Environmentalists warn of the Pink Lady - what your Apples should look out

Pink Lady Apples today, there are in almost every supermarket: you always have the same color, always the same taste, are always crunchy and always spotless. F

Environmentalists warn of the Pink Lady - what your Apples should look out

Pink Lady Apples today, there are in almost every supermarket: you always have the same color, always the same taste, are always crunchy and always spotless. For this, they cost a little more than other Apple varieties. Actually, it is a Pink Lady but not a variety of Apple, but rather a registered trademark .

Pink Lady in review: Apple as a Lifestyle product

With elaborate Marketing campaigns Pink power Lady advertising for the "unique Apple", which is a "Partner for physical Fitness and well-being". The really Unique thing about the Apple, but rather the concept behind it:

  • Club : Pink Lady is probably the most famous club in places. That is to say, the Apple-farmers need to be to join a Club, paying license fees and to get prescribed, how big and red Apples, reports Greenpeace.
  • dependency : Many of the Apple farmers with the cultivation of Cripps Pink, Pink Lady, depending on the "International Pink Lady Alliance" behind the brand. Because you need to purchase the Apple trees are expensive and undertake to deliver the Apples at a fixed price only to the Pink Alliance. Yard-sales or co-operation with supermarkets are not allowed to the farmers. The risk of crop failure must be borne by you.
  • cultivation area : Cripps Pink is mostly imported from southern Europe and South America. Therefore, the brand Pink Lady also has a lower carbon footprint than German Apples in season and the beginning of the storage. the Domestic Apple farmers have, therefore, nothing of the demand for Apples – on the contrary: they remain on their Apple places to sit or get only little money for it.
  • breeding : The Apple tastes sweeter than other Apples and is presented in advertising as a healthy Alternative to sweets. Specifically, this means: for the acid and brown Bodies responsible polyphenols are only contained in small amounts. They have good properties: they can bind to allergens and to make the Apples as for Apple Allergy sufferers better tolerated. New varieties such as Pink Lady are not eligible for Apple Allergy sufferers, however, is the question. The old varieties are better for you and will even strengthen the immune system and against chronic diseases such as rheumatism help, reported the ZDF.
  • Marketing : With major campaigns to the advertising of the Pink Lady praises Apples as a very healthy and even building their own Online Community around this Hype. There are even extra Apples for children – the PinKids.
the Pink Lady in the Öko-Test in criticism

Pink Lady is a Designer Apple with problems that are present also in the strain : The cross of Golden Delicious and Lady Williams makes the Apple indeed look appetizing and taste good. However, "the genetic narrowing of the susceptibility to Apple diseases and pests ," says Greenpeace.

in addition, If the farmers are not spraying the Apples, show you can quickly scab – a typical modern Apple disease. To prevent this, farmers use massive pesticides and other chemical sprays.

The residues of these agents with food to the customer: "Öko-Test" has Pink Lady Apples, and traces of three pesticides detected, including a particularly questionable pesticide. The experts of the consumer magazine therefore recommend organic Apples.

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variety from

The variety behind the Pink Lady is almost always "Cripps Pink". It is a genetic and optimized for efficiency breeding from Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. All the people buy only a variety that can be grown any other varieties of apples and more. the The plant varieties and seeds, so lost .

This is a problem because of the varieties, then difficult to develop such robust varieties of Apple to win as a result of climatic changes. There used to be about 3000 varieties of apples, many of which are already gone.

Stefan Eschek from the Federal office of plant varieties explained in the ZDF: "fruit growers, the not Club-varieties to grow (...) earn less money, get financial problems and then maybe the larger companies bought out and then everything just with club varieties planting and at the end, then, are there not more varieties, but only three or four varieties on the market".

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you will find better Apples:
  • Buy Apples directly from the local farm shops or at the weekly market. Applicable also to Apples with frost damage or other cosmetic defects, because they taste good.
  • question in the case of fruit farmers, according to ancient Apple varieties. So you can contribute to the diversity of varieties. Also clubs like VERN, or the Noah's ark dedicated to the preservation of rare and old varieties.
  • On many of the orchards you can pick your own Apples. You may have a few blemishes, but are free of chemical pesticides. Usually it is also old varieties of Apple.

Grouped : Under the brand name "Pink Lady" are flawless-looking Apples on the shelves. They come from Apple orchards in South America and southern Europe, which are trimmed for efficiency. This Apple-intersection is prone to diseases and pests. Therefore, many chemical pesticides are necessary, with the tracks still on the Apples, find.

Apple farmers have to pay license fees to, get trees and pre-set purchase prices and are not allowed to sell their Apples to other customers. Due to the large demand for a particular variety and other varieties of apples are grown and the variety is dwindling.

This article was written by Sven Christian Schulz

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