thereafter, Jamal Rammo said at the Department that the opposing side had attacked first, with knives and machetes and his boys just defended. The accusers have serious doubt in the representation. dpa funeral in the Clan Milieu

A policeman is said to have insulted the intensive offender as a "bastard son" and "freeloaders", because of this wanted to quit a noisy new year's eve party in the "Chocolate" at three in the morning. At the same time he made according to the prosecution, clearly, that he wanted to hear a Clan and continue to "commit crimes".

As the four alleged attackers were left to his son, provisionally free, foamed-in of the Clan Boss in the courtyard of the Essen police headquarters, allegedly: "I fuck you all, I fuck the System." The tantrum ended, therefore, with the sentence: "We will now take into their own hands."

In December 2019 wandered the Clan Boss temporarily in pretrial detention. Just two days after his release in January 2020, he went again to the police. For Rammo suffered because of attempted coercion of six months without parole.

a Variety of obstacles to Deportation

The case is reminiscent of those of the Clan-the godfather Ibrahim, Miri. The Bremer head of the Miri-clan, a criminal record for drug trafficking, loose, was for a long time as the States. Although everyone knew that he came from Lebanon, there is no identity papers. The authorities in Beirut showed no interest in their criminal citizens back. A common behavior of other States from the Arab and North African region. In the case of Miri managed by a single action of the Federal police to obtain President Dieter Romann in Beirut, the spare papers, and to bring him to his home.

In the Causa Jamal Rammo, the question is not. Beirut born, he was a Lebanese citizen, however, obstacles to Deportation exist. Rammo has a permanent residence permit. According to prosecutors, the Clan size is married in accordance with Islamic law and the father of seven children.

Clan-man is considered "factual residents"

Although his adult sons already fill some of the criminal acts. However, three of the offspring are still underage and have a German passport. No court would accept a card of notification by the city of Essen in front of this Background. The legislature always requires the so-called "designation of interest" against the stay will be considered. The latter weighs in legal terms is particularly difficult, "if the foreigner possesses a settlement permit and German family members has".

in Addition, the basic law provides special protection status for marriage and family. In this respect, Rammo is considered "factual residents". The hurdles for expulsion, with the consequence of deportation are with him are extremely high. "I fuck the System," roared the burly Clan chief. And with this sentence is not wrong. "Self-blame": German tourists expect debt with the ball on the man-hosts from FOCUS Online "Self": German tourists expect the ball to man-of hosts from

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