Ex-generals and high-ranking Republicans: The open revolt against Donald Trump

for Days, the US President Donald Trump called for a tougher crackdown against the country's ongoing protests. In his speech in the rose garden of the White ho

Ex-generals and high-ranking Republicans: The open revolt against Donald Trump

for Days, the US President Donald Trump called for a tougher crackdown against the country's ongoing protests. In his speech in the rose garden of the White house on Monday a week ago, Trump, the use of the military against the "acts of domestic terror" was threatened. Since then, there has been a storm of criticism for the President. And that comes from within its own ranks.

On the weekend, several former high-ranking Republicans have joined the same to the General horror of Trumps dealing with the protests after the violent death of George Floyd. First of all, Colin Powell.

"Trump has been removed from the Constitution,"

The former Four-star General after his Retirement from 2001 to 2005, U.S. Secretary of state in the first term of President George W. Bush. "We have a Constitution and we follow this Constitution. And the President has removed from this," said Powell, on Sunday in the CNN talk show "State of the Union". He was also proud of the number of generals, which had been positioned against Trumps Statements.

at the same time, Powell referred to Trump as "dangerous for our democracy, dangerous for our country." Trump "is lying about things, and he gets away with it because people bring him to justice."

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Powell said, already in the election of 2016, not for Trump, but for its competitor to have Hillary Clinton voted for in the upcoming election and again on the side of the Democrats to face up to. He was Biden's Challenger to Joe, both on a social, as well as on the political level, very close to, told the 83-Year-old on Sunday (local time) and confirmed: "I'm going to vote for him."

Trump responded angrily via Twitter on Powell's statements and referred to the broadcasting station of the Interviews as a "Fake News CNN". In addition, Powell was in his political time, "weak" and have given "each and every any kind of concessions."

George W. Bush turned to

Powell's is not the only once high-ranking Republicans, which seems to have a Trump, in the meantime, lost for sure. According to a report in the "New York Times" not to support Ex-President George W. Bush's re-election Trumps.

AFP PHOTO/Luke FRAZZA, former US Secretary of state Colin Powell and Ex-President George W. Bush in July 2003

in addition to Bush, the other three living former presidents - all Democrats - to word expressed with Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. All four criticized in position, the continued increased inequality and the disadvantage of being Black in the United States. For all the criticism of the government of Trump with sounds.

The example of Bush and Powell to follow, according to the report, the "New York Times" also Cindy McCain, widow of the 2018 deceased Republican Senator John McCain. It is, therefore, almost certain to vote in the forthcoming election for Biden. Also, Republican Senator Mitt Romney-himself a former candidate for the presidency, has returns Trump the back. Instead, he'll think of to write at the election the name of his wife on the note.

Romney made already in the beginning of the year with his stance against Trump's attention, as he was the first Senator in the history of the United States in an Impeachment proceedings against a President of his own party. Now he expressed at the weekend in solidarity with the Protesters in the current debate and posted on Twitter pictures, which show him at a "Black Lives Matter" demonstration in Washington, D.C.,.

Ex-Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice calls the "language of unity"

On Sunday (local time) reported also of state Condoleezza Rice from 2005 to 2009, the successor to Colin Powell as U.S. Secretary of state under George W. Bush, to the ongoing debate. Rice, the first African-American woman had the office of the Secretary of state held, invited Trump in the CBS news broadcast "Face the Nation" to "speak in a language of unity and empathy" with the population.

Kamran Jebreili/AP/dpa Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of state of the United States, at a trade show in November 2019.

Trump should start, as President, to speak to every American, and not only to those who agree with him in his opinion, Rice added. At the same time, the 65-Year-old advised the President to leave the Twittering for a long time, and "to talk to all of us to engage in a conversation with us."

Ex-Minister of defense of Mattis: "Angry and appalled" by the

Already last week Wednesday (local time), broke Ex-Minister James Mattis to be Silent. Mattis led for two years the Ministry of defence under Donald Trump, worked closely with the President. However, he resigned in 2019 because of disagreements with Trump from his Post.

First of all, the 69-kept-Year in relation to the protests covered. On Wednesday, he described Trump in an article for the U.S. magazine "The Atlantic" but as a "splitter". The events of the last week had him left "angry and appalled" by the back.

Reuters/Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP/Reuters former US Secretary of defense James Mattis criticizes Trump violently.

Trump was the first President, of the he experience, of the not sought to of a the country, but for the past three years, attempts to split the country, more wrote Mattis. He described the Trump desired use of the military against the protests in the country as unnecessary error. "At home, we should use our military only very rarely, if it is requested by the governors of the States," wrote Mattis said in a statement. The use of armed forces against civilian protests threaten to provoke a conflict between the population and the military, he warned.

"Need to take a closer look, who calls, we will select"

The ongoing protests throughout the country have brought tens of thousands of citizens peacefully on the streets and should not be of violence, some law-breakers to be overshadowed, Mattis in Writing. "We need to gather behind a common goal. And that starts with the guarantee that we are all equal before the law,“ explains Mattis.

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he jumps with John Kelly, another Ex-companion Trumps. Kelly worked from July 2017 to January 2019 as the chief of staff of the White house with the US President.

"I agree with him," said Kelly in a Livestream Interview with Anthony Scaramucci, addressed to the statements of Mattis, and added: "I think we need to look in more detail who we choose."

generals had to go to the barricades

last week, the former chief of staff, Mike Mullen, shocked, and Trumps government sharply criticized. He sees the American basic values are threatened. He had held back before, to refer questions to the leadership of President Trump position. But the USA are at a turning point. The events of the past weeks made it impossible to be silent.

Four-star General John Allen, between September 2014 and October 2015, the special representative of the United States for the Anti-IS Alliance, wrote in the magazine "Foreign Policy": The President had failed to show sympathy, empathy, compassion, or understanding – things that the Nation of the Person's need in the highest office now so badly.

U.S. soldiers delight protesters, by with them, "Macarena" dancing PCP US soldiers delight demonstrators by The reactions followed with them, "Macarena" dance

on the announcement of Trumps to deploy 1,600 soldiers in Washington, D. C. station, in order to keep the protests under control. This Plan also dozens of former defence politicians of the United States opposite sides of. In a guest article in the "Washington Post" referred to the measure, not only as unnecessary but also as absolutely unwise.

"are The members of our military at any time willing to serve for the security of our country. But they should never be used to violate the rights of those who protect you have sworn“, the end of the post, which was signed by a total of 89 former defence politicians and military officers – including Leon Panetta, Chuck Hagel and Ashton Carter, three of the Ex-Minister of defense – under.

Minister of defense Esper against Trump

This requirement also supports one of the closest associates Trumps Secretary of defense Mark Esper. Esper rejects the use of the military against the protesters directly, strictly and against its President. Such an approach should only be the "last resort" in a "most urgent and extreme the Situation" – and in such a you would not are in the US currently, said Esper.

Reuters/Alex Brandon/AP/Reuters U.S. Secretary of defense Mark Esper.

Trump responded on Sunday and withdrew the national guard from Washington, D.C., again. At the same time he's threatening, however, so that the troops could quickly be re-enabled. The critics from its own ranks, he is likely to hardly on his side pulled.

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