Darkness under the burqa: the image of the future of Afghanistan under the Taliban

What to see here? In the foreground a crouching figure. A pile of cloth. burqa. Including a man of female sex. A person who must not be human, who must disguise

Darkness under the burqa: the image of the future of Afghanistan under the Taliban

What to see here? In the foreground a crouching figure. A pile of cloth. burqa. Including a man of female sex. A person who must not be human, who must disguise himself beyond recognition. It's a picture from Afghanistan. It is the image of a woman. And the picture of the future of Afghanistan under the Taliban. Under the rule of Islam. For the women, the darkness under the burqa-the prison of the most brutal male rule. < / p>

The woman in a Kabul camp is extinguished as a person by the concealment except for the fabric grid in front of her eyes. This is what the religion of their male masters demands. To the right of the burqa figure, a girl walks into the camera with a skeptical questioning look. It is still undisguised. It is still childish personality. < / p>

About the author < p class="noads" > Frank A. Meyer – is a Swiss journalist, chief columnist of "SonntagsBlick" from Zurich and has lived in Berlin for many years.

< / p> In Switzerland, the concealment of women is prohibited

The future as nothing occurs when the child experiences his first menstruation. At this moment, the girl who is just awakening to the woman, who is just developing into a personality, is extinguished for society. An adult individual must not become one. Religion does not tolerate women as personalities. The power of men, armed to the teeth in Afghanistan, fears nothing so much as the power of women – the free woman, the self-empowered woman. < / p> < p > In Switzerland, the concealment of women is prohibited. The Social Democratic National Councillor Tamara Funiciello vehemently opposed this ban in the referendum. Because, in their eyes, it curtails women's freedom: "What a woman wears or does not wear is decided exclusively and without justification by a single person: the woman herself."


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Losing the burqa therefore also means suffering a certain loss of this bond of kinship, which should not be supported. The loss of the burqa can bring with it an experience of alienation and forced Westernization."The liberation from the burqa as a compulsion to Western freedom-that's what you have to come to first! < / p> < p > Zarifa Ghafari, 27 years old and mayor of Maidan Shar, capital of Maidan Wardak province in central Afghanistan, gives the answer to Judith Butler. Laconically, she explains what the Taliban are doing to an Afghan woman who has become an undisguised, modern woman under Western-inspired freedom: "Killing."

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