Dispute car Deposit bonus: experts – VW and Audi raise the prices

The discussion of a so-called car-buying premium continues. Markus Söder, Minister-President of car land of Bavaria, confirmed in the "world on Sunday" its ca

Dispute car Deposit bonus: experts – VW and Audi raise the prices

The discussion of a so-called car-buying premium continues. Markus Söder, Minister-President of car land of Bavaria, confirmed in the "world on Sunday" its call for purchase incentives for new vehicles: "We take old cars from the market and replace it with clean vehicles of the latest Generation."

The demand for a purchase premium as a pillar of the Economy in the Corona-crisis, comes especially from the car manufacturers and the Car länder of lower Saxony, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Independent experts reject, however, the premium.

the Ifo Institute: the car-buying premium would be just a "straw fire" spark

The Ifo Institute about published on Monday a study of the potential impact of a scrappage scheme. Her conclusion: she would be no help, but would only make a "straw fire": "scrapping premiums boost in the short term, the car sales in the medium term more vehicles will be disposed of." The big Focus Online auto market (display) you can now Find your suitable car

For the study, have evaluated the experts 15 studies, the scrappage schemes introduced in Germany, Spain, the USA and other countries. Almost all of the studies showed, therefore, that many consumers would have preferred due to the premium for just car purchases that were already planned.

"On the Party and the hangover"

this was followed by "the bottom line is, most of the studies give no indication that the premiums, the more cars are sold," said study leader Felix Rösel in Dresden. This is, for example, in the case of the financial and economic crisis in 2008/2009 have been: "The scrappage incentives have, at least, revived briefly in the car sales, that's for sure busy. At the Party, the hangover followed, however.“

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purchase a premium for cars can also have unintended side-effects for other industries, the ifo researchers. "If you prefer to buy a car, in the Moment, less money for furniture," says rosel. "The Plus of the auto industry and can therefore be quickly to the Minus of other sectors."

fuel - and CO2-savings

Not clearly the impact of purchase premiums for the environment are also documented. In the United States declined due to the scrapping of the CO2 emissions, mainly because of small and economical cars have been promoted. In Germany and Europe, fuel - and CO2-savings could not be demonstrated. Environmental associations refuse to purchase premium anyway. Particularly controversial is whether Diesel and gasoline should be promoted. For electric and Hybrid Cars are already buying premium.

Söder wants to promote with the - from Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and lower Saxony - proposed "innovation premium" of modern cars, the less CO2 to produce. "In addition, we could promote a charging infrastructure for electro-mobility by the state will assume 50 percent of the cost for private charging points," said the CSU politician.

survey shows: German anyway want to buy cars

However, even the German engineering Federation VDMA, is skeptical. As President of the VDMA, Carl Martin Welcker warned, in the "Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper": "purchase premiums for cars and comparable subsidies act selectively discriminate against other products, and generate deadweight loss." More useful are other measures, such as promotion of research and development, as well as tax relief, to stimulate demand. Everything about the development of the Corona-crisis

Corona pandemic in the Live-Ticker

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without new incentives to buy the in the Corona-crisis strong back is fading attitude of the Germans, a new car purchase. A survey of 1000 citizens by the consulting firm McKinsey shows. Accordingly, the 79 keep track of 100 people who wanted to buy the Covid-19 pandemic, a new car, currently still the Plan. At the beginning of April only 58 percent of the buyers had followed your Plan to purchase a new car more, in mid-April, it was 68 percent.

economic experts criticize the Power of the car Lobby

on Saturday, further votes against, according to become a were, from the Union: If the car premium come, be you "is a Prime example of how a Lobby in Germany now", said the head of the "Mittelstand" and economic Union of the CDU and the CSU, Carsten Linnemann, the "world". Also, Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus turned against the pressure of companies, trade unions and the Prime Minister was very large, he said. Auto loan comparison (display)

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The economic expert Frank Riemensperger made on Sunday to have negative consequences for the digitisation of attention. "Compared to other countries, we are back in the digital infrastructure, five to ten years," said the German head of the consulting firm Accenture, the German press Agency. Riemensperger sees the policy in the responsibility: "it is a question of industrial and economic policy. It subsidized the purchase of cars or to subsidize the digitization of 10,000 companies in Germany.“

"susceptible to blackmail": the economic way to car lobby prefer to disempower

deliver the car industry is an example of the deficits: "As you can see, what does it mean when you have slept through the digitization part." The industry got hit particularly because of the dependence on the direct customer contact. "Cars are in this country sold one of the houses." Riemensperger not opposed to assistance for the auto industry: "But I think it would be smart to give all the money to get there."

Previously, the new economy Monika Schnitzer with similar arguments in front of a bad design of the economic aid warned. "The greatest danger of an incorrectly-designed stimulus program is that it is the necessary structural change," said the Munich-based Professor of "economic week".

in addition, the car maker would need, given the high level of reinsurance no AIDS were. Therefore, Schnitzer rejects a buyer's premium for cars decided: "do not is wrong for so many reasons that I don't know where to start." Instead, Schnitzer urged to reduce dependence on the auto industry: "it makes us in a certain way, blackmailed, and that's fatal."

car manufacturers to increase the prices

The industry Association BDI, by contrast, was behind the car manufacturer. BDI-President Dieter Kempf called for in the "world on Sunday" such a premium, both for E-cars as well as vehicles with an internal combustion engine. In the promotion, it should go in the core investments, and climate protection. "Therefore, it makes sense to promote these vehicles with modern and efficient internal combustion engines, if existing incentives for electric mobility will not be watered down." Car insurance at FOCUS Online, online, you can Find and compare the cheapest rate

The manufacturers themselves are available with purchase incentives another survey that is currently reserved. To the regular discount a study by the Center Automotive Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen for the month of may. Directly in front of the Berlin high-level dialogue to a large stimulus program, the manufacturers remained cautious, describing the study leader Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the situation. Audi has done it, the group's parent company VW is equal to and even in the short term, the prices increased.

"customers bargain in the Corona-crisis are false display"

The discounts for new cars decreased in the period of one year on a broad Front, says the study. This applies to both the discounts at Internet retailers that openly advertised promotions or the registration of cars on their own account, to market to you later with price reductions. "Customers bargain in the Corona-crisis is wrong", concluded Dudenhöffer. For car buyers on the way to the dealer is worth currently hardly. "The Motto is Wait and see."

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