Due to Armin laschet's tricky Situation to control the CDU on a tragedy

It is Laschet, a summer survey-massacre for Armin. In the daily cycle, pollsters with the right mood, currently, reports from the population. Laschet versus Söd

Due to Armin laschet's tricky Situation to control the CDU on a tragedy

It is Laschet, a summer survey-massacre for Armin. In the daily cycle, pollsters with the right mood, currently, reports from the population. Laschet versus Söder, Laschet versus Spahn, Laschet versus Merz – whatever you ask, always the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister-President of the clear losers.

In the last week, Markus Söder triumphed in the K-question. This week, Friedrich Merz, outclassed his rivals in a direct duel.

In large Parts of the population has lost Laschet, with its fickle crisis management of the pandemic is apparently sensitive to Reputation. Within the CDU less and less to elected officials believe that Laschet's is elected at the upcoming Congress of the party Chairman and Chancellor candidate.

laschet's "winning Aura" is gone

“He will be able to from the summer debacle are difficult to recover. The winner of the Aura is gone. We must, probably,” says a member of the Bureau, in Berlin. About the author

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the First member of Parliament are already calling for open laschet's retreat. In Spahn-bearing the idea of change of Leadership in Tandem is peddled with Laschet eagerly. In the Söder-bearing, in turn, would find this tandem exchange perfect to by a young CDU-Chairman Spahn, the Chancellor candidacy, then to get to Munich to wear.

Laschet has not yet

the images of The symbolic journey of Angela Merkel in the Royal castles of Söders not appear in the CDU as a perceived scepter-Handover with the Subtext: has Laschet, your grace.

And yet, all of these invoices are made without Laschet. The shrill Frontal attacks of the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul, Markus Söder apply in the Union as a clumsy desperation attack of the Laschet-bearing against its Bavarian rival. The process also shows that Laschet has not given up the race yet.

He will have to vacate his Position, is not Readily available. Above all, he is not – had hoped as some people in Söder-camp – with a vague Option on the Federal government to deport President and to stand as a candidate without. In the environment of laschet's, one hears, rather, that the case had shown AKK, how quickly can turn moods and you should not, therefore, give up at an early stage.

comparisons with Martin Schulz

A retreat laschet's, some in the Union now wish to talk about is not to be expected in order to. Laschet would occur in the coming weeks of his ambitions, then he would be the biggest political loser of the year 2020 branded and also his re-election in NRW would have threatened hard.

The political price of withdrawal for him is higher than that of the candidacy to the Congress into the record. Laschet is among the actors of the Merkel-successor to the one who has the most to lose.

in Short – Laschet must play by hold and with a wry Smile and continue to win. This is a small tragedy in the CDU is on the horizon. Because with the current mood Laschet can not win at the Congress against Friedrich Merz, but he cannot give up also before.

Söder has a good chance of

Laschet threatens to become so over a period of months reamed and written down. With each CDU backbenchers, the calls now, according to Söder, Merz or Spahn, damaged his reputation further.

A touch of Martin Schulz and the Union, “Würselen (the home of Schulz), and Aachen (the Laschet) are close to each other”, to murmur be concerned unionists now.

Söder, Merz and Spahn can track the progress of the Laschet-demo day relatively calmly. Each of them is currently on the upswing. Everyone could ascend at a loss, laschet's to the top. Merz had a great chance to win in the direct duel against Laschet at the party. Söder has – no matter who the CDU Chairman of the good cards to win the candidacy for himself.

Jens Spahn has – no matter who the new Chancellor will be in 2021, the Chance of a new Union group boss. Friedrich Merz would even open up with a defeat at the party Congress the Option to Finance or Ministry of economy.

The coincidence that all of the Tegernsee the meantime,

Within the Union is formed, therefore these days, a new centre of power in the triumvirate, because political Power lives up to the expectation of their own Expansion. And all Three of them.

And so, it is a remarkable coincidence that the trio of reports this summer of the decision, on the beautiful Tegernsee; just as, where weiland, Helmut Kohl and Franz Josef Strauss agreed on the candidacy for Chancellor in the case of a men walk under.

Jens Spahn takes a vacation this week at lake Tegernsee, Friedrich Merz, has a holiday home there and Markus Söder comes regularly to the Cabinet retreat on the lake. The spirit of Franz-Josef Strauss will be present – and perhaps also its solution: “I don't care who is Chancellor under me.” Just not Laschet. According to increasing Numbers in Germany, Söder send "last call to all the people Celebrating in a" PCP To increasing Numbers in Germany, Söder send "last call to all Celebrating"

More about Armin Laschet and CDU
  • Both to get your hopes up on the successor to Angela Merkel as Chancellor of Germany: Armin Laschet, and Friedrich Merz. A new survey by the Institute Insa, according to Merz is in this fight just to far in front, especially in the case of the Union voters.
  • The discussion on the future of top-level staff of the Union will always be tortured. About the new no 1 in the CDU is barely talking yet, without at the same time, over the CSU leader Markus Söder as a possible candidate for Chancellor is spoken. The debate is wedged rapidly. The first to be nervous.
  • more and more people in Germany are satisfied with the crisis management of their state government. The values fall mainly in two provinces.

the Union candidate for Chancellor, 2021: Söder with a large margin ahead of all other PCP Union candidate for Chancellor, 2021: Söder with big distance before all other

*The contribution "Because Armin laschet's trickier Situation a tragedy is looming in the CDU to" is published by The European. Contact with the executives here.

Date Of Update: 28 July 2020, 16:27

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