Criticism of German Taiwan policy

Has raised Germany to the White flag, and China surrenders? This question asked two weeks ago by the media, after it was noticed, that the Foreign office showed

Criticism of German Taiwan policy

Has raised Germany to the White flag, and China surrenders? This question asked two weeks ago by the media, after it was noticed, that the Foreign office showed on its website instead of the flag of Taiwan, only a white surface. However, despite some contrary reports, the removed flag unexpectedly from the Website – it was never been there to see. Prior to the debate that was noticed only a few people.

From the point of view of Berlin the red-and-blue Banner of the "Republic of China", Taiwan's official self-designation, namely an emblem. And emblems are reserved according to the German One-China policy of the people's Republic of China. One-China policy, Germany only officially the people's Republic of China recognizes. Since the people's Republic of Taiwan regards as a breakaway province, does not recognize the Federal Republic of Germany Taiwan officially as a sovereign state. The One-China policy was a precondition for the establishment of diplomatic relations with the people's Republic of.

Unequal treatment of Taiwan in the agenda

"Germany can not do so, as were it not for Taiwan," says Andreas Fulda the DW. The political scientist studied at the University of Nottingham democratisation processes in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Taiwan fulfils all common criteria of a sovereign state and is, moreover, a consolidated democracy. What is lacking, is the recognition. To say "it was a Non-entity, is an anachronism", writes Fulda.

There are many other examples of Taiwan's unequal treatment: Its democratically legitimated leaders are not allowed to enter the EU, its representative in Berlin of the foreign Ministers ' meeting. It was from Berlin, and no congratulations to the re-election of President Tsai Ing-wen in January 2020. Rarely caused outrage. But now the flags proposed-question unusually high waves. Taiwan has pulled through his exemplary Corona-combat international attention. In addition, the criticism of the power-political appearance of the people's Republic and in Germany's policy on China is growing.

"The Federal government does not act in Taiwan very timid, and to China says the upset", Margarete Bause of the DW. "In view of the Aggression against Hong Kong and the threats against Taiwan, this attitude is negligence," said the human rights spokeswoman for the Greens in the Bundestag. They fear that "the next Aggression could be directed against Taiwan."

the Chinese pressure on Taiwan takes to see

Though the Communists Taiwan-controlled never, you Taiwan as a part of their territory. Taiwan belongs to the national "core interest", in which the Communist party is particularly sensitive. This became clear when the Committee on petitions of the Federal government consulted with tags last December, Taiwan. Unusually detailed Petra Sigmund, head of Asia, said Department in the Federal foreign office, Berlin's official line: Taiwan is a "value partner" to "work excellent", but only below the threshold of diplomatic relations. A departure from the One-China policy "would damage the German-Chinese relations seriously, and it's not in our interest."

The pressure on Taiwan has since grown. Since the defeat of Beijing's preferred candidate in the presidential election in January, the people's liberation army sent aircraft and warships around the island. The United States, Taiwan's unofficial protection of power, to move from their Pacific bases. . China sees military force as an Option, in order to bring Taiwan under the control of state and party chief Xi Jinping in a speech at the beginning of 2019 clarified.

military use, it is conceivable

"We have clear indications that Xi would not be afraid to Annex Taiwan militarily," warns political scientist Fulda, who lived already more than 20 years ago in Taiwan, and conducted research. You have to take the KP word for it. "This is no longer a theoretical issue, not a topic that can be on the long Bank to push."

The German foreign Minister sees that apparently different. On Twitter, Reinhard Bütikofer, China expert of the Greens in the European Parliament in mid-July, described a Meeting with Heiko Maas. He had asked Maas to reinforce the common EU Position, according to the Association of Taiwan was with the people's Republic peacefully concluded. Maas had dodged the question, however: This is not an issue for the foreseeable future, there is urgent issues.

Chancellery sets the tone before

one Of the new "safety act, is apparently Beijing" in Hong Kong. After Berlin had taken care of the initial Silence for criticism, announced Maas last Wednesday significant consequences, such as a stop of deliveries. Countries such as the USA, Australia and the UK were much more responsive. The Green MEP Bause believes the motto, "problems of behind-closed-doors appeal, but China did not publicly criticize" is based, in particular, from the Chancellor's office. China expert Fulda believes: "Chancellor Merkel and economy Minister Altmaier are still the 'change through trade'-Think of the early 2000s was arrested."

In the centre of the current German EU Council presidency was originally intended to be a big EU-China summit in September, which has now been cancelled. "The world and China have changed. A feel-good summit does not fit into this time", says Margarete Bause. Makes sense he is only in the event that the EU was ready to "critical points clearly and address, and the Red lines show where there are consequences."

the consequences have certainly drawn the human rights Committee of the Bundestag, to which she belongs. After China had denied the members of a trip always wanted to visit the members in June demonstrative Taiwan. Because the pandemic have prevented, they would soon be spending ten day in Taiwan's representation in Berlin and there digital with conversation partners lecturing, so Bause.

author: Klaus Bardenhagen

*The article "criticism of Taiwan policy," published by Deutsche Welle. Contact with the executives here.

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Date Of Update: 27 July 2020, 16:28

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