European summit – Macron on the frugal : I have no mind grief - The Point

"This is not perfect, because the perfect world does not exist," says Emmanuel Macron at the end of the summit marathon that has ratified a recovery plan of €

European summit – Macron on the frugal : I have no mind grief - The Point

"This is not perfect, because the perfect world does not exist," says Emmanuel Macron at the end of the summit marathon that has ratified a recovery plan of € 750 billion and a european budget of 1 074 billion over seven years. In a press conference alongside chancellor Merkel, the head of the State considers that the price to pay to find this compromise (10 billion rebate in addition to the netherlands, Sweden, Austria and Denmark and cuts in community-based programs) was worth it.

" We're going to change the lives of our fellow citizens for this european solution. This is for me the most important. So I have no spirit grief in this regard, " he says, leaving aside the tensions that have marked the four-twenty-twelve hours of a historic summit. For the first time in their history, Europeans are going to go into debt to battle an economic crisis without precedent since the Second world War. At the origin, the countries said frugal didn't want to hear talk of a common debt.

One always learns from the other in these conflicts.

" We have design differences, we have differences sometimes, of philosophy, of representation of the world, he said, including within the political family of the liberals, including the Dutch Prime minister Mark Rutte is another great figure. And so you need to know patching things up, this is what we had, with Angela Merkel, the feeling of doing. [...] You always learn from others in these conflicts, in these discussions, in these controversies. But we arrive at a solution. "

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The country frugal have come to accept – and reduce – the principle of subsidies, of which the largest share will return to Italy and Spain, two countries in which they have little confidence. "I don't want to under-estimate the way that they did, pointed out the head of the French State. A way political, sometimes philosophical, and personal, and with lots of sincerity. [...] People come to you, they accept a principle which was not their own. It is necessary to compensate [...] by accepting a principle that is not yours. We have to do to give access to certain mechanisms in a country, we have to do to find a compromise on the governance, and at other times it translates into money, by the money. At the bottom, the money, that's what. A mechanism of barter that allows, at a given moment, that two people build in the exchange, that's it. "

The balance within the european Union has changed.

Suspicious, Mark Rutte has placed particular emphasis on the governance mechanism of the eu funds in order to monitor more closely what the Italians, the Spaniards, the countries of central Europe, even the French, would be of european subsidies. "At the beginning, I thought to myself, "are we going to get there ?" says chancellor Merkel. We worked there day and night, with a lot of creativity, with tenacity, and it is managed. Thanks to this, we can have a little hope and courage for the path that is before us. "The Netherlands has waived unanimously. The money will be released by a decision of the Council by a qualified majority. A State or several may, however, apply to the Council in the event of slippages recorded in expenditure execution.

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" The balance within the european Union has changed after the exit of the Uk, finds Angela Merkel. If we think about the financial perspectives 7 years ago, at the time, David Cameron has played an important role. Britain is no longer there, other countries occupy the front of the stage. He will have to learn to live with this dynamic. "

The head of the French State has explained in detail the mechanism of solidarity put in place : the States most affected by the economic crisis, will receive a grant which will therefore be greater than their contribution to the european budget. They will reimburse that in due proportion to their share in the GDP of the 27. It is in this way that one can speak of a mechanism for the transfer of the countries with the best healthy towards the countries most weakened. "It is a real function budget that Europe needs to become (a) geopolitical power and to also consolidate the euro as a true international currency," he stressed.

Disappointment of the european Parliament

On the taxes assigned to the eu budget to repay this great debt, the chancellor did not conceal that he was still " work to do ", even if Europe has made " a first step ".

the enthusiasm of The franco-German tandem is not shared in the european Parliament that is concerned about cuts in the european budget in the long term. "The" europhoriques " of the day will be for sure much more discrete when it is necessary to explain the cuts are substantial in the agricultural policy, Erasmus + or the research programmes and the quasi-abandonment of ambitions in security and defence ", tweets, bitterly, mep LR-EPP Arnaud Danjean.

After the summit, the european Parliament plans to meet in executive session on July 23. Charles Michel, the president of the Council, will be invited to come and present the recovery plan. Outside of the nationalist group ID (RN, League...), all the groups have decided to work on a common resolution. The bargaining team budget to the Parliament wishes to achieve improvements before the final vote, expected in November, by which it adopts or rejects the budget in the long term, without amendment.

Updated Date: 21 July 2020, 05:33

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