Dirt bag and finger: Ramelows dropouts helps the Left and the AfD

at the beginning of the 70s was also an old Nazi-grandpa, the the previous mayor, Joseph Goebbels was in Rheydt, which is still good, even a "real dirt bag",

Dirt bag and finger: Ramelows dropouts helps the Left and the AfD

at the beginning of the 70s was also an old Nazi-grandpa, the the previous mayor, Joseph Goebbels was in Rheydt, which is still good, even a "real dirt bag", or a "top-dirtbag". Maybe he was also a "A...". You know. There is a hierarchy of swear words. And, anyway, it was so on the lower Rhine, was the "scumbag" clearly behind the "A..." Today, no one says almost more "scumbag", and with "A..." it is now very fast in the Hand. The manners coarsened, apparently, with the years. About the author: Ulrich Reitz

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Which brings us to the case of Bodo Ramelow. A Prime Minister can take office only if he was sworn, solemnly. This distinguishes him from a simple reckless driving, or a nefarious bulb the seller. The swearing-in ceremony is the outward sign that that office has Dignity. In two directions: The incumbent has to give the office Dignity, and the office gives the incumbent Would. In most cases, the with the works Would also. But not always.

For example, in the case of Bodo Ramelow. His finger against a free and confidential deputies elected colleagues was undignified, and the D-word is not a Minister simply. Anyone who violates the office, the hurt, the office. From a Prime Minister, a redneck is. The Nice thing about Ramelow is now that he knows that too. Because shortly after he was engaged in the Thuringian Parliament, he deplored the already fast in the domestic broadcasting, added, of course, defiantly: "But I repeat it, Mr Möller is, in my view, a disgusting scumbag."

Why is Mr Möller for Ramelow, a "scumbag"?

I wonder the same why. The Prime Minister holds the AfD-man for a "scumbag", because the reminded him in the house that the protection of the Constitution had also observed him, that Mr Ramelow,? He considers him a "scumbag" because of Mr Möller dropping that Ramelow was able to prevail with the help of the Federal constitutional court at the end of his observation? Or Ramelow holds the AfD-Möller for a "scumbag" because of the constitutional protection under the suspicion of the political Association taking? FOCUS Online/Wochit middle finger scandal in the Thuringian Landtag, now Ramelow submit again

Bodo Ramelow, the matter should be cleared up: Why is Mr Möller is a "scumbag"? Bodo Ramelow claimed for itself an "anti-fascist" setting, and derives, to call a colleague who may not be a "anti-fascist", "scumbag". For Ramelow anti-fascist ' is obviously an honorary title, for Saskia esque known also. Not for me. Not everyone, of the Right-wing refuses to rise to the "anti-fascists" down.

The proximity to the "anti-fascist" and Pro-Russian separatists in the light of an evil force, is a club of left-wing extremist thugs. Ramelow has a different perception, he had troops with the orders to shoot the East German border and in the perception of the GDR as an "illegitimate state" . Strange. Anyway, you can find it is strange that there is the left party, which used to be called the SED, yet. Inge Höger, the Chairman of this party in North Rhine-Westphalia, wearing an incomplete, middle East scarf, and one on which Israel no longer occurred.

The Deputy head of the Faction of the Left in the Bundestag, Hunko, was also once the case with Pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine in the world. The left party strategy conferences where speakers may request to shoot that one percent of the Rich. Or to take the members money, to give it, of course, the "anti-fascists". The group leader of the Left in the Thuringian state Parliament, Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, defended Ramelow with these well-chosen words: "A finger is the only decent response to a Indecent."

Ramelow is the finger not to

I don't think so. A finger is a cracker-like insult, for which the guy is on the road to the right with a pretty hefty monetary penalty carefully. Anyone who feels offended by an AfD-people should contact him about it or view it. The Problem of the left party is not now, but that is up to the discursive confrontation with the AfD. Or in the words of the SPD Chairman, Wolfgang Tiefensee, to the address of Ramelow: "you go to the level of those who have offended you." (That Tiefensee of the party-"friend" Kevin Kühnert, which was a call for the Chancellor candidate-in-waiting was attacked, to take the Left Ramelow in protection, you should remember, perhaps.)

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And the AfD? For the it runs in Thuringia, not bad at all. Ramelows "scumbag" against one of their own allows her the best victim-role. Against the parity law, the CDU Constitution had moderate concerns, but he was probably too fine to complain about it. The AfD did it and reaped the success that the constitutional court judges followed her. The Left now says that the sun, the majority of male judges. This is an Argument from the modular construction of the identity of politicians, had to be rather on the radical right side to settle.

of The Thuringian state Parliament and its characteristics

The AfD had succeeded at the beginning of the parliamentary term, to embarrass at the choice of the FDP-man Thomas Kemmerich to the head of the government, Liberal and Union of Christians. Of the other parties, you hear regularly, you would make the AfD, perform, etc. For Thuringia, it must be noted that this went so far, reliable in addition. Of which, in turn, the Left lives very magnificently. dpa/Martin Schutt/dpa-Central picture/dpa, Susanne Hennig-Wellsow Thomas Kemmerich threw the flowers in front of the feet and turns away.

It is a dialectic of the particular variety. Mrs. Hennig-Wellsow threw Mr. Kemmerich for Bodo Ramelow imaginary flowers in front of the feet - also a shameful act in Parliament. But one, the pass, the left force and Ramelow, and, therefore, from a Left point of view, the lack of Would was well worth.

In the mess with the AfD and the Left, the swings of each other in a kind of justification spiral higher, also has the Union of their share. As Kemmerich with AfD votes of the CDU and the FDP, perhaps indecent, but lawfully chosen, had been, from intervened the Chancellor of South Africa and demanded a "correction".

This, then, is to choose Bodo Ramelow, the left party affiliation was explained away, for this purpose, days in a systematic way. The man had not actually left, but a social Democrat. Ramelows "scumbag" in coincidence with the finger to suggest that this was probably a mistake. Middle finger scandal in the Thuringian Landtag, now Ramelow submit again to FOCUS Online/Wochit middle finger scandal in the Thuringian Landtag, now Ramelow debt again to

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