Debacle with protective masks and Corona App shows that crisis management is in need of improvement

against The Corona-pandemic measures seem not to be sufficiently maintained. The infection numbers are increasing again. In particular, the summer started mass

Debacle with protective masks and Corona App shows that crisis management is in need of improvement

against The Corona-pandemic measures seem not to be sufficiently maintained. The infection numbers are increasing again. In particular, the summer started mass tourism, without appropriate and timely control measures were taken. The management of the crisis, the painful experience would have to be improved, because of the outbreak of the first wave of the person in charge was asleep, remains in need of improvement.

The States to adopt one which is once again different rules. In the case of the railway companies and the state and Federal police, who is responsible for the enforcement of the mask duty of responsible argue. The large demonstration in Berlin is only the most visible expression of confidence in the crisis management of the policy is not in many people, and the crisis communication is not reached. Locally this is found in the disregard of rules adopted repeatedly. You would have organized the crisis management is better, if it would be centrally done? Doubts are appropriate.

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strengthening of the BMG

the Corona development in Germany, especially in comparison to other States, less illegal, is emphasized by the policy-makers always. It is true, too. Perhaps this contributes to carelessness. This situation should, however, be used to avoid the reprocessing of the existing defects. Because it is only when these are named, they improve.

With the "Second law for the protection of the population in an epidemic situation of national importance" was strengthened by the bureaucratic authority of the Federal Ministry for health (BMG) significantly, both at the Federal level, as well as countries, as well as to society. The law was quickly adopted because it allowed to move discussions.

the Constitution is Whether it is legally waterproof up to others to judge. Whether it is currently functional bureaucratic structures to take the it is able to, remains questionable, as two examples show: the stockpiling of protective masks and the development of the Corona App. They also suggest that in pandemic were not from the authority of the BMG out freely and in an uncontrolled manner selected private stakeholders with an impact on skills, which they are entitled from the Intention of the law here.

Old contracts

The Federal Ministry of health was able to provide due to the lack of stockpiling of protective masks at the beginning of the Corona-crisis, completed by 738 contracts with companies that at least 25,000 masks for the price of 4,50 Euro for FFP-2 masks and 0.60 cents for surgical masks. On the first peak of the crisis, and in view of the great demand, the price seemed to be the responsible justified. Today, he is for FFP-2 masks under a Euro. As the cost of this is a total of 1.2 billion euros have been budgeted for. The purchasing volume and the available amount is not match fit given the price guarantee, though.

According to research by the "daily mirror" could the total cost, therefore, about 4.2 billion euros. Delayed payments and pending claims can increase the cost of the interest rate of 8 percent, unless there are quality defects, which are listed by the Federal government, apparently, can be detected. It is indisputable, that this procurement procedure, in which each comes to making an offer, a number of legal disputes and processes will lead to. Whether the award was by the Federal Ministry of health, correct, or further costs on the taxpayer, will then decide dishes.


The Federal Ministry of health saw the face of the many contracts and deliveries, which were mentioned above, seemingly technically unable to edit the offers to purchase protective masks and other protective materials themselves. Therefore, 112 consultant of the consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) for 9.5 million Euro fee without any invitation to tender were given, allegedly, for the period of six months.

it leads to information of the Federal Ministry of health since April2020 (you can find a variety of information) the quality inspection, logistics and accounting. (Just for completeness: EY is the same company that has for many years audited the balance sheets of the Dax-listed company Wirecard, now the "band of heavy fraud" is alleged. The Compounds of the group to the Federal government fall to the Public.)

That EY was contracted without a tender, so The world is reported"", has already several times occurred, however, the Federal government in response to a request of the Left did not want to say, the cases in which this happened. The consultant affair in the Federal Ministry of defence, the several millions of euros expenses included, which were allegedly distributed via acquaintances, has been worked up, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" just. The BMG seems to be the consequence of this close analysis, with a task such as getting the stocking of protective masks to the limits of its operational capacity.

Corona App

The German Foundation for patient protection was the Federal health Minister, to have for "maximum Irritation" taken care of, because he has not spoken to the partial unavailability of the Telekom and SAP-developed Corona-have App. It is an open point of view is in any case have been more mistakes in crisis communication.

Previously, the ARD had reported that the Corona App works only patchy and Users were not and to know about weeks, if you had contact with an Infected. This applies to Android devices and iPhones alike. Overall, the distribution of the App's behavior. About 16 million people use it, where to Start, the number of 40 million has been called, to be able to effectively the infection happen to understand.


the Federal government has paid 7.5 million Euro for advertising the Corona App, reported the "Handelsblatt". Initially, 3.5 million euros were provided for this purpose. In the case of Youtube, the Video has been since 25. June, so over a month, a total of 2,682 thousand times (as of 4.8.2020). Kanye West’s new Song is needed, until then, probably not a Minute. Four PR agencies in mind. The previously mentioned payment amount not equal to cost of the total, because the cost of advertising for Tiktok could not quantify the Federal government yet.

in the first week, a total of 4.1 million euros for Advertisements in daily Newspapers have been invested, astonished observers of Advertising. The 80 per cent of advertising expenditure in the first week corresponded to. Possibly the planners of the Federal government have suggested that 80 percent of the potential Users can read and daily newspaper. Then, however, amazed at the anticipation that was associated with the spread of the App, because in Germany a little less than 17 million daily Newspapers are published daily.


For the operation of the App will be rated by the Federal government for 2020 and 2021, respectively, for 48 million euros. EUR 11.5 million was awarded SAP for the development, the Telekom a total of 51 million euros for the start-up and operation. Between 2 and 3 million a phone should cost Hotline, reported "Spiegel Online". Whether the total costs will remain until the end of 2021 within the framework of the above-mentioned 68 million, will be able to 2022 judge. If the Corona App can could influence the infection happened so far sustainable than open apply.

According to the information provided by Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute, had in the first month of operation over 500 users of the App have been tested positive, the opportunity to inform other people about it. If this happened he could not say to the decentralized approach of the App, due to.

conclusion: Even if the infections in Germany are lower than elsewhere, are worthy of the crisis management and crisis communication improvement.

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Date Of Update: 07 August 2020, 11:27