Eric Ciotti : We are facing a Watergate français - The Point

Eric Ciotti, mp (RL) of the Alpes-Maritimes, quaestor of the national Assembly, and the current rapporteur of the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the pan

Eric Ciotti : We are facing a Watergate français - The Point

Eric Ciotti, mp (RL) of the Alpes-Maritimes, quaestor of the national Assembly, and the current rapporteur of the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the pandemic of Covid-19, reacts to the revelations at the a-Point this week on the new case of eavesdropping. According to our revelations, the public Prosecutor national financial conducted secretly of the investigations to the search of a mole sarkozyste within the judiciary French. Lawyers were spied upon, and phones location-based. This survey, sleeping for two and a half years, from the end of 2016 to march 2019, has finally resulted in a classification without continuation in December of the same year.

The Point : How do you react to the revelations of the investigations parallel justice for Nicolas Sarkozy ?

Eric Ciotti : such revelations are at once outrageous and extremely worrying. Dozens of lawyers, among the most prominent of our country, and their clients have been monitored by the public Prosecutor national financial in a procedure which is like a grudge against Nicolas Sarkozy. Who can imagine such a practice in France ? One rather expects to find in authoritarian regimes, not in the homeland of Montesquieu. Of such assets to be deployed in a matter that is eminently political shows that Nicolas Sarkozy is not a citizen like the others. He applies a treatment against manifest using disproportionate means, his lawyers have been spied upon and elements to discharge deliberately hidden. For some, it seems that all the shots are allowed to achieve a political target. It is very far from a treatment and of a justice that is fair. We are facing a Watergate French.

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Le Parquet national financier a-t-he overstepped his power ?

I believe it. Since its creation by François Hollande, the feeling is extremely unpleasant that the opponents of the government are consistently high-priority targets. With regard to the relatives of the Prince, they have the benefit of a surprising leniency. Today the urgency is absolute, it is necessary to take out the policy of justice. It is our democracy that is weakened by the poison of suspicion. The question of the removal of the PNF arises so the motivations of its founding by François Hollande are suspicious.

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Are we in a new case of hacking ? Similar in nature to that revealed under François Mitterrand ?

It looks great.

In fact, this is not the executive power, as under Mitterrand, but the magistrates who listen ? Does it really matter to political scandal ?

intrusive procedures against lawyers are strictly supervised in our country. The legal procedure that allows the tapping of a lawyer in a manifestly been diverted, it requires to inform the president and state the reason. This diversion has been motivated politically .

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After the case Fillon, the case of Sarkozy ?

Since 2012, and the election of François Hollande, the former president of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy and his Prime minister François Fillon have had a real hard politico-judicial, then they represented a major risk to the power of the socialist and macroniste. In the case of Fillon, the revelations of Mrs. Crook are of the utmost severity, they must be now the subject of a criminal investigation. I request for this to the keeper of the seal and referral to the judicial inspection service to make the truth about these procedures outside the norm. No citizen is above the law, but Nicolas Sarkozy and François Fillon does not have to be below the laws.

writing will advise you

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