Crisis is for a prostitute is disastrous - the club distributed Survival bags

The problems of children, students and seniors in the Corona-crisis find a great deal of attention. However, the fate of prostitutes during the pandemic, hardly

Crisis is for a prostitute is disastrous - the club distributed Survival bags

The problems of children, students and seniors in the Corona-crisis find a great deal of attention. However, the fate of prostitutes during the pandemic, hardly interested. An action of the Mannheim "Beratungsstelle Amalie" for prostitutes is to focus on the Plight of these women and they relieve.

they distributed "Survival"bag filled with food and hygiene articles. Flour, rice, Spaghetti, and toothbrush and Tampons - it offers Clients, such as Natasha, who calls her true Name, very. "We want to help you, the time of the corona related to a bridge for prostitution, prohibition, and the women show they are not forgotten," says Julia way, Head of the of the city of Mannheim and the Ministry of social Affairs funded diaconal point of contact.

Uwe Anspach/dpa "Survival"bag filled with food and hygiene articles

"The Situation is catastrophic,"

The professional Association of erotic and sexual services (BesD) brings the situation to the point. "The Situation is catastrophic, the pandemic has exacerbated the problems, such as poverty, lack of health and homelessness," says spokeswoman Susanne Bleier-Wilp. From an emergency Fund of € 25,000 from private donations, 100 women have been supported, which is neither basic security can apply for from other financial sources. "But the state should also help, the can not stay in private people."

Natasha has also just become homeless and the food with your buddy in return for a place to sleep. Thus, it is still better than many of the other women, who no longer can work because of the Corona-crisis, and their homes have lost. "Many are stuck in suitors and would have to pay for a place in the bed or on the Couch with your body," says Mannheim, a social worker way.

Prostitution in the Hidden

when the Corona are restrictions for the 33,000 registered and according to estimates, up to 400,000 prostitutes in Germany, is unclear. For you there is no appointment, not even a vague perspective, when your work can record. "Part of the Prostitution is Hidden, goes even further, for example, in vehicles, Outdoors, or in the case of suitors," says way. And Natasha, who hovered in recent years between temp jobs, and Prostitution, adds: "Who wants to control what is going on in the brothel-rooms?"

Bleier-Wilp from the BesD sees it differently: "The brothels are closed, and the checks by the police and law offices sharp." No sex worker would bring a fine of 5000 euros for the disregard of the ban. "Everywhere there are slip-free, in Berlin, officials of the land office of criminal investigation, in order to continue active women to the bottom of this," says the 52-Year-old, who has worked for ten years as a prostitute. I need help I want to help

"need to earn money."

Even in Germany, Natascha understanding for the Dilemma of the 80 to 90 percent of the prostitutes with a migration background. "The need to earn money." A lot of women from Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary had to supply in the home for children and mother or husband. A mother of four children, was so desperate that they have offered their services prior to Corona for four euros. 70 percent of the prostitutes Association of mothers according to occupation.

The Director of the Cologne-based Charitable Foundation sexuality and health, Harriet Langanke, is certain: "It will continue to be offered for paid Sex - because we must not delude ourselves." In this dramatic Situation, women were forced to act in an unlawful manner. The diversity of the profession is similar in size as in the gastronomy and requires a differentiated approach, says sex researcher.

a Chance to exit?

So openings be Part conceivable for Bondage and Sadomasochistic practices. Also in the case of escort services you have no concerns. "Whether it is with the state or municipalities, negotiable, is another question." Also, BesD-representative Bleier-Wilp is in favour of at least Dominatrix services or erotic massages allow.

This will take the Association for social and political rights of prostitutes "Dona Carmen" for too long. The Frankfurt organization calls for an immediate end to the closure of the brothels and looks behind the measure in the attempt, a General prohibition of Prostitution in Germany. This is exactly what the SPD Bundestag deputies Leni Breymaier in mind. It is ban for a Sexkauf in the "country of destination of human trafficking" and now sees the opportunity to allow the women to exit. "Many people don't want to, but you know how."

"Nordic model"

Breymaier continues on the first in Sweden practiced "Nordic model" to ban a Sexkauf, sex education for young people, the decriminalisation of prostitutes and exit programs. "The women's courses, housing, health insurance, work and trauma therapy language need." The co-founder of the Stuttgart club "Sisters for out of Prostitution," adds: "The women are to body and soul broken." An Opening of the brothels was also epidemiologically and virologically completely irresponsible.

A virologist who does not want to mention his name in this connection, agrees: "If an infected woman infects in a Free and colleagues, can have disastrous consequences." The brothel could be a Hotspot for infections. If at all, could be opened, the prostitution sites only, if a vaccine is on the market.

Amalie-client, Natasha says that "the oldest profession" was not to be abolished. For it was important that someone listen to unbiased as the women of Amalie. She particularly appreciates: "I'm seen as a normal person."

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