Delbecque : Disarming the forces of order, is to disarm the Republic - The Point

Paris, Dijon, Stuttgart... We are living in a society of injustice. But not the one that want to sell us activists who came from the nebulae ideological of the

Delbecque : Disarming the forces of order, is to disarm the Republic - The Point

Paris, Dijon, Stuttgart... We are living in a society of injustice. But not the one that want to sell us activists who came from the nebulae ideological of the ultraleft, the décolonialisme or even sometimes just petty criminals taking advantage of the windfall in order to escape from their responsibilities and pretend to the status of eternal victim.

The injustice, it is to live in a arena media permanent where activists and ideologues, or even parliamentarians, " Untamed ", supported by bobos inconsistent and lovers of postures advantageous, aspire to take the place of the string in the criminal justice system, and to the whole of the building politico-administrative. While disarming the forces of order !

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Lynching réputationnel

This is in order to impose their own vision of the world, which they claim to be democratic and liberating, even though it looks very much like a state of nature in search of scapegoats (in the mode of Hobbes and René Girard). In their ideal world reign the lynching réputationnel : the procedures, as well as the evidence, no longer have any importance. Not more than the presumption of innocence, moderation or sense of the nuances. Under their applause, the social networks enter the rank of the units of inquiry, the judicial police... In our country, the rule of law (it is necessary to remind, there are magistrates, of the inspection general (of the police, the gendarmerie, administration, etc), mechanisms of action, and a plurality of stakeholders in the public debate, which guarantee a minimum of rights for all. To claim otherwise is inane.

of Course, it is an undeniable fact that mistakes are always possible, the absurdities of bureaucratic irritate often and legitimately citizens, privileges shock us sometimes – with good reason – those whose daily life revolves not on networks of friends and connivance. All of this is true. For all that, we may not at every moment say anything, claiming that democracy is a sham. We don't live in China or North Korea.

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the police and The gendarmerie do their job. They apply the law ; when uses illegitimate force, the faults of individuals, breaches of ethical or professional conduct are committed, the "system" of the sanctions. The public machine is not perfect, no doubt, but it however works properly. We can see in contrast what does not function properly : the mental climate of our country, its temperature civic, its culture republican corroded by the international community, the offensive media of the ultraleft and a politically correct distressing, which muzzles any form of freedom of tone and thought, old-fashioned way " moral order."

The disarmament policeman becomes a elevator music

However, it is not only a question of atmosphere and ideology. On the side of the different classes of dissenters, a theme emerges : that of the disarmament of the internal security forces (FSI). It is the final desired effect of many strategic moves and tactics for many years. If one follows closely the literature of the ultraleft, the black blocks to antispécistes through the antifas and anarchists, autonomous, disarmament, policeman becomes a elevator music : it mood the rest of the speech, of the doctrine. It is also very rational, well thought out, solidly built. This nebulous policy has brains subtle, cunning, can be "not available" but very well laid out in the strategic reasoning and the "guerilla" information. The denunciation opportunistic and misleading, to "police abuse" in the Hexagon, by manipulating, for example, the sequence of the arrest justified a nurse assaults on the ISP, or exploitation of the sad death of George Floyd (police apparatus in the United States isn't like ours), is part of a skilful operation of war information. The media pressure which arises from the mobilizations of street, fort, small but powerfully relayed on some segments of the social networks and in the media, produces a resonator parisianiste, a bubble digital conducive to the development of surgically-targeted (activists, journalists, academic universe, personnel policy) of the storytelling of the activists.

Discussion of the microcosm of parisian

This dynamic is acting like a wave, aiming three objectives : it aims to influence the techniques of maintaining and restoring order, the ethical appreciation on the accomplishment in the daily life of their missions by the police and the gendarmes, and finally the standards (the legislative framework) which underpin the work of the ministry of the Interior. It should therefore be, precisely, to show himself impervious to this influence strategy.

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're not going to believe it, and it turns out capital policies that include, as this mechanism produces major effects on the vast majority of the population. The French do not make trial to their ISP. This debate shakes the microcosm of parisian intello-bobo and the media. The real fights, the real challenges lie elsewhere. We cite only one in the field that occupies us here : reclaiming the "lost territories" of the Republic... The disarmament of the police is a platform created by the ultraleft to organize the fantasy "convergence of struggles" : a tool doctrinal and operational seeking to weaken the capacity of resistance to the rule of law, it serves only the projects of radical, violent, lovers of the beliefs that are imposed by the fist. The arming of the forces of order, used with discernment and a sense of responsibility, it is the bulwark of the Republic.

*Eric Delbecque is an expert in internal security, the author of the Uncontrollable (Grasset).

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