Critics of Cs unite to put polls in the next congress following the alleged fraud in Murcia

critics of Citizens want to end forever with the vote electronically. After the scandals in the primaries of Murcia, Castilla y León and Madrid —all of them und

Critics of Cs unite to put polls in the next congress following the alleged fraud in Murcia

critics of Citizens want to end forever with the vote electronically. After the scandals in the primaries of Murcia, Castilla y León and Madrid —all of them under judicial investigation— require the management company of the party that you enable polls to the congress of march, you will have to choose the successor of Albert Rivera. In a statement issued on Monday, Citizen Engagement also calls for the resignation of secretary of Organization and Institutional Action for “gross negligence” in the management of cases. This move comes three days after a liberal education to recognize and react to possible fraud in the primaries in Murcia.

Citizen Engagement is pleased that the management of the party to assume “implicitly” the existence of a pucherazo to intervene in the private prosecution in the judicial investigation that investigates the process. To avoid that these events will occur again, ask for the call of urgency to the General Council of Citizens, the highest body between congresses, to eliminate the option of voting electronically in the face of the fifth Assembly, to be held on 15 march 2020.

This decision would reverse the regulation approved by the General Council on the 21st of December, which provided for the existence of the electronic ballot for the election of convention delegates and the executive committee. Commitment to Citizen calls the vote “in the ballot box physics” or, in its defect, by certified mail.

The goal of the critics is to prevent situations like that of Murcia, where the Unit of Economic Crime and Fiscal (UDEF) of the National Police found the existence of fraud in a tasting of 14 votes telematics. All of them had been issued from the IP (address from which they connect computers to the Internet) fixed outside of the Region.


Citizens admits that it could have pucherazo in the primary of Murcia First complaint against Citizens for an alleged fraud in the primaries of Murcia the office of The Prosecutor opened proceedings for alleged fraud in the primaries of Citizens in Castile and León

Until now, Citizens has not collaborated in the elucidation of the facts. In a written statement submitted to the court of instruction 5 of Cartagena in October, the UDEF remembered that the legal advisers of the party had pledged to deliver “a package which would explain all the technical data related to the voting system used in the primaries of Murcia”, but not what they had done to get to the agents. In its press release, Citizen Engagement requires that the management contribution “as soon as possible,” the requested information.


in Addition to changes in the voting processes and collaboration with justice, the critics claim political responsibilities. Citizen engagement calls for the resignation “forthwith” by the secretary of Institutional Action, José María Espejo-Saavedra, for his management of the scandals in the primaries of Castile and Leon, Madrid and Murcia. According to the platform, Fran Hervías, secretary of the Organization until his resignation last November 26, and Mirror ignored the warnings and subsequent claims of the affected, which has led to the prosecution of the facts and a “severe reputational harm” to the party.

In the case of Murcia, the losing candidate in the primary, Leonardo Pérez, assured this newspaper that you have come to Madrid to denounce the alleged pucherazo to Hervías. The response was a door slamming. Now Citizen Engagement ask the manager to reinstate your membership and return, “the role of institutional and reputational of it”.

however, Perez does not believe that Citizens go to rectify: “I am not a Igea. The party isn't going to back down,” he says, in reference to the current vice president of Castile and Leon, was declared the winner of the primary after the Commission of Warranties and Values review of the voting process. This committee will have to decide whether to reopen the investigation on the process of murcia, although in march it was not appreciated any irregularity.

Citizen Engagement was formed in November as an internal flow of Cs, after the failure of the liberal education in the general elections and the resignation of Rivera. Created by the economist Juan Carlos Bermejo, who was one of the rivals of the former president of the party in the congress of 2017, the group rejects the label of critical, and is defined as “a platform of militant revivalist”. Its proponents call for "profound changes in the constitution to ensure internal democracy” and a return to the political center.

Date Of Update: 31 December 2019, 13:00