EU summit to Corona-aid postponed to Sunday

budget-summit, the last three days, in the case of the European Union is the rule rather than the exception. Since this time, the combination of a Seven-year bu

EU summit to Corona-aid postponed to Sunday

budget-summit, the last three days, in the case of the European Union is the rule rather than the exception. Since this time, the combination of a Seven-year budget, and Corona reconstruction Fund, with a record sum of 1.8 trillion euros, it is no wonder that an agreement is difficult. The senior EU diplomats in Brussels, who still remember the legendary summit of nice in 2000, which was extended to spent four days of my.

That summit-Chairman, Charles Michel, has postponed the summit, now on Sunday, so it is nothing out of the ordinary, but rather shows that Michel has hope to get the 27 interests of the heads of state and government under a hat. The not worked out in about a week, the next special summit is due. "The problems would be the same, so we can try it now", said EU diplomats.

compromise proposal initially fell by

On the second day of the summit ascent summit-Chairman, Charles Michel, and the current President of the Council of the EU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a new compromise paper submitted. Both the economical Four (the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Austria) as well as the Main beneficiaries of the structural funds (Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece) wanted to meet.

The whole day was negotiated in individual discussions and work groups, discarded in a fight. Michel and Merkel proposed to reduce the amount of subsidies in the build-up Fund from 500 to 450 billion euros. Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian saw the Short "steps in the right direction", but also still a lot of negotiation work.

Sweden reacted according to Italian media with a counter-proposal. On behalf of the savings depositor of seed-Net, Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lövfen proposed 300 billion Euro as a grant. This prompted the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte a Video to publish on the Internet, in which he is wroth with, the dispute was not over by any means and a solution is not tangible. He accused the Netherlands to block. By the Dutch Premier, Mark Rutte, demanded right of Veto over the use of grants in the recipient countries, Conte refused. Controls, Yes, so the Conte, but only with Majority voting, without Veto.

The intermediary Michel and Merkel try to settle the dispute with an "emergency brake", a new and complicated voting procedure that looks like a Veto, but actually none is.

Unresolved issues for the third summit day

A number of other questions are still open: what are the discounts for the net contributors should be on your posts? The criteria according to which the Corona is to be distributed-building AIDS? What cuts will there be in the regular budget of the EU, should be for the next few years, nearly 1.1 trillion euros?

it is also Unclear how a Review of the rule of law can be coupled in the EU-countries with the budget. Poland and Hungary are opposed to the formula "money against the rule of law" as a notorious sinner in this area. The Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, who was pushed from the summit-in-chief, Charles Michel, in a single conversation on the breezy rooftop terrace of the Council building, even threatened with a Veto.

The Sunday, the third day of the summit ascent, to bring a fresh revised proposal, now the solution. A compromise must still be approved by the European Parliament. Because of the for the first time provided for common, Blame the EU this time, all 27 member States must ratify the decisions. Since the national parliaments are asked. Surprises are not excluded.

the last stage

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen pushes the pace. She wants to bring the budget necessarily, in July, under one roof, so that the money can flow at the beginning of next year, really. You said at the beginning of the summit, the risks but also the opportunities have never been greater. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron warned, it is not only about money, but about the "hour of truth", the future of Europe.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the longest-serving head of government in the Brussels round is already on your third Marathon session for a Seven-year budget part, was not very optimistic. "We have to work hard", she gave her colleagues on the way. From the German Delegation, it was in the evening, there is a broad willingness among the member States to find a solution. "It cannot yet be said whether it is tomorrow (Sunday) is a solution," said a German EU Diplomat.

And if it does not work this Sunday, then maybe Monday? A further extension would be difficult, he says an EU Diplomat, because of the large meeting room S2 in the Europe building, where the summit is in session, is to be awarded on Monday already. Then there is the 27 agriculture Ministers of the EU - money for the Agarsektor and upcoming reforms.

author: Bernd Riegert

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Updated Date: 18 July 2020, 20:26

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