E-cars are supposed to usher in change in Mobility for success we need more than charging stations

shops open, the streets fill slowly and physical Meetings to take again. Looking back at the Corona Shutdown, the mobility was limited, and the electricity supp

E-cars are supposed to usher in change in Mobility for success we need more than charging stations

shops open, the streets fill slowly and physical Meetings to take again. Looking back at the Corona Shutdown, the mobility was limited, and the electricity supply was always guaranteed. We have noted: It is also a home.

in Front of the door have changed, but some things, such as the increasing migration on the bike. Spontaneous bike were widened trails or in the wind set up. In addition, the Federal government continues with its new stimulus package heavily on E-mobility. Thus, both the current buyer's premium for electric with the aim of increasing cars as well as the charging infrastructure will be expanded. Is the turn of another important step in the direction of Mobility. And where does the electricity come from?

About the guest authors:

Ralf Peter, head of mobility and logistics in the VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik), as well as Department head of Mobility in the organization for standardization VDE DKE. Florian Regnery is a project Manager for E-mobility and network operation in the VDE FNN, where the power grids in Germany the foresight to be further developed.

The VDE is one of the largest technology organisations in Europe and United as the only organization in the world of science, standardization, testing, certification and application advice from under one roof. Click here for the Online magazine the Backbone of the VDE FNN, which deals with how the E-mobility and energy transition impacts on our electricity network.

the power grid is not reliable backbone for successful Decarbonisation of mobility

To the transport and Mobility only the different means of transportation, but also various types of drives, such as electric mobility can make an important contribution to the reduction of emissions, for example, in the large cities. Since the use of E-vehicles, of the power supply depends on often comes the question of whether the current network of millions of E-enduring vehicles ever.

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The German energy supply system is one of the most reliable in the world, such as the current VDE FNN Fault and availability statistics, Germany with an average power interruption duration of 13.3 minutes per customer in the year 2018, significantly better than for example China (276,0 minutes, 2016) or the USA (589,0 minutes, 2015). One reason for this is the purposeful and coordinated Action by all actors. "Prospects" in FOCUS Online

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At current, it will turn to us for the Mobility, therefore, did not lack, especially as he comes more and more from renewable energies. This contributes in addition to the adjusted mobility behaviour in the future. The Mobility is definitely another important step that we have to go now.

E-mobility can support the Integration of renewable energy

Concerted Action is not only in the energy supply system is necessary, but also when dealing with a pandemic. It is clear, the current must continue to be reliable at the domestic socket-outlet available. This is also the case of a pandemic, such as we are experiencing at the moment, the case. This is based on the very stable power grid, which is based in Germany, on solid Standards and rules. This thickness will also be at the beginning of electric mobility a great deal of support and thus an important contribution to the future of mobility with all its facets can afford. Because even millions of E-cars on Germany's roads is able to withstand the power grid basically.

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So E can help vehicles active in the Integration of renewable energies. In addition, the E-mobility is an important factor when it targets to the achievement of the climate and the reduction of carbon dioxide in the transport sector goes. Because one thing is clear: it must also be in the transport sector, carbon dioxide is reduced.

E-mobility and power grid must be thought of

In the framework of the E-mobility mobility and power network merge with the consequence that the individual vehicle segments, from the light motor vehicle up to heavy-duty vehicles will gradually be electrified in the true sense of the word. Whether that happens with a battery or a fuel cell as an energy supplier, is secondary. Germany is well positioned with its current network and the continuous Expansion of the charging infrastructure is good for the Boom of electric mobility.

Germany, but also of the economic trump card: the automotive industry. In the current Situation, to fight in the electro-mobility Start-ups with funding issues and shifts in the Market take-off – a decisive advantage of Germany as a business location.

Germany can quickly switch to the next gear

in Addition, Germany is able to switch with his young and medium-sized companies with a solid structure quickly to a higher gear. Central is to look forward – with a clear decision to invest in the technologies of tomorrow. Standardized digital interfaces for a stable and secure communication between the numerous flexible devices such as E-vehicles, home storage and heat pumps, for example. In order for the electricity network to make optimal use of, and the energy efficiency make sure. The result: a very wide distribution of E-vehicles in Germany at a consistently high level of security of supply with electricity.

Even after the pandemic must be set to the electrical mobility as a key technology. This is precisely the innovation premium for E-mobility in the new economic stimulus package, the Federal government stresses. The world is better than your bad news - FOCUS Online provides you every Friday with the best stories from the field perspectives. Subscribe here for free Newsletter:

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