Criticism is getting to him: Pinched Laschet Lockdown must extend

The Corona outbreak in the Tönnies meat factories, virus wave in a Doner kebab production plant in Moers, the exploitative System with the temporary workers fro

Criticism is getting to him: Pinched Laschet Lockdown must extend

The Corona outbreak in the Tönnies meat factories, virus wave in a Doner kebab production plant in Moers, the exploitative System with the temporary workers from Eastern Europe, and some of the awkward sentence in the media. So how is that the Romanian employees in the Tönnies Empire, the there with 1400 Infected the lion's share of the employees, have the Virus itself introduced. It's the harsh criticism of the red-green Opposition, the voice of a tumbling head of government followed.

Already unkten media, that the "poor Armin" (taz) lose his chances for the CDU party chair and the Chancellor candidacy. Laschet was regarded as the Restrained, the procrastinators, the doodlers, because he had two days before he imposed the Lockdown light in the Gütersloh and Warendorf. Laschet, the Forward Slack was, of necessity, the Reverse-lock Downer, the negative Tenor.

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Amrin Laschet occurs with a grim face on

On Monday afternoon, the head of the government in Düsseldorf was in front of the cameras. His pinched expression revealed that the criticism of the past days has left its mark on him. At the same time, but he had to proclaim good news to. Overall, the infection numbers in the affected districts of Gütersloh and Warendorf were back off the Tönnies-workers. It had managed to limit the spread of the Virus among the of 670,000 inhabitants, and to lower, reported to the Prime Minister. Thus, the contact ends lock in Warendorf, on 30 June.

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The bad message: Gütersloh have to wait a week. Here, the Corona-values declined gradually, but still 112.6 Infected in the Seven-day comparison over the magical 50 per 100,000 inhabitants. Without the Tönnies-Affected the rate of however, only 22.5 Infected, it said.

Against the Background of Laschet and his health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), to be confident that this positive Trend will continue and the Lockdown ends soon. expressed Especially since the number of inpatient cases drops. And so the much chided government chief took the opportunity to explain his line again. In the light of experience at the big Lockdown, you have to restrict left enough time for the decision, "once again the fundamental rights of freedom of 670,000 people". This was not an easy step.

Important judgment

In the context of the Union politicians mentioned a recent judgment of the higher administrative court of Münster, although the lawsuit against the restrictions in the district of Gütersloh dismissed. At the same time, but the judge made it clear that it is of the data depends, "whether the action is lawful", said Laschet. Ergo, you could also be in Corona-times dash just by a spring of fundamental rights override.“

In Union circles in the düsseldorf state Parliament ruled on whether the development of great satisfaction. The CDU group Vice-leader Gregor Golland, not just as a Laschet-trailer is known, said: "The course of the Prime Minister, despite all the criticism from the Opposition is exactly the Right thing to do. So he is able to emerge strengthened from the crisis.“

criticism, but also the approval from its own ranks

to the Extent that others do not want to go. Also in CDU circles in the Rhine and Ruhr was unrest in the air temporarily because of the lack of communication from the Central stick. Some feared that the long-lasting criticism of laschet's Corona-Management could RUB off on the upcoming municipal elections in three months. The Deputy Federal Chairman of the party in some TV-acted performances, disruptive side to it, hard, almost erratic. Unlike its Bavarian counterpart, Markus Söder (CSU), the Laschet "all too often, the Explanatory bear," complained a Union of parliamentarians. "Nevertheless, the ranks are firmly closed behind Laschet," says the Insider continued.

no one can forget in the largest CDU-Association of Germany, who is the election against the then all-powerful-looking red-and-won in 2017, surprisingly green government. "Therefore, the CDU Federal Chairman will go to Laschet," - said in Düsseldorf.

past bear Röttgen in the race with Laschet

Norbert Röttgen, his competitor to the Post, admits hardly anyone in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Union of a circles a Chance. Finally, the foreign policy spokesman of the Bundestag group of the 75-year anniversary of the Christian Democrats has sent a letter. It went to Europe and the great challenges. "If you want to speak with me about this and I am ready."

The resonance in CDU circles, between the Rhine and the Weser is likely to be limited. To Röttgen the penalty to accused, that he in 2012, leading the Union in the NRW regional elections in a disastrous defeat, because he could not decide between his Ministerial office in Berlin and the leader of the opposition in Düsseldorf, Germany. "Merz and Röttgen have to do with the Corona-onset nothing, that's also why none of the Two", according to an assessment in the political circles on the Rhine respects.

health Minister Laumann, once an opponent laschet's, was on Monday afternoon, a positive Outlook: The feared large-scale outbreak of the Disease had remained in NRW out. Currently, there is only 3881 positive-tested people in the country. "This is as good as any could have ever imagined." However, you will need to in the future continue to live with the risk that "it can come to local events," the need to fight accordingly. Bad news has a different one.

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